Wanted for Drug Trafficking: Life on the Run

Wanted for Drug Trafficking: Life on the Run

-I’m gonna do this one standing up
on top by the car. -Yeah, I got to hear
that verse one more time. -Ready? I’m going to stand on top
of here for my part. Where you want me to get up?
Right here. -♪ Slide to the other side ♪ ♪ Time to get active ♪ -My name Q Nhannaz,
Quintin Devon Walters. That’s my government name. I don’t really open up
to people about, like, what’s going on in my life because I believe
the more you show a person the more dangerous
they is to you. Love will get you killed. -♪ A whole lot of drip on them ♪ ♪ You got to hold up ♪ -Danger, rolled up, we go.
-I didn’t do it. -Yo thing calling off.
You got to — -In 2015, I had caught
a drug case, and they had came to the house
looking for me, and it just so happened
I’d just left. I got a call.
They was like, “Oh, they came over here
looking for you,” and I’m like, “Well,
what’d they say they wanted?” They was like, “Nah, they
came here to, like, grab you.” You know, I’m like, “Fuck that.
Like, I’m out.” Like, I think, like my pops
be sending, like, goddamn energy signals
to make me get the fuck out of places because I always leave
at the perfect time. I swear, like,
within an inch of a second. [ Siren wails ] Years go by, but I never
will result into, like, turning myself in. [ Footsteps running ] [ Engine revs ] You know, you just always
watching over yourself, like, watching your back. Nigga been running
from this case for five years. -Hell no.
-And nobody don’t even know the extent of everything
what’s going on. -Right.
-You jeopardizing everything. Like, I’m putting my people
house in jeopardy. [ Horn honking ] I feel exhausted.
It’s tiring. ♪♪ The worst part about
it is, like, I don’t got nobody
really to lean on. We don’t have that much
pictures together because he died
when I was young, but the time we spent,
it was real good. -Can’t see nobody there.
My brother gave me these. [ Laughter ] -I’m the one that literally
everybody depend on. -To the good brother
bringing all of us together. -Whoo! -But I don’t trust people. That’s one thing, nigga.
Money ain’t everything. -Nah, money ain’t everything. [ Engine revving ] -Facing jail time
and going to jail, that shit is scary. What’s up, man? I got a lot to lose. -No, I ain’t trying to see
my brother go to jail, man. Get the fuck out of here. -I feel like I’m somewhere
where I don’t want to be. I basically just want to be,
like, me again. Your past is your present,
your present is your future, but in order to really
move ahead you got to really clean up your past. [ Birds cawing ] ♪♪ ♪♪ Oh, there you go right there. I’m born in New York. Moved to California
when I was a teenager. I always been, like, back
and forth, like, my whole life. I’m out here.
Where the fuck you at? You ready?
You can just follow me. So, like, everywhere I lived,
like, I call that shit home. Like, every block I ever lived
on they know me for something — having the cars, the jewelry,
the clothes, shit like that, being an entrepreneur. [ Tires squealing ] -♪ Y’all got to hold up ♪ ♪ Dangerous, roll up,
we just roll up ♪ ♪ We don’t want to believe ♪ ♪ Smoke you ♪ -Well, this case been over
my head about four years. I did good.
I think if I would probably have stuck out like
six more years. I think, like, 10 years is
the statute of limitation for everything except for
murder, and it’s not — warrant is not for murder. [ Chuckles ] I want to be on the straight
and narrow path basically, and people might think
I’m crazy, like, “Oh, you bugging out.
You turning yourself in? Niggas don’t do that shit.” Got to handle it. [ Siren wails ] [ Horns honking ] We over on Queens Boulevard. Nigga, we are a long way
from the block, nigga. [ Laughs ] This block right here, this is
Queens Boulevard, nigga. -What? You playing around, man.
-This is police central, nigga. We outside of the hood. -Have you brung niggas
out to here? -We are a long way
outside away from the hood. -Niggas think I’m crazy. -I seen him doing that. That’s being a bigger man. You understand what I’m saying because he didn’t
have to do this. -Yep.
-He didn’t have to do none of this. -Nigga, I’m tired of running.
