Sumit Isharwal, MD | Urologic Oncologist

Dr. Sumit Isharwal was born in the province of Haryana, about 100 miles N.W. of New Delhi, capital of India. His father was a civil engineer working for the government, often relocating from one town to the next. The experience exposed the young Sumit to the larger picture of a complex society, made of diverse cultures, defined by economic disparities… and multiple health concerns. Growing up in India was a dynamic and stimulating experience for me. My social sphere of interaction included not only my parents, but also neighbors, friends, and community members. I also witnessed the uniquely important role of healthcare provider in the community. The sense of belonging and interconnectedness… has continued to resonate with me… in forming my social consciousness. In 2006 I graduated from All India Institute of Medical Science, in New Delhi, the premier Medical School in India The All India Institute of Medical Science was the brainchild of Prime Minister Nehru, a disciple of Mahatma Gandhi, and the Architect of modern India. The All India Institute was destined from its conception to become… a center of medical excellence and a beacon of scientific research. Medical School was a great learning experience for me. I learned a lot about medicine healthcare deliveries and disparities. India, being a developing country, has an even distribution of healthcare resources and access. While government subsidizes health care for much of the population, there are many who still cannot afford it. While still in medical school, Sumit joined the research laboratory at John Hopkins University, eventually… completing a postdoctoral Research fellowship in urology with focus on prostate cancer biomarkers. We currently use PSA for prostate cancer diagnosis as well as to monitor the disease. However, PSA has its limitation, and my role was to find another… biomarker that will help us to diagnose prostate cancer more accurately and more reliably. After John Hopkins I spent one year at University of Minnesota… and explored the role of a new drug for the treatment of the metastatic prostate cancer. Following a residency in urology at the University of Minnesota, Dr. Isharwal completed his fellowship in urologic oncology at the Memorial Sloan-kettering… Cancer Center in New York, where he conducted research in precision medicine for bladder cancer. When time came to establish his long term practice, Dr. Isharwal chose Charlottesville, because of idyllic nature of his surrounding… and the University of Virginia because of its world-renowned academic excellence. Taking care of patients and doing what’s right for them is very satisfying. You have to make meaningful difference in people’s life one patient at a time.

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