Psychic Surgery

Psychic Surgery

>>This episode of the Modern Rogue brought to you by Squarespace.>>Go to,>>It’s Halloween, I’m making us spooky. Spookier voice.>>Okay, go to and get 10% off your first purchase.>>It’s perfect, it’s perfect. [ominous music]>>It’s him. I found him. [clears throat] Hi, hello, shaman, teacher?>>[screams] I want a lawyer!>>Sorry.>>Hi.>>Hi.>>Can I help you?>>Trevor sent me.>>You have a medical malady.>>Yeah, yeah it’s some, Taco Bell.>>I have the answer. Just relax and prepare to be cleansed. Oh, my goodness. You have a dark foulness in you.>>Yeah, yeah, I found like a burrito. I was at the park the other day and I–>>No, no, no, this has to come out.>>I only ate like half of it.>>Shaman: We’re going
to have to get this out.>>Are you talking like
a herbal laxative or a?>>Shaman: Just hold on, hold on.>>What are you?>>Shaman: Hold on, hold on.>>That’s an unusual experience. Oh I don’t like this! I don’t like this! Oh my, okay, that’s, oh! Is that supposed to happen? Is that supposed to happen? [screams] [maniacal laughing]>>Computer: Performing psychic surgery.>>Dude, how long have we
been waiting for this moment?>>God, 15 years? When was the first time?>>Almost, almost! You and I have been fans of the story of psychic surgery for as
long as we’ve been friends. And in fact, I found the
original footage from 2005,>>Oh my gosh!
>>of a fresh faced both of us.>>Chubby baby Jason?>>Practicing psychic
surgery in the back porch, of the duplex that we shared. Can you believe that?>>So, what is the purpose
of psychic surgery?>>Okay, anthropologically
witch doctors have been witch doctoring since the dawn of time.>>Witch doctor’s going to witch doctor.>>That’s what they do. And different cultures had
different healing rituals that they would perform. We’ve talked before
about the placebo effect and about how it’s a real thing. And about how even if
you get a sham surgery, you will feel better. Like substantially better, When it comes to things
like pain management, it absolutely matters, and it’s valid? In so far as you actually
feel better afterwards.>>But it is not a substitution for appropriate medical treatment. In fact the American Cancer
Society, has come out and said, it is dangerous,
because it keeps people from getting actual helpful treatment. It is, pseudo scientific quackery.>>Yes, oh absolutely. There is some types of
pseudo science quackery, that somebody can convince themselves that what they’re doing is a real thing. This is straight up, slight of hand. And there is nobody who
practices psychic surgery, who actually believes they’re
reaching inside the organs, because they’re the ones who have to palm the greasy goat flesh
and sneak it in there to pretend to pull it out. This is straight up charlatanism. Is what I was told by somebody else. That’s said in my
opinion, how ‘about that?>>And many, many doctors and scientists, also share that opinion.>>Big psychic surgery
please do not sue us.>>Exactly. It preys on desperate people. It has the hallmarks, all
of the hallmarks, of a con. So for the uninitiated,
what is psychic surgery?>>Imagine you have an illness, and imagine that you’ve been
told, by traditional doctors that you’re going to die. It’s an evil tumor or maybe your malady is systemic, through everything. Then you meet somebody
who says, “Uh maybe not. “Let me examine, maybe
it’s all just dark spirits. “There are tumors inside
your body and I have gifts “from my god that will
allow me to remove them “without surgery. “Oh let me check, oh yes,
this definitely works. “Lay down.” And to the person laying on the table it feels as though somebody
is reaching inside of them, like freaking Indiana Jones Mola Ram, and then they see them pull out flesh, from inside their body. It is a horrifying and powerful spectacle. They remove the bad tumors. They remove the evil spirits, Whatever they want to call them. Then they charge them a lot of money and send them home to quietly die of whatever disease they actually had.>>The first instances
that we saw of this, was in the Philippines in the 1940’s, from a gentleman names Eleuterio Terte. And his student a Tony Agpaoa. Forgive my pronunciation, but–>>No don’t forgive him, screw it. They don’t deserve to have their
names pronounced correctly.>>They were closely associated with the Christian Spiritualist Union. Which taught that you couldn’t
be gifted this ability, you had to learn it, by
attending their services. And they taught you other things like, how to be a medium or
to do automatic writing, or just to stage a seance.>>These are all magic tricks.>>It was a school for charlatans!>>This is amazing!>>A scam school, if you will.>>Oh I see where this is headed. [laughing]>>It wasn’t witchcraft. It wasn’t calling upon dark powers. These were Christian energies
granted to them, by God.>>This is the perfect con, because it lets you believe
that what you’re doing is a holy and important act. It lets you feel like
you’re supporting good. It lets you blame your
disease on the devil, or whatever evils are among you. And it gives you, if they’re a talented
slight of hand person, it’s going to be a very
convincing display.>>And you would be surrounded
by other practitioners who would chant and pray. To kind of get everything,
and everyone into the mood. To build the atmosphere.>>So you build this social proof. You build this hive mentality. It’s like if you’ve
ever been at a concert, and lost yourself in a rave, or whatever. Like there’s a weird psychosis
that comes over everybody, when they’re in that
group think mentality.>>Exactly. You said concert, well that’s how the Brazilians started
doing it in the 1950’s. People would dance, and
play drums all around it. And so it took this much more energetic, kind of orgiastic feeling. And in some cases, in Brazil,
there have been instances, where they actually cut people open.>>Really? Actually grabbed?>>Yes.>>If you get to a deep
enough level a hypnotic state, there are people who have