What the fuck you mean? Like, you got to understand,
like, I got my whole family
to worry about, right? My main focus, my little sister. She got, like,
this rare ass disease, bro. They gave her
a year and a half to live. Now she got the trach — She got to touch
a fucking button to talk. That’s one thing, nigga.
Money ain’t everything. -No, money ain’t everything. -And I’m not a nigga that never
thought about me and only me. I’m a nigga who grew up
without no parents. I don’t know what it is to go
ask mommy for something. I don’t know what it is to be
7 years old and be like, “Go ask daddy,”
and the shit about it for me I had it worse because I see
my pops is famous, nigga. You know what I’m saying? My pops lit, so I see
my pops on TV, so it’s not like
I could black it out of my mind. I see people, and they like, “Oh, you Buffy’s son
from The Fat Boys?” You know what I’m saying?
Or I’ll see my mother on TV. I see all that, but it’s
different for a nigga. You know what I’m saying?
It’s just totally different. My dad is Buffy, The Human
Beat Box from The Fat Boys. They sold hella records, like,
legends in the game. Anybody that know hip-hop
will tell you that. [ Car door closes ] -Like, faithfully, like,
energy-wise, like, my pops got me
out of a lot of shit. Trust me. Like, every bullet
that missed me, times where I thought,
“This about to be the end,” he’s like an angel that’s
just been watching over me. And my mother, Queen Pen,
she got a Grammy for the song “No Diggity,”
but my mother is somebody who’s, like,
too street for the industry. Like, you Google my mother name,
like, you’re going to see her, like, “Oh, Queen Pen punched
so-and-so in the face.” I’m my mother’s child.
We’re like the same. Shit, I miss my mom now.
[ Laughs ] Did you feel?
Like, my mother is sick. [ Monitor beeping ] ♪♪ Right now is going to be, like,
the first time really sitting down
talking with my grandmother. We had a little falling out. -Hey.
-Hey. -My goodness. You too. You look good.
-How you doing? -Look at all this. Hello. -What’s up, y’all? Hey. Your hair looks nice.
-Huh? -Your hair looks nice. I worry about my family
all day long. I’m the one that literally
everybody depend on. -I didn’t have to do that
for her. She was just somebody else,
my keeper. I was a kept woman. -What’s that, a ho?
-That’s a job. -[ Laughs ]
-That’s a job. -That’s a job.
-That ain’t no job the way you’re looking at it.
-Being a ho is a job. [ Laughter ] But I wasn’t hoeing, though. I wasn’t hoeing. -(whispers) My grandma was a hoe.
-It was a mutual exchange. [ Laughter ] Lyric loves hearing…
-Right. -She loves hearing
those stories. -Lyric is a good kid.
-Dominic told me — My grandson told me,
“I cannot believe that you sold drugs and that
you did drugs.” -Yeah, I wouldn’t even
be able to believe it. -They thought I was
having parties, but I was, you know,
selling drugs. But thank God
I didn’t lose no kids, I ain’t lose no household,
none of that stuff, but… -Let me see. -This was one of the celebs. These are all her pictures. -You let the kids know, Eema,
that I got to turn myself in? -Oh, lord, no.
That’s a picture right there. -You hear me?
-Turning yourself in? -I still got to fight the case
because it won’t — -So you going to be inside
fighting the case. -Um, pretty much. -Who’s that with your mother? -I don’t know who
that white man is. -Let me see.
-[ Laughs ] I don’t know them people. -That’s… -Yeah. Oh, look. Here’s
a picture of me and Quintin. -Oh, yeah.
-When you go away, they say don’t bend down
in the shower. [ Laughter ]
-That’s not funny. -Yeah, I don’t got
to worry about that. [ Laughs ] People not going
playing me like that. -I don’t know.
I don’t know much about… -There’s really not much to say.
-You’ve been there. You’ve been away
before, right? -Not for a serious crime, but
these are felony drug charges. -Oh, that’s not good. -Yeah, and there’s
drug trafficking in it. -Oh, no, that’s not good.
-Yeah. -That’s not good.
