The 10 CRAZIEST DRUGS You Never Knew Existed! – Part 2

The 10 CRAZIEST DRUGS You Never Knew Existed! – Part 2

– (Pants) Oh man, I need to stop buying unmarked pills for my headaches (whines). So the world is filled
with all kinds of drugs and for good reason. It’s a profitable industry. But while the legal
pharmaceutical global market is worth more than a
trillion dollars in revenue, the value of the global illegal drug trade is estimated at 360 billion dollars and drug dealers don’t pay no taxes. And one reason that it’s so profitable is that drug dealers are
constantly coming up with new drugs to satisfy the highs of
the people who buy them. And the effects of these drugs are not only going to shock you, but they’re drugs you’ve
never even heard of, let alone expected to exist. And, yes, all of the drugs
I’m about to tell you about do in fact exist, and trust me, you do not want to take any of these. But not only that, some
of them get you high and you didn’t even realize
that they were drugs. So here are the 10 Craziest Drugs You Never Knew Existed, Part Two. Number one is rimonabant. Today, weed is not really
considered a big deal. In fact, it’s becoming legal
in many states and countries. It’s a relaxant that ends up
giving you the munchies, man, ’cause you get real hungry. But rimonabant, well it basically has the exact opposite effect. A pill that was briefly
popular all over Europe from 2006 to 2008, it was labelled as the reverse marijuana or anti-pot because it had the exact
opposite effects of weed. It not only suppresses your appetite, which leads to eating disorders, but what’s worse is that it
causes severe depression, which has led many to commit suicide. And, yes, although it was
officially taken off the shelves, it’s still widely available
on the black market. Ya wanna buy some skinny pills? They work well. Number two is carbogen. Named after its creator,
Ladislas Carbogen, it’s a mixture of oxygen
and carbon dioxide. Usually balanced at 70%
oxygen, 30% carbon dioxide, this concoction, when
inhaled, creates the feeling that the user is suffocating, tricking the brain into thinking that the increased
levels of carbon dioxide is a direct result of there
not being enough oxygen. The result is a psychedelic high, man, which is coupled with
terror as your brain thinks that you’re literally
on the verge of death. It’s believed that this high occurs because of the release of the
chemical DMT in the brain. DMT is a naturally occurring
intense psychedelic that’s released in large
quantities in the brain when you are about to die. (shouts, gasps) Am I dead? No, well when does this wear
off ’cause I can see sounds. Number three are speedballs. When taking heavy drugs, eventually a person will
gain a tolerance to it, making them take more and more until they need something stronger. And sometimes they’ll even mix
two really strong substances that they’ve built a tolerance to. That’s when bad things happen. Enter the speedball, a
mixture of cocaine and heroin that not only gets a person really high but also mellows them out. Yeah, that’s weird, I know. But let me explain. See, cocaine is a stimulant,
which amps you up, man, while heroin is a depressant. Thing is, mixed together these
two drugs level a user out, preventing them from
crashing after the high, which gives them the false sense that they have a higher
tolerance than they really do. This often leads to
them taking more of each until they eventually overdose and die. Number four is Freon. Like I said, drug abusers will seek out a high from almost anything,
including the refrigerator. Believe it or not, Freon,
a gaseous substance found in many fridges, freezers
and air conditioning units can be used as an inhalant
to get someone high. But it’s not exactly worth it. The effects of it include
dizziness, hallucinations, freezing of the lungs, heart palpitations, and high blood pressure, you
know, just to name a few. But the real scary side
effects are the brain damage, cardiac arrests and comas
that huffing this stuff can actually cause. In fact, it’s so bad its street
name is the Breath of Death. Oh man, I just dropped
my keys under the fridge. Shouldda held my breath. Number five is wet. No, no, not literally wet,
that’s just the name of it. This is actually one of the
newest drugs on the market. It’s a combination of marijuana and PCP, also known as angel dust, which creates dissociative,
hallucinogenic side effects that can be really bad, especially when you can’t
tell what’s reality. But this drug in particular
has an extra side effect. Oh, but Matt, what could that be? Headaches, nausea, indigestion, diarrhea? No, how ’bout the compulsion
to murder children. This was the case in
2012 when Osvaldo Rivera, while under the effects of
wet, killed a six-year-old and critically wounded
his 12-year-old sister. Oh, and this was not an isolated incident. A number of reports have
