Thoracic Surgery and the Comprehensive Thoracic Oncology Program at Dartmouth-Hitchcock

– The Comprehensive
Thoracic Oncology Program is a collaboration between
multiple physicians, specifically to treat patients
with the newest technology, with the best supportive care to obtain the best outcomes. I always say that there is
often the best treatment and then there’s the best
treatment for the patient. Sometimes those are coinciding and sometimes you have
to change the treatment to fit the patient. The whole idea of the comprehensive part of Thoracic Oncology Program is to take every aspect
of what’s happening in our population and try to better it as we go forward. So you have to think about how
can we serve each individual but also serve the
greater population better, so that you’ll include
not only how to treat them but also how to prevent it and how to screen for it so that you can catch it sooner. You add in prevention, your screening, and then your treatment, and then again you
circle back with everyone and you say, okay, what did we do well and what didn’t we do well and how can we make it better? Each time, every time.

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