Water’s Edge Dermatology: A History of Providing Serious Medicine for Your Skin

I think to be successful in anything you do, it’s basically enjoying what you do, doing what you do really well and then surrounding yourself with people who hope to achieve these things. As long as you enjoy yourself, work super hard and take care your patients, things generally work out well. The date was July 1, 1998. It was our first day, and it was me and one nurse, who is now actually a nurse practitioner, Sharon, who still works with me today. I was pleased that we had a few patients and the two of us kept things moving along. After our practice became busy and successful, fairly shortly, in Okeechobee, I said, well what’s next? This is fun, let’s do it again. Then we opened an office part-time, just one day a week, in Palm Beach Gardens, based on the same recipe of enjoying what you’re doing. A part-time office became a full-time office, and as we’ve grown to this critical size, we were able to hire other staff. We’re lucky in that we have a pathology lab within our own practice. The pathologist has access to medical records now, on the computer. That helps tremendously in what we do and in rendering a diagnosis. It makes our job much, much easier It makes coming to an accurate
diagnosis much less challenging than someone who doesn’t have access to all
this information. We’re always trying to do better. Having a great staff; the great nurses, doctors, physician’s assistants and nurse practitioners all have similar or the same goals, they are the reason why this practice succeeds. There’s not a day that goes by that people don’t comment how nice our reception area was, how clean it was, how neat it was, how friendly the staff was. Let’s take the comments we have from patients and staff, and whatever the system, process or facility it is, let’s just do it a little better each time. I would hope that they think it’s the nicest to visit they’ve ever had to a dermatology office, but I would take a step further. I would hope that the experience they had was the best visit they ever had to a medical facility.

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