Quackers Children’s Surgery Video

Quackers Children’s Surgery Video

Hey, come over here!
Closer! I hear you’re going to have surgery soon. No problem, I’m here to help. Hi, I’m Quackers, your tour guide! I’d like
to talk to you and your family about what to expect before, during and after
your surgery so you’ll know everything I know and then you’ll have nothing to
worry about. Let’s start the tour. Come on, I have some
cool stuff to show you! Okay, here we are inside the hospital. Pretty comfy right?
Well before you come to the hospital your doctor or nurse will tell you and
your parents the things you need to do the day before your surgery and the
things you can’t do like eating or drinking after bedtime the night before
your surgery. Oh boy, that was my tummy before my surgery. It
was a little loud but I was okay. I knew I’d get something yummy after the
surgery. I bet you will too. Also a day or two before your surgery,
your doctor may order a blood test. It’s easy to do. Just sit still! You can even
hold your mom or dad’s hand. You may feel a little pinch in the beginning, but it
goes away fast. It’s no big deal – ducks honor! Okay you know that cool
stuff I mentioned earlier? Ta da! Here’s a thermometer which takes your
temperature. This is a pulse oximeter which tells the doctors and nurses how
fast your heart is beating and how much oxygen is in your system, but really it’s
just a fancy piece of tape that goes on your wing – I mean finger – and it has a red
light at the end. Here is a blood pressure cuff. The nurse will put this on
your arm to take your blood pressure. It may feel like a really tight grandma
hug if your grandma is anything like mine. Oh, and you’ve seen one of these
before! It’s a stethoscope so the nurse can
listen to your heart and lungs. What in the world? That is not my heartbeat! Oh
you guys are so silly. I bet you the nurse will weigh you too. Do me a huge
favor and ask any questions that you have. Don’t be shy. So far so good!
Before you go to the operating room, a sleep doctor or anesthesiologist will
come visit you and your family. This doctor will explain how they’ll
help you go to sleep so you don’t feel a thing and you’ll wake up when the
surgery is over. You’ll also get a Quackers of your very own to keep you
company during your surgery. Okay it’s time to go to the operating room! You’ll
get a stylish ride in a red wagon like this one or on a bed on wheels. Beep beep
coming through! Only you and the doctors and nurses are allowed in the operating
room so your family will stay close by in the family children’s lounge.
They’ll come see you as soon as possible. In the operating room there will be lots
of people there to take care of you. Lots of machines and some noises too. The nurses
will give you blankets to keep you nice and warm. Ahhh. Toasty. Oh, and there are these little
sticky pads they put on your arms and chest to help measure your heartbeat.
Look, your heartbeat is making that line jump! The doctor will put a little mask
on you so you will sleep through your surgery. They have different flavors –
this one’s bubblegum. Mmm bubblegum, my favorite. I’m gonna blow the biggest
bubble ever. [Snores] Sweet dreams! Hi there! By the time you wake up, you’ll
be in the recovery room and you’ll know your surgery is done. A special nurse
will be there to help you wake up and make sure you’re feeling good. You may be
a little dizzy at first but it goes away pretty quickly. You may have what’s
called an IV taped to your arm but it’s there to help you just like I am. After a
little time in the recovery room your nurse will let your parents come to see
you. When you’re up to it you can have something yummy to eat or drink. When I
was still waking up after my surgery the nurse told me to take lots of deep
breaths in and out. I’m okay! Okay maybe not quite that deeply, but it will help you
wake up all the way. Once you’re fully awake you’ll either get ready to go home
or go to a hospital room where you can stay with your family. It just depends on
the surgery you’ve had and how you’re feeling. Your doctor should tell you what
to expect. If you have any questions, talk to your
nurse or your parents. Before you go home your nurse will talk to you and your
family about what you can and should do. Like when to take your medications and
what you cannot do for just a little bit longer.
Cannonball! Like swim or fly. In no time you’ll be back to doing all the things
you love to do. You got it, I’m flying! Well this concludes my tour of what to
expect before, during and after surgery. What was your favorite part?
Haha mine too. Well, good luck! I know you’ll do so well. Hold on tight,
here we go!

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  1. What the… The sister got one?! My brother had to get a tonsil removal, and I never got one! He did, though… 😑😞

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