Selena’s Double Dose of Scares

– Now, let’s get to
the important stuff. Why am I not in Taylor’s squad? – Um…
– Or am I and I don’t know it? – I mean, I think you are.
– Mm-hmm. – I would assume.
– Mm. You got the sparkles down…
– Mm on your little costume tour
thing when you were with Taylor. – Right, right. Thank you. – You know, I think baking is
involved and… – You have to know how to bake? – I mean, you don’t have to,
it helps. – Uh-huh. – A lot of wine,
talking about boys, and life. – I can talk about boys,
especially if I drink wine. I have a lot to say.
– Oh, good. Okay. [laughs]
– Yeah. I’ll drink a lot of wine
and talk about boys. – Well, there you go.
– Yeah. She is fantastic
though, isn’t she? – She’s great, yes.
– What do you love about Taylor? – I think she pushes me
to be more confident. I’ve known her
for eight years now, and it’s just–it’s nice– – [screams]
– Oh, my God! [laughter and applause] – It was too loud.
It was too loud. – That was too loud. – That was too loud.
– Where’d he go? – I agree–
– Is that my third time or second time being scared?
– I don’t know. We’ve scared you a lot.
– [laughs] – That was really loud though. Was that Kevin
dressed as Taylor? – Dressed as Taylor.
[laughs] – All right, let’s see.
I think you handled it well ’cause it was loud.
It scared me. – Oh, no. Eight years now,
and it’s just–it’s nice– – [screams]
– Oh, my God! [laughter and applause] I was about to crawl over
the actual thing. – Oh, God.
– [laughs] – I want you
to come back out again. Oh, my God, that is hideous.
– Oh, fabulous. – Yeah, thanks. [cheers and applause] – All right, I apologize.
– No, it’s great. I love it. – It’s never my idea.
– But you know what? I wanna do like a full-on one. You gotta get me good.
I wanna do, like, at my– – Okay, I know, that was–you
know what it was? It was too loud, but that poor
guy’s been in a box for a while. – [laughs]
Oh, I’m sorry. – You know, we had to sneak him
in the box, and keep him here to scare you.
– Yeah. – So, think of it that way.
– Yes. Thank you. – I will–we will get you good.
– Okay. – Why don’t you go to, like,
the Knott’s Scary Farm? – I was.
I was gonna go tonight– – And…
– Last night. Um, but they don’t open
on Wednesdays. – Oh.
– I love scary things. I love being scared. Yeah.
– Okay. Well, then you’ll do
something like that for us. – Yes, I will.
– Okay, good. All right. So, Halloween’s coming up…
– Yes. – And we’re talking about
scary things, and I love scary things as well.
– Yes. – But do you do the trick
or treat thing and all that? Well, I stopped for awhile,
obviously, and then my mom had my sister,
Gracie, so she’s two– – What does she dress as?
– We’re going to be “Frozen,” the sisters.
– Uh-huh. – I’m gonna be Elsa–
– [screams] – Oh, my gosh!
What the hell! – [laughing] [laughter and applause] – Like what? Why?
– I don’t know. That was Elsa that time. – That was Elsa?
– Yeah, that was Elsa. – Oh, see, wait. You didn’t
give me a chance to see it. – Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, that was Elsa. – [laughing]
– We’ll show you Elsa. That was good.
The audience was– – The sisters.
– Uh-huh. – I’m gonna be Elsa–
– [screams] – Oh, my gosh!
What the hell! – See? Because you didn’t think
it would happen again, right? – Yes, yes. You’re right.
– So, now we got you. All right.

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