-Yeah. You know what you’re doing
when you’re doing it. I’m trying to start
a right path. -So by turning yourself in,
you start on the right path? -I mean, I can handle that and
get everything else going right. Like, I’m good.
-But suppose you get a lot of time.
Then how are you going to — -I mean, I’m going to have
to deal with it regardless. -That’s deep.
I don’t know. I never liked… [inaudible]
-Huh? That’s scary.
-Nobody going to like that. -I don’t know. Some people might
love going to jail. -But nobody want
to deal with it forever. -I’m coming with you. -You can’t come with me.
-Take Lyric with you, please. Take her somewhere. ♪♪ ♪♪ [ Beeping ] ♪♪ ♪♪ -Just now just made me go into
deep thought, like, damn, you know? Like, I really need to be there
for them more, you know? ♪♪ [ Indistinct chatter ] [ Music playing ] ♪♪ -Damn! You’re out of line, nigga. -Careful, nigga, they’re
watching you man. -I ain’t worried about a nigga. -You next. -I mean, everybody know I take percs. I don’t give a fuck. The Percocets, the shit
is like a stress reliever. That shit takes the pain away. It’s an illusion, though. That shit is temporary comfort. -Y’all niggas know I got to turn
myself in, in like, two weeks? -Damn, what you talking about?
-Two weeks. -For how long, though?
Nigga, you know You knew for mad long. I’m going to turn my shit in
so I can get my passport. You got to look at all
the opportunities a nigga missed out on. You know what I’m saying? Like, I just want to…
I missed out on mad shit. That shit will really,
really help a nigga out. I want some more Henny,
though, nigga. Now give me the bill. I mean, whatever is off,
I’m going to take care of it. I got Blood niggas in here,
Cripp niggas in here. Nigga, what’s up? Best of both worlds, nigga,
I get money everywhere. -So you like one of them
community activist niggas? [ Laughter ] -You get respected as such? -I get respected.
-Bloods and Cripps. -Bloods and Cripps, nigga,
together, nigga. -Shit.
-Put your cups up, man. -What up?
-Just some of these niggas, man. -To the good man,
to the good brother for bringing all of us
together, man. [ Indistinct talking ] You can’t spell community,
without unity. -Whoo!
-Yo, time to won, same fuck. Yo, that’s something. -A lot of people
didn’t even know what was going on,
outside of my close friends. Plus, like, I don’t know.
Like, you know what I’m saying? What’s going on?
Who got spoken to? I don’t trust half of them
motherfuckers. Somebody close
probably did stuff. I don’t know. I don’t want
to put that on them. I don’t want to put that
on nobody. You never know. -♪ Swole cash only dead ♪ -Get a big C.
You heard this? -Neighborhood Crip,
roll with sixes. -Yo, Ja, you want me
to ride with you? -But I don’t trust people, so I don’t got nobody
really to lean on. -Neighborhood! -Everybody want to be
a fucking drug dealer, stupid as fuck. ♪♪ ♪♪ [ Operatic singing
in foreign language ] ♪♪ You don’t have to sell dope.
You don’t have to sell drugs. None of us have to
really sell drugs. Like, there’s other shit
we could do. We choose to do that because
we get influenced by what you see. [ Operatic singing continues ] ♪♪ ♪♪ I really feel like
it’s up to me, to like, really break that cycle. [ Operatic singing continues ] ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ Some gold plaques right here, Gold plaques. This is my grandmother
right here and my pops. We at my grandmother’s house
right now. I just came over her to
let her know what’s going on. She’s asleep.
I ain’t going to wake her up. She got to go to work
in the morning. Man, you know, I can’t do
no wrong to my grandmother,
no matter what I do. You know what I’m saying?
