Why I Chose to be a Surgeon? | Urologists Answer

why would anyone choose to be a surgeon
do you ever wonder that because I certainly did I actually never wanted to
go into surgery I never thought in a million years I’d be a surgeon but I did
so I’m gonna give you the perspective of five different urologists as to why
they decided to go into surgery make sure you watch the whole video because
at the end I’m gonna share my story if someone who you would have never guessed
in a million years was gonna go into surgery decided to just go for it when I entered medica school I actually was really interested in cardiology, cardiac physiology. I thought exercise physiology was really interesting when I did a lot of
self-reflection I looked at the things that I like to do what did I like to do
when I wasn’t studying everything I like to do involves making things so I think
clothing cooking baking and creating and everything I do is with my hands I’m not
a lay around and read in a person and really I like to make things and fix
things with my hands and that’s what I get to do every day
I think it’s hardwired in my brain to put things back where they belong I run
my household that way I would clean desk I think for incontinence and prolapse
surgery especially it you get to put it back up you get to put it back to where
it belongs in most of the time that makes it function better and I think
becoming a surgeon really allowed me to tap into some of my just natural desires
to kind of fix things I mean I remember back to the clinical rotations where I
just didn’t you know I was thinking nephrology then I thought Oh cardiology
and then and then I started surgery and I thought the first day I did surgery
I saw a DPL you know a diagnostic peritoneal lavage
we are you yes and that and I got nauseous I thought well surgeries not
for me right I thought no way can’t do it I
mean there was this guy anyway and I thought well shoot because I thought I
could do something with my hands and that first day I thought oh I don’t
think I had the stomach for it then we went into the or
and everything was squared off it was draped off and I thought oh you know it
was fine I didn’t have any trouble with open surgery but I did with the DPL
somehow anyway I really liked doing something and
physically fixing something yeah reconstructing things and I guess that’s
why but then then I did my urology rotation sort of on accident in many
ways but it did hear all your rotation to realize that these surgeons enjoy
their life and it was it was fun to hang out with them they had a great
personality and sense of humor I mean that’s why a lot of people in urology
when they discover it but absolutely that’s absolutely true that that’s how I
ended up the truth of that is that I really didn’t know what I wanted to do
when I was in medical school I was actually thinking about pediatrics and
then I thought about OB/Gyn and the reality is why I got drawn into urology
surgery is because the role models that I had as a medical student for surgeons
and ultimately urologist and for me that was somebody who wanted to make a
difference who was decisive in their actions who enjoy going to work every
day and you know kind of never looked back
and then those were the people that I was drawn to and that’s why I went into
the field on the medical fields I enjoyed the science but I really wanted
to get down to business and I feel like it’s a surgeon I am able to get in and
technically skills so why did I decide to become a surgeon so I’ll be honest I
thought I was going to go into medicine and become a subspecialist like a
cardiologist or a gastroenterologist but I did my surgery rotation and he loved
it I loved being in the O R and I thought this was so cool but I
definitely had some imposter syndrome I was like why would I I could never be a
surgeon I’m not coordinated enough I am not confident enough but I took care of
my husband here because he actually told me a story about his cousin who’s an
orthopedic surgeon and he said look he was super clumsy and if he can become a
surgeon so can you and while that seemed really small at the time it actually
made a huge difference because I realized at that point that surgical
training is training for a reason you learn
how to be a surgeon and so that gave me the confidence to move forward and
specifically how I decided to become a urologist was I like surgery but I
didn’t really love general surgery so I looked at all the subspecialties and
looked at ophthalmology and it’s it’s a great great subspecialty but I couldn’t
personally deal with eyes and then I looked into ent and I looked into
urology and I really loved the diversity available to us in urology I thought
the people were phenomenal as you could see all these people I’ve interviewed
there are great great good-hearted people and really how seriously can you
take yourself when you’re dealing with genitalia all day so I hope you enjoyed
this series if you haven’t seen some of my other interviews make sure you check
out my playlist below that includes other interviews of these five great
surgeons and their ideas on what they wish they knew before they became a
doctor why they love what they do and advice for people going into a
male-dominated specialty and always remember to take care of yourself
because you’re worth it

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