The Medicine Cat Code

The Medicine Cat Code

It’s been a while. That’s the only time I’m ever gonna mention
any long gaps between content, ok? Got that out of the way as soon as possible. Since there very beginning of the series,
the warrior code has been present. It’s been enforced, worshipped, bent, warped,
and shattered more times than any one person could count. Strict adherence has lead some down the road
of misery, while knowing when to discard it has lead others to greater victory than any
clan cat ever imagined. It’s a lot more discussed than the medicine
cat code. That isn’t to say that the medicine cat
code has never been brought up, even in pieces when necessary to our plot or characters,
but it hasn’t been at the forefront, or as common, considering that unless you’re
present-day Thunderclan, you’d have 8 medicine cats at maximum total. Not applicable to Skyclan, for obvious reasons. The question is: is it fair, or right? I’m not doing a video like this on the warrior
code, because my wonderful friend LZRD WZRD has already done that, more than once, and
you can find the link to that in this card. Before we answer that question, because it’s
kind of a big, multilayered mess with varying shades of gray, let’s just look at what
rules, exactly, the medicine cat code is comprised of. The first three are easily lumped together. A medicine cat cannot have a mate or kits,
and won’t let personal feelings get in the way of their duties. This one actually goes back to the first sort
of proper medicine cat: Moth Flight! After the birth of her own kits, she found
she couldn’t handle the responsibility of caring for her whole clan as well as her own
kittens, as she wanted to protect them above all others. Say a medicine cat may be celibate their whole
life, with no kittens to care for. The whole clan is theirs to love and protect. So should they never make a friend, or grow
close to their family? Should they be set apart from the whole rest
of the clan, only to come in to briefly heal and give prophecies? Isn’t a friendship or kinship just as much
of a strong, personal bond, enough where you’d do anything to save them? A lot of these rules are kind of extensions
of each other, rather than individual decrees. For example, 4, 5, and 8. These are valid points, and a smart set of
rules to have. If a medicine cat is meant to heal every cat,
and are unable to reject one, that should extend even to non-clanmates. This even ties into the warrior code, as the
newest rule states that though every clan is independent, they may call on each other
in times of need. That said, cats are cats and may attack for
whatever reason, and it’s only right to be able to defend yourself. Number 6 and its one way street may not make
a lot of sense at first, it certainly didn’t to me, but as I thought, I began to see the
reasons, even if I didn’t quite agree. As I’ve said before, there are usually only
a maximum of two full medicine cats in a clan, most often one and an apprentice, or just
one. If a medicine cat in one of these two latter
cases were to decide against being a medicine cat, it could potentially spell chaos for
the structure and health of the clan. Also, once a medicine cat becomes a full medicine
cat, they are bound to Starclan. They’ve taken a solemn oath in their most
holy of places, in the eyes of their ancestors. If they’ve come this far, they likely have
more interest in taking care of cats, rather than fighting them. They know things that no ordinary warrior
would, and that may inhibit them from performing warrior duties, as well. Then again, so did Firestar and the Three
and their allies, at least the grand majority, anyway. Should they not have been warriors, with their
dreams, powers, and insight into the supernatural? Number 9 is straightforward and doesn’t
really need questioning, because what kind of cat would halfheartedly try to heal someone
and give up halfway through? A horrible horrible villain, which kinda makes
me want a villainous medicine cat, I’m not gonna lie. Number 10 kind of bothers me, just because
self-sacrifice in general bothers me. I suppose this one, like so many others, is
an extension of a previous rule— in this case, number 9; however, I think a line should
be drawn. I don’t think a medicine cat should work
themselves to death in order to save others. I admire the dedication, I admire the concern
and care and raw determination, and I don’t mean to say any life is more valuable than
another, but while a cat should do as much as possible to save a cat, I don’t think
your own life should fall to the wayside. Which is better, to do so much that you die
in exchange for cats, or do as much as you can but stay alive to pass on knowledge to
a new medicine cat, and continue to heal for as long as you are able? Perhaps, once again, the difference lies in
the number of medicine cats currently present in the clan, the number of cats needing attention,
which sets it apart from the warrior code that doesn’t have such conditions or quite
so many murky areas. In all, this particular code is a mixed bag,
kind of different from the warrior code, which I believe to be mostly solid and sensical. I find that some of the laws don’t make
much sense, or fall apart under further scrutiny, while others stand firm as part of being a
good person, not necessarily a medicine cat. Remember guys, everything in my videos is
an opinion, and if you have a different one, that’s awesome, and if you agree, that’s
awesome too. Feel free to discuss, or maybe even suggest
new rules or addendum, but keep it civil, okay? Bye!

