Every time we go to some place he says: “You should talk because
I don’t speak English very well.” But you speak English very well. – Thanks!
– Very good English. But when I got here,
I didn’t speak it at all. – How long was it?
– Four years ago. You should speak with my wife,
because she is learning English. – Really?
– Yes. – It is not easy.
– No, it’s not. And the problem is that we’re speaking
in Spanish at home every day. But now I’m trying to
be stronger and say: – “No, speak in English.”
– Yeah. – But you speak fluently.
– Thanks! I was talking you in Spanish
and your answers were in English… Yes, because sometimes
people talk in Spanish but they don’t speak Spanish. Right. So people tell me that I’m very lucky because I always find
someone who speaks Spanish. – How lucky!
– Yes. It’s easier. Okay, I’m going to clean up your toe. Okay. When you feel the pinch, do not move your foot,
just place it down here. It’s just the two sides and that’s it. Do you want to lie back
on the chair a little? No, I want to see. Yeah! The dentist, that’s okay. Although, now I’m a bit afraid of blood I don’t know…
I panic a bit with all that. Don’t worry, you’ll be find. Here we go. One, two, three. Very good. That’s it. You’re doing fine. Poor little toe. Three months like this? You mean with the infection or… – With the infection.
– Like a month and a half. Did you turn on the camera? Yes, I did! Today, the video is in Spanish. Oh! – Not too bad.
– No. Okay, one more side, one more side. Spanglish. Spanglish is better. This side is more painful. Yes, that’s it, hold a bit.
Breathe. Very good. You’re doing great. Is it too painful still
or is getting better? Getting better. Okay. The swollen finger. Swollen, yes. No, I’m going to put some gauze here while I prepare everything. Let’s see if your toe is getting
the anesthesia and then we start. But I can see all the fluid wanting to
get out of the tissue. How do you say hypergranulation tissue
in Spanish? Is like, granulated skin? Granulation tissue. That’s it, that’s what’s rising
on the surface. Because there is a wound
and the body is trying to heal it. But because it can’t heal it,
the tissue is rising above the surface and all the infection is below it. Yes, because I already
took antibiotics twice. And it didn’t work. – It improve a bit but it didn’t heal.
– Yeah. It will heal when the toenail is out. Last week it was okay… …but this week is bad again. Okay. No. You pass it, very well. And my husband lost the whole nail so… – Yes, that’s…
– …I was waiting the same. That’s something I don’t understand. Sometimes you can lost your nail but other times, your toe holds the nail and the nail stays there. But that’s disadvantageous. So the infection gets in
but the nails doesn’t fall. So it is like an abscess. And also, I cut it a bit because
the nail wasn’t getting out. Yes, yes. So I cut it and it started to… …look more like this. Is that normal? No, usually it is different, but from
now on, you will have a new nail. When this happens it is very interesting
because the nail doesn’t fall. That is worse. Because, usually,
the nails changes its color and it falls by its own. But when it stays in the toe, it causes much problems. Because the infection doesn’t go away. It cuts off the circulation
and nothing works. My husband plays soccer and he lost his nail playing. I mean, he had his toenail long
and because of the pressure the nail started to bend but he didn’t had an infection
and the nail fell. It happened because the nail was
separated from the skin. It was separated from the toe basis. When that happens between
the cuticle and this part over here, it is worse. Because the skin is holding
down the nail so it doesn’t fall. I’m going to put the tourniquet so we don’t have any blood or anything. I’m very curious to see… …how infected it is
or how much pus it has. I don’t feel my toe. – What?
– My toe, I don’t feel it. It is okay. Do you want to feel it? No, no! It is better not to feel it. So, what do you want to
do here in Canada? Regarding work. Right now I’m working in… …Square War. But in the future… I want to study something. Dental hygiene or dental assistant…
I don’t know.. That’s okay. And podiatrist? Yeah! Of course. Okay let me see this a bit.
Do you feel something here? No. – Here?
– No. – Are you recording?
– Here? – Nothing here?
– No. Look, it is separated here. The cuticle is separated. And that’s why the infection gets in… …easily. I don’t want it hurts me tomorrow,
what should I do? You can apply cardenol. A bit of cardenol,
but here we will lift it, look. It is opened and it will be a hole. Oh my God! Look at this. Did you see? Oh my God! This tissue is not normal. It is growing because
the body is trying to heal the wound. – Should it be like this?
– Yes. This skin is not good. Because it is the deposit of all
the infection and the damaged tissue. – Did you feel something?
– No. – The infection is there.
– Yes. But it is most because of
the skin under the nail. You can’t see it but inside here… …it is swollen. Did you see that? That’s not normal. Because it is swollen,
and there is inflammation. I’m just checking
that there is not more left. Can I come tomorrow
to get anesthesia. So it doesn’t hurt. No, no, you will have
the greater pain today. Today? And tomorrow but after that
you will be fine on Sunday. It is very swollen. Swollen is like bloated? Swollen, yeah. – Swollen?
– Yes, swollen, very good. Now I’m going to… I’m going to spray this salt water. Salt water. And now… …we will have to wait around eight to
twelve months for the new toenail grow. Twelve months? Yes, but you’re young. That will probably be faster. You have to apply ointment like this… …after the shower, okay? Today, I’m going to put some gauze. In case of… …there’s blood. But tonight you have to change it
for a band aid. If you don’t change the gauze tonight, it will stick to the skin. So it is very important
you change it tonight, you remove everything
including the ointment and then you band aid again. – The ointment again with…
– Yes. Exactly. Look at this. Do you see the skin below? It was trying to heal the wound. Usually, this should no be there. Take a picture. Okay.


  1. Well, I understood most of that… Even though I don't speak a lick of Spanish. I have however watched enough ToeBro videos to know Jonathan's phrases at different stages. Lol. Great job Jonathan! Performing surgery whilst speaking a second language, #multitasking.

  2. I'm sorry. But I would have to punch you. It wouldn't be personal, just an instinctive need. I feel the same way about the woman who waxes my eyebrows.

  3. I'm bilingual (english and portuguese), usually the accent of foreigners makes it difficult to understand, after all, portuguese and spanish are not the same but your spanish is so good that even i can understand

  4. Traté de mostrarle a mi mamá el video con las partes más sangrientas porque odia videos como ese, hacen que quiera vomitar lolol

  5. Legit question: why do these things happen to the big toe so often? Like I never see stuff where other toes are subjected to these infections. Anyone know why?

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