come in that children have been killed by people
under wet’s influence, many of them by their own high parents. Hey, Timmy, did you do the dishes? (exclaims) Come here. Number six is idosing. This one’s really going to surprise you because it’s not a pill or an injection or even something you smoke or eat. You actually take it through your ears and anyone can do it right now. Idosing is done by listening to different specific frequencies
that force your brain into a state of confusion,
happiness or even terror. By stimulating different
parts of your mind through things like tones,
the sudden switching of keys and randomized volume changes, idosing alters your mental state, in some cases, a similar
way to certain narcotics. Some tracks have been created
with the singular purpose of replacing drugs like ecstasy or heroin. And all of that through your ears. Now I know you’re curious and you’re probably going to look it up so I might as well tell
you that idosing tracks are available on YouTube right now. But please be careful as it
affects everybody differently and I don’t want all y’all to go out there and be eating your neighbors’ faces after watching this video. I will not be held accountable
for any face eating. Number seven is Stilton cheese. Not all drugs give you an intense high, some just give you an intense dream. Stilton cheese is a dairy product made in only three
countries across Britain. But what’s especially weird about it is that it’s openly
available in many places. But it qualifies as a drug because of the way people abuse it. Someone discovered that by eating this particular cheese
in large quantities, you end up having intense
bizarre and truly vivid dreams. In fact, it’s been
calculated that 75% of women and 85% of men have
incredible experiences asleep after consuming Stilton cheese. Some people have even reported waking up to claim that they have
conversed with dead loved ones. Creepy cheese people with
your dairy-infused nightmares. You stay away. Number eight is nutmeg. Oh man, this nutmeg is crazy, dude. Okay, I know what you’re thinking. What, nutmeg, like the stuff
that my mom uses for baking? Yeah, that nutmeg. Nutmeg is mostly a seasonal spice that’s often found in everything
from eggnog to brownies and almost hands you the Christmas
spirit when you taste it. But believe it or not, it
can give you a crazy high when taken in excess. Taking four to eight
teaspoons of ground nutmeg causes mild hallucinations. However, although it’s readily available in probably your own kitchen, there is a big-time downside. Not only does it take up
to six hours to kick in, but the hangover feels kinda like Satan himself sat on your face. The side effects that accompany
it are dizziness, nausea, cottonmouth, paranoia,
difficulty urinating and the overall feeling of having the flu. Number nine are lickable toads. Like I said, it’s no secret that some people will do just
about anything to get high, including inhaling their
own fermented waste, yeah, see Craziest
Drugs Part One for that, so licking an amphibian really
shouldn’t be that surprising. Two toads in particular, the Bufo alvarius and Colorado River Toad
secrete hallucinogenic toxins from their skin and
while licking may get you some kinda high, it can also
get you some kinda dead. Yes, death is a tiny side
effect from doing this, but that doesn’t stop some
people from taking it up a notch. Some users actually
take the toxin, dry it, and then burn it, inhaling the smoke. The result is an even more intense and lucid dream-like psychoactive high that could have you walking
out into the street, high-fiving a truck in no time. Hey man, did you lick
one of them toads again? Mmmmmmm, no. And number 10 is zolpidem. Originally sold as a sleep aid, zolpidem somehow found its
way onto the black market when someone discovered
it does something else. First off, it’s habit-forming. Kicking an addiction to
zolpidem is kind of like watching a single episode of a new season of your favorite Netflix show. You know you just can’t do it. Literally though, the
effects are devastating, including seizures, and yes, even death. And unfortunately it’s
also been proven to be an effective date rape drug. Men and women metabolize it
at much different speeds. In fact, in early 2013,
the FDA set requirements that women receive a smaller dose due to the number of traffic accidents involving women in the morning
after they took zolpidem. But the icing on this drug’s cake is possibly the most interesting
side effect, sleepwalking. Zolpidem has made a number of people get out of bed and walk or
even drive to their deaths. It’s like taking a pill and letting yourself be
a zombie for eight hours. No thanks. And those were the 10 craziest drugs that you never knew existed, part two. Or at least I hope you
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