100 thoughts on “The Medicine Cat Code

  1. Fascinating topic! And good video on it! I just found your videos through LZRD's cat cast and am making my way through them (though having to skip some as I am new to Warriors and still making my way through the series – so many books! T__T)

    I feel differently about the rule about not taking a mate and having kits. While it's possible to favor a friend or family member, there is a very strong fierceness that is usually present in mother-love. It is MUCH easier to fall prey to unfairness when protecting or caring for your young than for a friend or even a family member or lover.

    I find the codes fascinating and I love seeing different people's takes on them. Thanks for making these!

  2. This is a weird random comment, but I dunno I just love the way that she says 'Cat'. :3 I'm weird I know XD

  3. I think medicine cats should be able to have mates and kits as long as they have a fully trained appreciate. That way, they'll still be able to take care of the kits while their appreciate cares for sick and injured cats. Just my opinion .3.

  4. Both Medicine and Warrior code are pretty flawed, but realistic considering they are Tribal type of Codes. Very simplistic and coming out of material needs to keep a tribe together. I gotta say I agree with a Medicine code far more, except making a medicine cat work itself to death. Otherwise, it's just a neutral sort of ethics to keep the person neutral and fully focused on work. Considering how much medicine cats are responsible for, it's understandable.

  5. I think medicine cats should be able to have kits and if they have a fully trained apprentice, and should always be aloud to have a mate.

  6. I feel it's unfair about them never having mates nor kits. 'Their personal feelings will get in the way'. Okay so, what about queens? What about queens who choose to stay in the nursery and don't hunt, don't patrol boundaries, just stay in the nursery.
    So they can neglect clan duties but starclan forbid A medicine cat wants to be happy. Also if queens can have kits and go back to their warrior duties after they've been apprenticed, it's quite unfair.
    Also Yellowfang chose not to heal Whitethroat and Littlecloud, so she broke that rule lol

  7. ok I understand that a she cat medicine cat can't have kits but a male should a male doesn't stay in the nursery but the female does so why can't male they are perfectly fine having a mate by doing so in the med den and staying on task I make my ocs Black claw and Amber leaf have Stone tail and White spot because they both are males

  8. Once i had an idea of make my own comic abt a villain medicine cat but my country doesnt sell any of the warriors book so i cant know the basic things abt the clans their rules and other stuff in general(like how tf they give these names to the cats….i have no creativity XD)
    2. I dnt draw bg at all ;-; i hate the way i make backgrounds so i think i wanna learn it and cats angles and interaction better first
    But the idea i had was a story abt a medicine cat(duh) who fell for another cat and had kits with him she told her best friend who is also a warrior bc she had no idea of what to dothen the med. Cat used to hide her kits bc once her mate found out she was a med cat he left she on her own(he is from another clan) later on her kits were killed by the friend she so trusted and told about her friend told she was doing it for the good so she wouldnt be exiled and the med cat made a promise(she didnt tell her "friend") to punish every single cat who she loved and had affection with secretely she used to poison some of the cats so they would get sick and slowly she would give them a "special treatment" to kill them slowly as for the ones hurt in battle she simply wouldnt help she'd hurt them until they die by blood loss one day her friend found out what happened and the med cat was exiled and chased off the clan and the story still continues 030 but its sad that my laziness wont allow me to do it rn DX

  9. You just earned a subscriber! I love how you expressed your emotions and opinions about a certain topic without sounding rude or offensive, like other people I've heard. And i love your reasoning and references, and you kind of i guess, cited evidence? Anyways, keep making awesome videos!

  10. The medicine cat code is deeply flawed. “A medicine cat must still learn basic fighting moves” Hey, remember that part in the third book of omen of the stars when someone said to Flametail, “You must be the only medicine cat in all the four Clans who knows how to fight.” “A medicine cat must deliver omens from StarClan” Jeez, that sure would be hard if you didn’t believe in StarClan, good thing Mothwing TOTALLY isn’t a medicine cat.

