University of Florida Department of Urology

our providers recognize that every
patient is unique and no two patients are alike and in many cases we’ve
established relationships with these urologic patients just as we have with
our own loved ones many of our patients are patients that require chronic care
multiple visits and so with that we have a longitudinal experience with these
patients seeing as they grow older and have unique your urologic problems over
time we are entering a new age in cancer care
medical and surgical treatments for your urologic cancers are rapidly advancing and
becoming more personalized the key to personalized cancer care is matching the
right treatment with the right patient there is no more one-size-fits-all in
cancer care our team of fellowship trained urologic surgeons offers
multiple surgical options and approaches depending upon each individual’s needs
including open laparoscopic percutaneous and robotic treatments we have one of
the largest clinical programs or kidney stone management in the southeast our
expert surgeons use minimally invasive tools to navigate the urinary tract in a
minimally invasive manner either with no incision or sometimes small incisions to
identify the stone fragment the stone with either ultrasonic or laser devices
and extracting stones thus reducing patient discomfort and expediting the
recovery regarding robotic and laparoscopic surgery this really has
expanded rapidly in our field and where robotic surgery usually was only
pertaining to prostate surgery for prostate cancer we not only provide this
for prostate cancer but also robotic partial Nephrectomy for kidney cancer
adrenal tumors systectomy me for bladder cancer pelvic organ prolapse for women
that have prolapse and incontinence issues and lastly pediatric urologic
procedures here in the Department of Urology we
have fellowship trained physicians who specialize in the treatment of male
sexual dysfunction our goal is to help improve the quality of life of men who
may have problems with sexual function such as low testosterone and erectile
dysfunction and a result from certain medical conditions or treatments for
certain types of cancer whatever ailment maybe we have a team of caring physicians
whose goal is to help restore your quality of life at UF Health Shands Children’s
Hospital we are committed of rendering patient-centered care starting
prenatally and continuing through until young adulthood we have experienced and
caring providers who are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art pediatric
urologic care for children throughout florida and the southeast region we can
perform the most advanced and up-to-date surgeries which include open and endoscopic
laparoscopic and robotic assisted procedures we work closely with other
pediatric surgeons and subspecialty pediatricians at UF health Shands
childrens hospital to treat the most complex conditions here at UF health we provide
comprehensive care for female pelvic floor disorders including urinary
incontinence overactive bladder voiding dysfunction and vaginal prolapse
individualized recommendations are made based on expensive health history and
examination as well as any necessary testing such as urodynamics is important
to us that each patient is well educated about her condition so that an informed
decision about the care plan provided can be made the Department of Urology at the
University of Florida is committed to excellence in research with both basic
scientists as well as clinicians who work together to understand diseases
first at the cellular level and then creatively applying those findings to
improve patient care we are one of six urology programs in the country with a National Institutes of Health funded t32 program this program is focused on a
disease that will affect one out of 11 Americans in their lifetime and that
is kidney stone disease we’re very excited about the future of research in this
department we’ve had a terrific start and we have lots of room to grow down
the road and I can firmly say after training it from the top institutions in
urology in the country that we have an outstanding group of faculty and staff
were of high integrity credibility that are compassionate and that are really
committed to not only education but specifically providing very high quality
patient-centered care

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