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  1. 1st time I have a boil on the side of my calf. 1st time in 7+ years since I had a doctor visit .
    I am taking bactrim 800-160 (on day 3 of 10).
    No fever, but starting to get muscle aches and lost appetite.
    Doctors office closed till Monday maybe Tuesday (Memorial day)

    Leg is swelling (about 20% bigger)… should I go to E.R.?

  2. I've been diagnosed with staphylococcus aureus folliculitis since 3 years
    The trigger was
    I was a part of crash diet from there it all began
    I was effected by sebboric dermittitis
    And now I've cured from that but my folliculitis is not going away
    Tried antibiotics everything but it's still ongoing

  3. My sister is fighting a staph infection resistant to antibiotics.
    It made me think how it is still fairly common for doctors to give our antibiotics for colds which is not right and increases the chances for bacteria to develop resitance to antibiotics.

    How can we get people to discourage taking antibiotics unecessarily?

    Can we get people to ask the question to their doctors – « is it imperative that i be taking antibiotic for this cold »?

  4. What is the thinking on the new antibiotic dependent insect species under review by the Environmental Protection Agency? Specifically the release on residential homes of Oxitec’s OX513a (version 1 GM mosquito) and Ox5034 (version 2 GM mosquito). The using tetracycline as the in vivo suppressor of a genetic lethal switch without any screening for its propagation and dissemination of resistant bacteria when released on small communities such as those My medical staff and I serve?

    Are we pouring gasoline on one major public health threat to address another?

    The human safety concern in version 2 GM mosquito remains that the use of antibiotic as the blocker to the GM genetic switch ignores the creation and spread of resistant bacteria that any such process should create and propagate. Try to get a physician to give you an antibiotic for a common sore throat, they usually deny the request as ineffective, risking resistant bacteria and yeast. This and the lack of control concern related to changing the genetics of the release area local mosquitoes in a possibly damaging way to residents of the release area remain two strong scientific arguments against release without more laboratory study. FDA received a Florida Keys physician petition for simple, cheap culturing of the to-be-released GM males in 2016 after their ’finding of no significant impact’ and subsequently the jurisdiction of the project was transferred to the EPA. EPA never approved version 1. Our physicians have fought Dengue in 2009-2010 and have great respect for the plagues of both mosquito borne illnesses and antibiotic resistant infections. It was shocking to learn that a highly important antibiotic for human health as per the 2016 statement of the World Health Organization was being used in this way. No regard at all for propagation and insect drone like delivery potential of the planned process.

    The resistant bacteria concern is simple. The GM females lay eggs in much the same way human mothers give birth. A very gooey, germy process. These eggs, like human babies, share in the bacteria their antibiotic dependent mothers foster therefore. Since GM mother mosquitoes need enough tetracycline to turn off a genetic switch inside every cell in their mosquito bodies, these mothers must be sharing bacteria that survived this significant cellular dose of antibiotics. Since you cannot sterilize these eggs any better than chicken eggs, why is Oxitec refusing to do simple cheap fast cultures on their product before release? Why are our politicians not responding to this specific safety petition or wanting to hear them in committee? Are chicken eggs not monitored for bacterial safety and recalled? I know of no reason to believe these eggs are any safer than chicken eggs related to farm applied antibiotics.

    Physicians who are experienced technophiles are ignored for what reason rather than becoming partners in a technology’s implementation? Remember as in the chicken egg recall example, physicians monitor resistant bacteria in human infections with cultures. Physician put this data into tracking tables ‘antibiograms’. If people are impacted negatively, this data should be expected to show it after the fact. My concern is that we would expect to see this impact as a more difficulty in treating infections like MRSA infections. Staph infections in the Keys have two oral first line, non-intravenous antibiotics with less than a 10% resistance still. These are a sulfur and tetracycline. What if you are allergic to sulfur and tetracycline becomes poorly effective? We are running out of oral antibiotics just as mosquito are becoming more pesticide resistant. This real world concern should be respected. Data requested and tracking permits risk benefit analysis on the technology. Since when does science try ignoring a reasonable cheap fast investigation with potential Important clinical impact.

    Version 1 GM mosquito was never approved by the EPA. It was withdrawn months after the EPA was due to approve it. What was the reason for the delay of the approval and was the subsequent withdrawal solely due to the claim of the developer having built a better mouse trap? Why not just meet the local physician petition for quick, cheap safety cultures? Get the doctors on their side with data. Why won’t they do this?

    The Cayman Islands ended their version 1 GM mosquito project in controversy. Their scientists sent emails of concern to their government officials related to inflated promises and poor results. Data from that user only raised more issues.

    Finally if touted as new technology, tell the residents of the new ‘trial’ (release) area who they are and offer them a vote as was done in Key Haven. Let these residents review the science and concerns the way Key Haven residents did when their homes were the test area.

    These statements are my own concerns. They are based in experience treating my Keys friends and neighbors. They are seasoned in my experience being faculty of the New Jersey Medical School and supervising Quality of ambulatory care at its University Hospital before moving to the Keys in 2004.


    John W Norris III MD FACP
    Chief of Staff
    Lower Keys Medical Center
    Key West, Florida
    Author of the 2016 Florida Keys Physician Petition for Safety Testing the GM Mosquito

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