  11. Crystaltail-villainous medican cat, she seems sweet, and kind, with heavy knowledge on herbs, but slowly she poisons her clan mates, and wants to take over the clan. Backstory- She was raised in the shadow of her brother, she always make mistakes as an apprentice, making noises that drove off prey, her brother was praised and said to be a great leader someday. She tried to shake it off, and became a medican cat, and not a normal warrior, she fell in love with a shadow clan warrior and had kits, however the warrior then rejected her and had another mate, she was deeply heart brokened, her brother found out and killed her kits saying that it was against the warrior code, and it was for the best, but she wanted revenge.

  12. A medicine cat faced with many in need must weigh out future options and uses of resources to help as many as possible regardless of personal affliction.

    Medicine cats must help other clans if your clan is able regardless of personal affiliations so long as it is not a detriment to your own clan


    If another clan requires aid a medicine cats are required to help as much as they can. In the situation of a lack of resources to go around the medicine cats must reach a mutually beneficial agreement based off who is in most need.

    Cat communism? It's more likely than you think.

    (I know this stuff is already kinda a part if the code but this is basically is just my way of cementing it a bit more? If you disagree or want to fact check me please do, the laws I proposed are pretty flawed.)

  13. Wasn't number 6 broken? Hollypaw was a medicine cat apprentice, so I'm not sure if it's the same thing. Yet, she did have to give up her dream because of her brother Jaypaw, was blind and couldn't defend/fight properly. So, would it be the same thing?

  14. If I could change the code, I would have let a medicine cat be able to take on a mate and have kits, but only if they have an experienced apprentice. If they were a she cat, they could have their apprentice work for six moons as they care for their kits, this also gives them an opportunity to watch how their apprentice would live on after they passed. If they were a tom, they could have 6 moons to help their mate take care of the kits, needed only for emergencies. If they had only a mate, they have part`time at medicine cat, with their apprentice doing most of the work so it'll learn how to be responsible without their mentor always at their side.

  15. a villain they NEED to make into warriors

    Rank:medicine cat

    Gender: she cat (WE NEED MORE SHE CAT VILLAINS)

    Clan: they can choose but present day I think thunder clan will work best

    How they are a villain: they give the wrong herbs and not talk about any proficiency’s or not say what another cats proficiency’s correctly so they would not know

  16. Wait, then that means that Leafpool also broke code 6, because she stepped down as medicine cat after ThunderClan was told by Hollyleaf that Leafpool was the mother

  17. I've always had one question about the part of medicine cats not being allowed to take on a mate and have its. Is there a exception for toms? As Fireheart points out to Greystripe, the fathers don't take much of a role in raising their kits, and the kit's mother would have more of an attachment. If a tom medicine cat did father kits, it would not hinder their duties from the clan as much as a she-cat having to take eight+ moons off. I'd also like to comment on the fact that she-cats are more commonly medicine cats, do people just think they'll fit the medicine cat code easily?

  18. This is unfair.
    How are they supposed to NOT HAVE KITS? Having children is natural, the medicine Cat code rejects natural things. Which upsets me.

  19. I never liked it when medicine cats break the rule.
    Example: LEAFPOOL! I mean, seriously. She should've quickly been able to choose between her clan and Crowfeather.
    She's exactly like a naive teenage girl.
    She's acting bratty towards Cinderpelt.
    She's like. "Oh you dont know what its like to love!"
    Even if Cinderpelt had feelings Fireheart.
    It's become too typical.

  20. Knowing the Medicine Cat Code, it seems that Leafpool broke two(or three) rules of that code instead of one. That makes three(or four if the code about having a mate and having kits are separate) codes, including one from the Warrior Code, that Leafpool has broken.

  21. New rule : if a medicine cat gets pregnant then they let their apprentice take over for 7 moons when the kits are born
    6 moons for raising and 1 moon to watch them be apprentices kinda like maternity leave but once the sevens moons are over they must return their duties as a medicine cat unless they died or retired

  22. So, with #7, since you need to share tongues with starclan, would this mean that Mothwing ISN'T a medicine cat?

  23. Your wrong, medicine code don't say that they can't have kits. I think StarClan trust them not to have mates so this was not needed.

