Yallahrup Færgeby – 6 – KAMPHUNDEN FIFI (Eng. subtitles)

Come and put a bet. I’m betting everything I have
on Killer. – Come on Killer.
– Eat him. Come on. After him. Hassan,
we should get a fighting dog. Yes, or a hamster.
Hamsters are extremely sick Ali. For fuck Hassan, I’m not talking about pets.
I’m talking about a sick dog. One of those you can make money and score girls with.
Ali needs himself a gangster dog. – And it can only go too slow.
– Okay. Okay. I’m about to go increase dose on the new ones.
Fontex, you kno’ I don’t really think it’s working at all.
It really doesn’t work. But something else pretty serious
has happened to me. I’ve gotten into
a relationship with a woman. Oh, now there she comes. It’s Hanne.
My headmaster. My boss. I’m gonna call you back some other day,
then we can discuss the medicine. Goodbye. – Hello darling.
– What? Darling? Yes, that’s right.
There’s a thing I must say to you. You can’t bring that dog with you
to the library. – This is Fifi. Fifi, this is dad.
– Dad? I think it’s a very good idea, that we get
used to being parents. But I am very, very allergic
to dogs Hanne. – Darling.
– What? Oh yes, darling. I simply can’t handle them.
I’ll get a rash. There, little Fifi, can you say hi to
daddy huh? There, little Fifi. Yes. See just how happy she is. I’m going to
the hairdresser to get shined up. Now my nose is running as well.
No, stop it. No! Fifi, stop it. No. Stop! Stop that, Fifi. Fifi … Fifi … Fifi! No, what have you done Fifi?
Fifi, no! Stop. Fifi stop. Stop that.
I need to take put up your shit. Hassan, that dog is totally hostile. Stop it. No, no, no, no, Fifi.
Help, help, help. Help! – Help, help!
– Oh Hassan, that’s the dog that we need. No doubt about it.
That’s the dog. – Do you want khat on pizza?
– What’s that? No thank you. Ouch, ouch! Stop it.
Hanne please … Or, you know, darling. Are you sure it’s good for Fifi
to be so spoiled? I mean, it’s also important that it
understands it’s not a human. Darling, don’t talk about the dog,
while she is here. – You are hurting her feelings.
– I must apologize Fifi. I’m so sorry. No! Hello, is it possible to lend some
books or what? There, Fifi, you need to let
daddy work. Ouch! There, Fifi, stop it.
Don’t worry, I’m here. There, Fifi.
Stop it now. Talk properly to the dog. It is clear
that it needs to go. Animal abuser. Yes, the dog needs to go
to the little dogs room. – What? Again?
– Hey Morten, you faggot, let us take the mongrel for a walk. – What? I’m not sure if that’s a good idea.
– Come on. We’re taking the animal. Then you’ll be able to concentrate on your stress. You know what,
that simply won’t do. It is Hanne’s dog. I must have
to say no thanks Ali. Unfortunately. – Hey, I’ll see you later, book face.
– Ali! Ali! – Could I lend some literature?
– It’s name is Fifi. Hello! Come on Morten.
I need to lend something from Baudelaire. Ready for the next fight. Come. Bets. – Come on Hassan.
– This time I will win. – Hey! Ten kroner on Fifi.
– Fifi, that little shit. – I’m betting everything on Psycho.
– There, Fifi. Show us what you can do. – Make Ali proud.
– It doesn’t stand a chance. Place your bets.
Fifi VS Psycho. Come on Fifi. – Three, two, one.
– Hey! Where are you going? – Fifi?
– Hanne. Fifi!
Where is Fifi, darling? – It is …
– She! She is … Yes. She’s gone for a walk
with Hassan and Ali. What?! Have you put those two
useless kids in charge of our little baby? – You must be crazy.
– Animal abuser! Fifi needed to go to the toilet, so Ali
and Hassan offered to take it on a walk. – Her!
– Her. – They’ve only gone for a walk.
– When did they leave? – I know, they left an hour ago.
– An hour ago! No! No! Oh no!
They haven’t returned. Morten, you’re going out there to find Fifi
right away. Now. – I’m going right away.
– Yes. Oh, find her. – I’ll be back in a moment.
– No, no, no, no, no, no. Fifi! Fifi! Fifi! Fifi! Fifi! Fifi! Oh no. Fifi! Fifi, Fifi, Fifi, Fifi, Fifi! Fifi, Fifi, Fifi, Fifi! – Fifi, Fifi, Fifi, Fifi, FIfi!
– Come on! – Come on. Go, Psycho.
– Fifi, Fifi, Fifi, Fifi! Away with you. Fifi, I’ve got you. – Now who is that?
– Help! No. Ouch! Ouch! Help! Morten, Morten, Morten! New round. Psycho VS Morten.
Place your bets. Come. – Fuck, that was a sick dog fight.
– Yes, that was very well done Morten. – You’re extremely violent.
– You think? Wollah, it looked really sick
when it bit you by the throat. – Thank you Ali.
– But I need my 500 kr. 500 kr? -Yes, I bet 500 kr. on Fifi winning,
and you fucked that up. – So, you owe me 500 kr.
– I don’t know if I think that’s reasonable actually. God! What happened to you? – Thank you for asking. I …
– Fifi, little darling! What have you possibly been through? Come
to mama, little darling. Come on, little darling. Come over here … (car horn) – Did you see that Hassan? Sick.
– Extremely sick. What can I say, give me a BMV, in the backseat cruise in the good style Then Crazy Girls will look my way, wollah baby
I’m Ali, I’m top cool All homies must give me respect, when they see me make magic with my hash weight But my cousins, in the smoking club must not know that I need the magnifier!

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