Top 10 Supervillains With Mental Illnesses

Top 10 Supervillains With Mental Illnesses

Welcome back, nerd squad. My name is Amanda McKnight and today we are
going to be counting down the top 10 supervillains with mental illness. We have recently been looking into the illnesses
suffered by many superheroes and if you watched our part 1 and 2 of the videos centring around
superheroes issues revolving around mental health, it should not come as a surprise to
you that while they definitely have it bad, many supervillains have it worse. A lot of what shapes a character into hero
or villain comes from their origins and how they decide to reckon with adversity they
have faced in their past. Many of the characters on this list have been
even more shaped by their mental illness than their counterpart heroes, as such you may
notice that many of them suffer more from their illnesses, seemingly unable to get help. Seeking help is such an important step when
it comes to mental illness and it leaves me wondering if rehabilitation could have the
power to turn many of these villains hero. Alright, let’s get counting. 10
Mr Freeze All of Mr Freeze origins typically revolve
around the death or loss of his wife, Nora, or in some instances just a random woman named
Nora. It his struggle with grief and his struggle
with depression surrounding her loss that he ultimately suffers from the most. But even from a young age, Victor Fries is
often presented as struggling with depression. He was sent to a boarding school by his parents
after becoming obsessed with cryogenics and freezing a cat. While in boarding school he often felt alienated
from the other students and struggled with depression until he met Nora, whom he fell
in love and whom changed his world. He often fights Batman due to the fact that
he is either driven to crime by his grief or using criminal activities to try and raise
money for his research. 9
The Riddler When we are introduced to Edward Nigma in
the new 52 reboot he is seen in Arkham Asylum as a patient, while this is definitely not
a guarantee that he suffers from any kind of mental illness as the Asylum should not
be held in high regard for either diagnosis of their patients or treatment, given everything
we’ve learned about the potential corruption of the place as presented in comics and video
games, we have other reasons to believe that the Riddler is suffering from a mental illness. In his original origins story, he was a young
boy when he became obsessed with solving a puzzle in order to win a prize at school,
cheating by sneaking it at night and work on perfecting his speedy puzzle solving skills
until he could do it in under a minute and then winning the contest the next day. He was rewarded by a book of riddles and ever
since then he has become obsessed with puzzles and riddles. So obsessed in fact that as the villain, the
Riddler, every riddle or puzzle he provides Batman with must have a solution. 8
Maximus the Mad Black Bolt’s brother was driven to insanity
when exposed to his brother’s booming voice, considered being close enough to Black Bolt
for his power to alter his brain. Maximus has always been a brilliant man and
still was able to hold on to much of his wits. However as a result of this exposure he became
delusional, started talking to himself and as such his grip on reality has often been
revealed in the comics to be less than stable. His obsession also often makes him ruthless
to a fault in regards to the pursuit of him becoming a leader and there is nothing he
won’t do in order to take it from his brother, whom he also blames for his mental instability. 7
Ozymandias While Adrian Veidt may claim to be the smartest
man alive and a very competent villain when it comes to achieving his goals, he too struggles
with his mental illness. Ozymandias can be classified as someone suffering
from narcissistic personality disorder. He is often seen looking down on humanity,
feeling himself above it all. He is an attention seeker who remains unempathetic
to the plights of others, slaughtering millions of people in order to be deemed a hero by
the rest of the world. Even more problematic are his feelings of
self importance. He feels that he is the one who has to save
the world as though he is the only one good enough to do it and is obsessed with success
and power. Manipulating others in order to get what he
wants. Thankfully, his plans are for the greater
good of humanity but ultimately they are still self serving when it comes to what Adrian
gets out of it. And what’s worse, they don’t even really take. His narcissism actually leads to his undoing. 6
Harley Quinn In DC’s film Suicide Squad, Harley’s backstory
is painted as someone who fell for the Joker and was willingly tortured by him to the point
where she was driven insane. Often she is a character whose blind love
of the Joker led to her undying devotion and within that her insanity. She is often stated as suffering from battered
woman syndrome. This is a syndrome wherein a victim of abuse
feels compelled to stay with their assailant despite the abuse, stuck in a dangerous cycle,
wherein they do not blame their assailant for the damage done to them. In fact we have seen Harley Quinn’s character
grow and develop as a more independent than codependent character as she has gone through