  24. In Seri’s Sims 3 warrior cats lp she actually has an evil medicine cat and she uses the rule for no kits for them as a way for his evil plan to work

  25. In my own version of Warriors there are three medicine cats; Senior Medicine cat, Second Medicine cat, and Medicine cat Apprentice. My own MC code states that MCs can have kits and mother/father them aslong as the Second or Senior medicine cat can train the apprentice and help the clan and with the state of ThunderClan having 3 medicine cats I think that system works better.

  26. I have a thing to say for the first 3 codes. The medicine cat code never said a medicine cat couldnt have love or have a mate or even have kits. But half of code 3 is personally true. A love cant get in the way of their duties unless the cat has a apprentice already with its full name and that cat can take over the duties until the mentor is at least better once the kits can be looked after by another cat, then the medicine cat can go back to their duties and again once their kits become apprentices.

  27. Hello Gray Whatsit, I want you to know that someone made an “animation” of killing you for the video titled “Why I dont like Jayfeather”, their name is Starpelt Jayfeather’s Waifu and GF, they made a video called “KILLING GRAY WHATSIT FOR HATING ON JAYFEATHER!!!” Just wanted to point that out.

  28. I think that Moth Flight was being selfish. First of all, her mate was dead, not to mention not even in her clan, and she was her kit's only parent. She also had no apprentice to care for the rest of the clan. Acorn Fur, the medicine cat of SkyClan at the time, had a mate (or she wanted him as her mate) in her clan, who could care for her kits when she wasn't around. "But what about when the kits are nursing?" you might ask. Okay, so maybe before having kits, a medicine cat would need an apprentice who had gotten their full medicine cat name and who could care for the clan if they were to die, or to have kits. So, to have kits, a female cat must have an apprentice who could care for the clan alone, and preferably a mate in their clan, alive. And male cats? They should also have an apprentice who could care for the clan alone, though it's not required. And any medicine cat should be able to have a mate.

  29. Maybe #3 is less referring to romantic feelings and more about the medicine cat remaining calm and level-headed during Clan Meetings, rather than rashly make an outburst to something they may otherwise feel strongly towards? To keep their emotions in check.

  30. In my oc clans a medicone.cay can take a mate and kits but they must stay on the medicine den at all times and they most have an apprentice or another medicine cat

  31. I think that there should be at least 3 medican cats in a clan, and if a medican cat has kits there be plenty of medican cats to help and ingered

  32. Finally I found a medicine cat code! Also I loved what you said here it makes since. I’ve been trying to find a medicine cat code for many days but now I found one. I like this video so much a lot of facts and seriousness. I get this a lot. ALSO what happened to the arm at the end of the video? It look funny! Not to judge you about the cats arm… I mean well you did spend a lot of time on this video I’m guessing that you’re jaws are tired? But thank you for making this video you are the best! By the way I have no clue how much sentences I made….. I’m a nub……….. TYSM

  33. I would personally love to see a male medicine cat's perspective on the whole mate/kits rules, maybe at the same time as Moth Flight's story, but from a different Clan POV.

  34. So a leader can leave their clan for moons on a journey, decide to leave their clan, (as in Pinestar's case), and a medicine cat cannot even love? Ummm…Erin's?

  35. I think that a male medicine cat should be able to have kits regardless, since he's not the primary parent, but a female medicine cat should be able to have kits as long as there's another medicine cat/ medicine apprentice.

  36. Old video, but I have my own revised rules.

    1: A medicine cat may take kits or a mate, but if the medicine cat is a she-cat they must have a trained replacement, so the Clan can have a medicine cat while she is with her kits. (The canon rule only caused problems)

    2: A medicine cat must always place the needs of the Clan before the needs of a single cat. (Justifying Hawkheart and Yellowfang)

    3: A medicine cat must heal any individual, as long as they are not a threat to the Clan, as that would go against Rule 2. (Common sense)

    4: A Medicine cat must be willing to turn their back on their leader for the good of their Clan. (To combat corrupt leaderships)

    5: Medicine cats may become elders or warriors, but only if they have a trained replacement. (I just sort of like this one)

    6: If the Clan is without leader or deputy, the medicine cat will take over until StarClan delivers a sign to choose the next leader. (Common sense)

    That's all of them good day.

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