She knows what’s right. If a motherfucka do anything, she’ll find… She’ll be like,
“Ah, he ain’t do that. Unh-unh, not my baby.” You know what I’m saying? This is me
when I first was born. When I was born
I left for my pops. I always lived at my pops
until he died. This is a good pic right here
with the chains on. Louis, Gucci,
the big diamond chain. He invented a lotta this shit. Rick Ross, a lot of rappers
got the swag from him. We had a little bit of time. We don’t have much
pictures together because he died
when I was young, but the time we spent,
it was real good. A happy little kid, right? It be crazy how life
just change out of nowhere. I ain’t going to be
one of those people who get in trouble,
and they be like, “Yep, we going to see you back,”
and actually go back. I’m going to be
one of those people that people going to use me
as an example. They’re going to be like,
“There, he did it. That dude, I like what he did,
like, he turned around, flipped everything,
got his shit together, really focused trying to follow
in his footsteps, do what I need to do,
get to this bag.” [ Airplane engine whirs ] [ Box thuds ] Right now I got to get all
this shit up out of this crib because I don’t know
exactly what’s going on when I turn myself in
out in Sacramento, so I want to make sure
everything is organized because the lease is going
to be up for this anyway. Shit, I wanted y’all niggas
to come help me move this shit so I ain’t got to pay
these niggas by the hour. There’s DeAngelo over here, but that nigga
in the car smoking. He in the car smoking.
That nigga ain’t doing shit. -He said that nigga
smoking in the car. -Had some good times
in this spot right here, man, turned this neighborhood out, but now just looking around
it’s just like, dang. These are bigger walls
and, like, about to be walking into
some whole other shit. Time to move on
to the next chapter. ♪♪ Facing jail time, going to jail,
that shit is scary. ♪♪ This shit could go real bad.
You feel me? ♪♪ That’s why I know I got
to get my shit together, because I know my position,
the fucking captain of the boat. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ This baby DQ? -Yeah, that baby DQ right there. -DQG?
He got a rapper name already. -[ Laughs ] -I’ve been outside.
I don’t want to touch him. That’s baby DQ. -What’s up, Uncle Q? -What’s up, man? Oh, look, he waving
at me already. My big bro gave the baby
my name, middle name, so it’s like a little
Quintin running around, right? Looking good, strong, too.
Look. Look how he moving
his little hands. I wish I brought them damn Adderalls with me
because I’m tired. -I’m tired, too. -I’m so worried about everybody
else being fucked up, I barely worry about myself. I’m probably the most fucked up
one out of everybody, [ Train whistle blows ] The worst part about it is,
like, I don’t know. The only thing you know is,
like, you’re fucked. Like, once you get a felony, you know they’re going to
try to hang your ass. A lot of people go in, and they catch
some charges in there, especially, like, for a Crip.
Like, you know what I’m saying? Because we outnumbered,
anything can happen. ♪♪ ♪♪ Listen, my bro. Where my nephews at?
Where my nephews at? This is one of my nephews
right here legally. -Yeah, we are with it.
-I’m the oldest. -This right here —
He lit right now. Big C, Big C. -I’m lit.
-Big C’s. -Big C’s. Big C’s.
-Ooh, the big C’s, eh? -This is my brother. Hey, yo, I’m the youngest
out of all of them. -Yeah.
-No, no. No, he the oldest. -I’m the youngest.
-It’s a fucked up situation. -Yeah, it is. It is, though.
-Ain’t nobody trying to go see our brother go do no time, man. You know what I’m saying?
Nobody trying to… -Because every time
we see him, man, he always trying to put us on
to something better. You know what I mean?
-Yeah, always on some positive stuff.
-Really trying to get us out the struggle.
That’s all it is. -Always on some positive
trying to, you know, make us believe in ourselves to do
something better for ourselves. You know what I’m saying?
It’s some positive shit, like, so to see somebody like him, have to go do something,
man, shit. Don’t — Man, shit. Don’t nobody want to go to jail. Then you don’t want to see
your loved ones going to jail. I’m going to go handle
my business tomorrow. -It’s some fucked up shit,
but we’re going to make it good. -You got to be
up-front about it. You see? -For real.
-Yo, I guarantee you, nigga, my mugshot going viral, nigga. Yo, wait, time-out.
Y’all want the preview? -You about to catch a deal
after the mugshot. -You want the preview
of the mugshot? [ Engine revving ] ♪♪ -Yo, we right on deck. [ Indistinct shouting ] -I’m going to go in
with a smile, come out with a bigger smile,
walk out with a bigger heart and walk out
with a wider mind. ♪♪ -When that nigga come around, he change the whole vibe
of everything that’s around you, and you sad when you going
through something, he’s like, “Fuck that.