the four stages of battered woman syndrome: denial, guilt, enlightenment, and grief. Leading her to eventually feel empowered enough
to leave the Joker. 5
Typhoid Mary Mary is a lover and villain to Daredevil. She suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder
which was actually seemingly activated by Daredevil despite her possessing this different
personalities from a young age after she was abused as a child by her father. She had met Matt Murdock at the brothel where
she worked and one night Daredevil came there to track down a villain. During a scuffle Daredevil knocked Mary out
of a window triggering her DID and causing her to vow that she would never be harmed
by a man again. Her three personalities are Mary who is often
sweet and tempered, Typhoid who is often violent and lustful and Bloody Mary who is often sadistic
and brutal. While her persona has had a romantic relationship
with Matt, her Typhoid persona has had a relationship with Kingpin. 4
The Green Goblin One could classify Green Goblin as a psychopath. Norman Osborn seems to suffer like many heroes
for DID, dissociative identity disorder. Using the term psychopath is not an actual
diagnosis by the way, not that I possess the qualifications to diagnose anyone, not even
a comic book character. Still it should be said that being a psychopath
is not an official diagnosis. Many people that are classified as psychopaths
or sociopaths are most likely suffering from the very real disorder of antisocial personality
disorder. In Osborn’s case, his psychopathic tendencies
stem from a combination of his brilliance and the fact that his mind was warped by Goblin
persona after he ingested the green goblin serum. He is unempathetic, violent, and able to mask
his intentions through mimicking emotions in order to manipulate others. He also happens to be more obsessed with Spider-Man
than anyone ever has been in the comics and probably in the real world as well. 3
Two Face Either way you look at Harvey Dent’s back
story, he was Gotham’s young and bright DA when he had his face disfigured when he has
acid thrown in his face. I personally like his back story post-crisis
best. In that retelling, Harvey Dent was a victim
of abuse as a young boy. His father would decide whether or not beat
him based on the flip of his lucky coin. Which lead to young Harvey becoming disconnected
with the idea of having a reason or motivation behind one’s actions and becoming indecisive
to the point that he would often make his own decisions based on the flip of a coin. He was diagnosed as bipolar with paranoid
schizophrenia. After being disfigured by the accused who
threw acid on him during Harvey’s cross-examination in a trial, Dent turns to a life of crime. Scaring one side of his father’s lucky coin
and flipping it to decide whether he will perform criminal acts of charitable ones. 2
Carnage Cletus Kassady is an accomplished serial killer
and criminally insane. He has psychopathic tendencies and suffers
from antisocial personality disorder. He is so focused on killing that even when
he was in his inverse state and found himself with feelings of remorse for all the vile
things he had done, he didn’t even know how to go about his pursuit of being a hero. He was still very violent and distracted by
thoughts of wanted to eviscerate those he found himself tasked with saving. He has even confessed that when it comes to
his crimes and all of the murders that he has committed that he genuinely enjoyed them,
which puts on psychopathic level unequivocally. 1
Joker Joker has a few different diagnoses. We obviously do not know about his past for
certain as he is a man with many backstories but none that have ever been confirmed by
DC as being the true one and Joker often likes to change his backstory as it suits him. One this is for sure, he exhibits a blatant
disregard for life, his own and others putting him on a sociopathic level. In fact I would even go so far as to say that
Joker is more of a psychopathic. When it comes to psychology many people believe
the two words are interchangeable but in fact they are not. A sociopath still feels emotions but is often
detached from the world, they don’t feel remorse but they often don’t perceive their actions
as being wrong or evil. A psychopath often knows what they are doing
is wrong and does not care. They are generally more calm and organized
than a sociopath. They don’t really feel emotion but are skilled
at mimicking it often. Psychopaths minds are more geared toward criminal
activities as a result. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed exploring some of the minds
and struggles behind our heroes that often help to explain the why behind their criminal
activities. Especially for those villains who seem unmotivated. Understanding another’s psyche helps bring
us closer to understanding ourselves. Are there any supervillains that you feel
we left out? Are there any on this list that you think
could be redeemed with therapy and treatment? Let me know in the comments below. And as always on your way down to the comment
please be sure to like, share, subscribe and ring that bell. You know I love it when you do. This has been top 10 nerd and my name is Amanda
McKnight, reminding you as always to stay nerdy, YouTube.

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