[SFM] Infected: 1×1 – A new beginning

woah holy shit it´s zombies shit ! goddamit they left damn! alright snacks yup okay mysteryous boy thanks wait here yea ? sure okay. i always wanted to do this sure. goodbye. you dumb shit. hey ! sir do not shoot me ! (laughter) sorry people call me coach. whats your name ? Nick. Nick look at that map jesus. the whole country is fallen we need to get ourselves to New Orleans over there sure. lets go no ! you tell me excuse me ?! look out alright. is this some kind of sick joke ? Niick. hey nick. hello there´s a gun store on the way to the mall. what do you say we pay the visit ? i find a burgertank in this place ? a-ma be a one man cheeseburger apocalypse. take this. okay. god-damn nick son. i thing we got a problem. we going this way. stay close. come on. gotta go. forgive me. jump on to the truck i need some help. alright holy shit. gun store´s just down this stairs. yes now this is a gun. going with the shotgun alright paw ! i´ll snipe some bitches alright. gonna take everything i can. this here first aid is mine. im grabbing pills. you ready to get it on ? sure. why not. jesus ! Coach. come on nice kill nick. thanks bro. nick. i need 4 snacks alright rest your ass for a sec. cola. finally something that make sense to me. how you feel huh ?! im here (laughter) alright nick. lets get it on.

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