Don’t be being down. You only live one time.
This a party. Have some fun
and keep it pushing.” -Oh! ♪♪ -You know, we all been
through the struggle. We all been through hell
and shit. You feel me? My mama and daddy raised me
on welfare, all this and that. You feel me?
We didn’t never have shit. -Laos and Cambodia
and Vietnamese, man, we got dropped off
in the hood, and we grew up off
of this shit, man. We just adapt to this shit. -With everything that’s going on
in the country that we live in, this represents unity. You know what I’m saying? -I feel like it’s
more than that. Cripping is a religion I know.
That’s what I know. -Tomorrow I got to
turn myself in tomorrow. It is what it is. I heard somebody take
a deep breath. Everything going to be
all right. ♪♪ -Yo.
-Hello. -Yeah, what up, nigga? -You out?
-No. -I thought you was gone. -Nah, I’m about
to turn myself in right now. I’m on my way there now. -Are you serious? -Hell yeah. Nigga been running
from this case for five years. Not even running because
I just started living regular. Like, fuck it. [ Chuckles ] But you got to take care of it,
like everybody said, make sure you got
to clear your name. Put my businesses back
in my name, all that shit. Put some respect on my name. What Birdman say?
Put some respect on my name. You feel me? -You look like a bum. -[ Laughs ] Do I? I look like
I’m about to go to jail. What the fuck?
-I’ve never seen you look like this.
-I look like a bum, right? Everybody like, “Yo,” like they
never seen me wear sneakers on. -Yeah, I’m like,
“What are you wearing?” -Oh, yeah, you going. I’m going to give you my phones
and the keys. -And this purse, huh? -Yeah, you can —
It’s not a fucking purse. -[ Laughs ]
-It’s a laptop bag. -You said, “Yeah.” -Here. ♪ Sing me a song ♪ ♪ Tell me more it’s going
to be okay ♪ All right, Buddha. -Take it easy, bro.
-Yeah, yeah. -Take it easy, man.
-Take care. -See you later.
-You got your phone? -I got it.
-You got anything metal on you? Easy, through
the metal detector. -Hell no. You see I got
my motherfucking rings off. -We love you.
-Love you, too. -See you again soon. ♪♪ -Stand on the yellow line. Okay, you can’t shoot the video
while you’re in here. Okay? Okay. I mean, you can come in.
You just can’t shoot video. -Fuck no, it ain’t cool
to go to jail. For what? I don’t understand. Like, who would think
that going to jail, that make them tough? Jail is like a stamp,
and, like, they come out like, “Yeah, I just did seven.” People like, “Yo, that’s my man.
He just did 10 years.” That’s not cool.
You know what I’m saying? That shit don’t make you a man.
Hell no. What makes you a man is you
being you, you standing up,
taking care of your family. Even if they need something,
they can call me. [ Chuckles ] Never crossing your homeboys, being real to your friends,
you know what I’m saying? Not sneaking nobody, that’s what
really make you a man. You going to jail does not
make you a man because, like,
you can’t hustle forever. Fuck no, you can’t.
Find your way out. Don’t be a statistic,
like I always say. Everything will be good, though. You’re going to be
in good hands. -It’s just not the same
as having you here. -There’s consequences.
You do shit. And that’s a good example
for you so you know. -You know that’s not my swag. -Yeah, you’re a good kid. Just cut it out. What I really want out of life,
I don’t want to waste my time. ♪♪ -He did make sure everybody
had their shine and everybody got a chance
to do what they could do. -Right.
-For real. -But in the long run, if you
think about what it’s for, a minor setback
for a major comeback, man. -Right.
-That’s all. You know what I’m saying?
Facts as we would say. Facts. Everybody will laugh and smile, but we trying not to be sick
over here, man. I’m going to miss my boy.
How y’all feel? Y’all going to miss him? -Sad.
-Yeah. -I’m about to hit some Don Julio
for my nigga. Fuck it.
I’m going to get drunk. Fuck it. -Oh, I’m not. Y’all can follow me.
-All right. -Thank you. ♪♪ ♪♪

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