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5 HARDEST Doctor Specialties | Most Competitive Residency Programs

Have you ever been confused when people talk about certain medical specialties being competitive? Me too. In this video, we’ll go over the official statistics and explore which are the most competitive and desired specialties. What’s going on guys, Dr. Jubbal, For those of you who don’t know, I graduated medical school in 2017 […]

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Landon’s Story – Cleft Lip – Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Rice: We were at the obstetrics office and it was our 12-week sonogram and she came in and just said that she saw that there was a cleft lip. Our immediate reaction was just, you know, there’s something wrong and one of the things that she kept saying was, ‘You can see the defect. […]

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Surgery Obsessed Sisters Have Matching Modified Bodies

EMMA: To change our bodies is addictive, we are addicted to it. COMM: Surgically enhance twins, Sara and Emma Koponen are obsessed with modifying their bodies in unison. SARA: Yeah we always try to be similar like we eat the same, we have the same diet, we train together, we do everything together. COMM: As […]

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