Rare Diseases That Give People Superhero-Like Abilities

Rare Diseases That Give People Superhero-Like Abilities

At one point at my life, I definitely dreamt being to be superhero with awesome powers. Whether being time traveling or super strength. Sadly I’m living in the reality where reaching TV remote with my mind. Isn’t impossible. But what if I tell you there are people with super power. Yes. They do exist! But their power come with a heavy price. And in this video, I’ll show you rare the diseases indirectly give people Superhero like abilities. Lets get to it. Number 10 Superhuman strength. You can become extremely strong. If you have myostatin-related, Muscle hypertrophy. It’s a rare genetic condition characterized by reduced body fats and increase skeletal muscle size. This means that people with this

100 thoughts on “Rare Diseases That Give People Superhero-Like Abilities

  1. I remember something from 1 week old my dad young and handsome 😔😔😔I also was one of the 60 people with hyperthymesia but somehow when I was 10 I lost it probably because of depression

  2. Being able to remember everything is amazing. I can't forget my worst moments without that disorder either way, so it doesn't matter.

  3. Firbrodysplasiaossificansprogressiva i am being honest it reminds me of a stupid body bc (gets a tiny scrape) body: (puts bone under it ) i can't wait any longer

  4. My brother can recall and tell you a day from 70 years ago and he’s only 11 and I once didn’t sleep for one night cause I don’t need sleep

  5. I think my superpower is actually Super Memory because I can remember things off by heart or by just a glance. Heck, I can remember various moments from when I was five! But unfortunately… I do remember bad memories, and I do suffer from headaches. Normally, these headaches are on and off, but yesterday's headache was just for a whole evening till I went to bed.

  6. My dad was born with 11 fingers, and he had two thumbs one was Normal and the the other one was on the side of the thumb. He also has his thumb sideways which looks very uncomfortable.

  7. actually i have something like that insensible to pin thing i can simply ignore pain one time i broked my arm and simply i ignored the pain

  8. 10:50 I Think I'm A Part Of THE SUPER SLEEPE MUTATION: hDEC2 Group.
    However, I Am Not Born That Way, I Used To Sleep 8 – 9 Hours A Day Too, Only Since A Few Years Back, I Started Being Able To Feel Energized With Just 4 Hours Of Sleep.
    ;)) Anyhow, That's Enough Of Sharing From Me, For Anyone Who Had Read This Far, I Wish You The Best Of Luck Every Day, Peace Out And Much Love. <3

  9. If there's hiv resistant people why doctir dont get a blood of that person so it can be an antidote to people that has hiv

  10. mostly i can remove sad memorys by my own brain or i just called it.. bad memory, magicly control Depresion or crying, but im kinda sick always..

    talk about a "Sick" souper power.

    (oh and its true i have it)

  11. i think i have that no sleep disease because i went to sleep at 2 oclock and woke up at 6 oclock to go to school and i didnt sleep in class

  12. For the first one, when it was mentioned about how he eats a lot in order to balance his calories, it reminded me of how much Michael Phelps eats.

  13. What would you call this? I usually sleep for 4hrs and good to go. But, I make a mistake and go back to sleep after the 4hrs, I can sleep up to 36hrs

  14. I don't know if I have a disease or anything, but I sleep really well on 2 hours of sleep, anything more and I don't sleep well

  15. Lol i'm a short sleeper i only need 5 a6 hours sleep. But i m not going to work 2 jobs i just chill in the night 😂 and i have ADHD does that match 😂

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