Unpacking Universal Medicine – Introduction

Unpacking Universal Medicine – Introduction

Okay. Spirits! Go for it Kate. A spirit looks very much like the pictures we have of aliens. An image they do not like us to know about. A spirit has no nose though in that known to us location they have a small crevice which is not used to breathe but take in all that is not Astral. Hence it can be colloquially said that spirits have a muzzle for all that is truly divine and or all or someone who is aligned to true evolution and therefore they can easily repudiate if but attack those who offer them a reflection of the Truth they too are equally from. A Truth that does not flow in any form of individuality. It is said that a spirit can smell a Son of God or a reclaimed and evolved human being from a mile away. Fact. Have you ever been smelt? Universal medicine is a commercial corporation based near Lismore in Australia with centers around Australia and in Europe. It turns over millions of dollars per year offering practitioner training in Esoteric Healing modalities retreats workshops and books and other publications authored by its founder and proprietor Serge Benhayon. What you´ve just viewed was part of a recording of one of the monthly “Way of the Livingness” presentations. Students read Benhayon´s sermons aloud at these events. The woman in the cream dress to Benhayon´s right is director of several UM companies and lawyer Serryn O´Regan. “The Way of the Livingness” recordings are available to subscribers for a $190 per year. Benhayon has been delivering presentations of his version of the theosophy based Ageless Wisdom since around the year 2000. You know 12,000 years ago Hermes was basically teaching us everything we’re learning today. So why haven’t we changed? But we is too big. Why haven’t you changed? Because you have had access to every one of the key messengers in the last 12,000 years and well before that in it other eras. So if you’re not an Ascended Master you are by your own will chosen not to be because you choose individuality. According to Universal Medicine publicity the commercial presentations like those excerpted in this series are viewed by subscribers in 18 countries. I made this PowerPoint this morning and it took me back to high school days. You know when you like cram your assignment in at the last minute. The first most important thing if you’re ever interested in history and if you’re ever going to look up any single person that you feel has had some connection to the esoteric rule number one do not source your research from Wikipedia. There’s a quote there that says “Reserve your right to think, for even to think wrongly is better than not to think at all.” The thing is when I read that I already can feel that the word think has been incorrectly translated. I don’t know anything about that but when I read the quote because I’m not hooked into needing the knowledge I don’t need the information I don’t need to give you a fantastic presentation with what to impress you or to show you all the things that I know. I read that I feel, and I say guess what that word think is incorrect. That’s easy and we can all do this. In this series, I’ll be looking at themes in these presentations like sex, health, persecution, the supernatural, and belief versus knowledge. The footage shows what UM students get for their money and also how they view nonsubscribers and themselves. We see the influences within the UM community that keep followers committed to spending on UniMed. Doing volunteer work promoting UM publicly and adhering to Serge´s way. Well how many times have we been to heart to The Livingness 1 Heart Chakra 1 and stood face to face someone and felt that pull? We’ve done it so many times. And that workshop in itself is enough to change every single thing that we’ve talked about today; Rwanda, The Holocaust, the ongoing things. I’m Esther Rockett and I’m defending 2 defamation claims brought by Benhayon and associates in courts in New South Wales and Queensland Australia. Some of the footage in these videos will be used in my defenses to prove the truth of various allegations in dispute. If I would have to you know if someone goes like what is God you know who is God the closest thing that, and, obviously right at that moment I walk past Serge is you know like oh Yeah it´s Serge. You know that’s the closest thing for me to God. I think, because it’s a minority religion that somehow it’s more shameful. Like oh everyone knows the Catholic Church so that’s okay but people don’t know what The Way of the Livingness is so this makes me sound like an extremist minority cult member Well we are. Nonetheless like everyone that I know and I meet they know, that I am deeply religious and I never mention the word religion I never mention God to them I don´t mention the Lords of Form I don’t mention the Astral Plane and I don’t mention like entities or you know all the kind of stuff that Esther Rockett rants on about. I don’t mention anything I just live who I am I live my heart my love my care my truth with absolutely everyone and they get religion they get it It is an old tip or skill that if you are seeing an image that is in discarnate form be it Moses, Jesus, Mary, a ghoul, a demon or a loved one, If you look down towards their feet chances are that they will either disappear or their real appearance will be revealed So that’s what you teach kids at night if they’re seeing ghosts and ghouls and nightmares or whatever just teach them to look down at their feet and they go. Simple. A spirit´s usual tactic is to engage and frighten or set you back thus you you lose some composure They especially do this to kids at night so as to make them withdraw from their innate ability to see energy and/or see through those who interfere with human life. When I teach people to pass over I could easily teach them to look at feet as they pass over so that they don´t get stuck in the Astral Plane. Subscribe to my Darkly Venus channel on YouTube or visit my blogs for further episodes and for updates to this series. I also have on YouTube excerpts from Benhayon´s audio recordings. My video talks on the UM business model and my video “Unpacking Esoteric Breast Massage”

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  1. This very day after only the beginning of an ABC news media released only the first of many yet to come of disturbing facts about this Serge ( bandwagon ) Behanyon , his cult and fraudulent Universal Medicine after years of Esther whistle blowing about these nasty bullies . Let the articles speak for themselves . Shame on Serge and associates . God bless Esther , her legal team and the victims .

  2. https://www.news.com.au/national/breaking-news/defamation-loss-for-nsw-spiritual-healer/news-story/ac8ef1934de9f0b26f474d27a2738b10

  3. Ho9raaay ! Wait for the parade through Goonellebahhh ! Bah! . Well thats the sheep in the cult . There are victims. And there a4e turkeys in the cult too . Because they are GULLIBLE ! GULLIBLE GULLIBLE !

  4. Of all the cults out there, this one does not seem dangerous… I know their is an account of a dying woman whose money, the group was encouraging her to give to them rather than her children which is certainly exploitive and immoral and raises questions, but what are they really doing that is dangerous?

  5. I see they have not deleted these comments! These poor sad people. But they just desperately want to feel special, and as if they know something others do not. They'll be beyond embarrassed when they wake up, if they are lucky enough to do so. Talk about soul destroying.

  6. If you go to you tube and type in “universal medicine students sing a cult hit”you will see UM admit they are a cult.

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