undergone real surgery. And actually there have been doctors, that have performed surgery on themselves. There was a dude, who
removed his own appendix. He was so in the moment. I got to imagine something about this, it would definitely feel super religious.>>Yeah and some of these
practitioners in the Philippines, were called out because
one of them was on record, as going to the doctor to
get his appendix removed. Didn’t get psychic surgery? Got legitimate surgery.>>So where I first heard of all of this, was back in the ’70’s there was like a pseudo scientific revolution. There was a time that people claimed, they could bend metal with their mind, and people were buying it. There were all these UFO documentaries. “In Search Of” was getting Bigfoot’s face in front of everyone. It was the heyday of pseudo science. This is a time when there people
who had legitimate diseases and did not seek real treatment, but instead flew to the
other side of the world, because they believed
somebody could reach inside and pull out their tumors.>>And in the 70’s a bunch
of doctors, and scientists, and spiritualists all went
out to the Philippines, to observe this technique. Strangely enough they didn’t completely repudiate all of these claims.>>They came back with
really good lookin’ footage. In fact if you do a search on YouTube, you can find Philippine practitioners, and it’s very generous camera angles, it really does look like
he’s reaching inside and pulling out guts.>>Exactly, but then
comes, what really I think shifted the tide and
brought the awareness, and that was when James Randy appeared on the Tonite Show. This was the first time I saw it live and it blew my mind!>>Dude, patron saint of the
Modern Rogue, James Randy, is a punk rock superstar of magic. This dude called everybody out. He was the beginning of
the skeptic movement. He’s the one that says, Okay, I’m not going to say
that you’re a total fraud and a charlatan, because
you’re going to sue me. But hey, look what I can do
using only slight of hand. Oh it looks an awful lot like
exactly what you’re doing.>>Keep in mind the belief
in this brought about some real casualties like, Andy Kaufman. Desperate to address his carcinoma, went and had this treatment
done in the Philippines.>>Peter Sellers, from
the Pink Panther movies, he was Inspector Clouseau, also did not seek real treatment, and instead went and got
psychic surgery and died.>>Both dead. Yeah, by the time we
get to the late ’80’s, this really starts to die off. The FTC branded it a total hoax. That was their judgment. But we had some weirdos
like Willard Fuller, who said he practiced psychic dentistry.>>Wait, what?>>Yeah, he could transmute your fillings into pure gold fillings
and realign your teeth, and make new teeth grow!>>How, what did he just shove his fingers in your mouth and say; “It’s
working! It’s working!”?>>He was soundly debunked. Especially when they said, oh look at that gold filling right there,
and they investigated, and found that it was tobacco stains.>>Oh dear!>>Yeah.>>Oh dear!>>Nowadays due to the
sharing of information over the internet, and
movies like Man in the Moon, most people know that it was a fraud. But, as recently as 2005,
a guy was brought up on fraud charges, in Canada, for being a practitioner
of psychic surgery.>>So let’s talk about the
mechanics of why this works. You need three things, you need a gullible person. You need bags of blood
filled with animal parts.>>JASON: Small ones, that you can palm.>>Sure, absolutely and
you just need to know that bent fingers, when
pushed into mushy flesh, look like your fingers
are inside their body. All they’re doing is, they’re reaching in, curling their fingers down. Mucking around making
them very uncomfortable. And then uncurling their
fingers as they come back out. Now there’s different
variations you can do. James Randy did this one
move on the Tonite Show, Where it’s like he pushes
in with the one finger, and it looks like it collapses in there. That motion makes it look
like a piercing thing.>>And it’s the exact moment, that moment, sells it for me every time. Because you’ve got a clear stomach, and then you push in then
there’s the burst of blood. That first burst of blood, is what really gets your attention.>>Exactly, so assuming you’ve got a bunch of different bags, you want to have two different bowls. One empty, for the tumors to go into. The other one filled with rags and water and all the bags of blood. So you push around, you
put them into a trance. You palm a bag of blood, you clean everything off with a rag. You set the rag off to
the side while still holding on to the bag of blood, and then you push down, down, down. You pop that ballon, or bag of blood. Then you start pulling
out the chunks of flesh, as if they’re tumors. Take your time with it.>>Some of which is the balloon itself. That’s right, everything is covered in actual animal’s blood. You pull out the bag as a tumor, and in fact the bag is
actually the best part, because it stretches and then snaps off, and you throw it off to the side. And of course, you’re not going
to let them examine all this. These are demon tumors,
you don’t want them around. So we’ll get rid of, we’ll burn
these for you in holy flame. And then you basically
wipe everything off, ya tell them that ya saved their life, say, you’re welcome, and
then charge them $1,000.>>And maybe they feel a
little better, mentally. They feel a little safer,
but really there’s nothing that’s been done to any sort
of ailment they actually have.>>Oh absolutely. And as the FTC has said, this is a straight up scam, it is a hoax. And real people have
died because they did not get legitimate treatments
and instead did this. But in terms of a placebo, I cannot think of a more powerful placebo than believing that you are having holy
energy being put into you. Feeling, because it is
deeply uncomfortable, to have somebody stretch your skin and punch you around a lot. If you believe that they’re
reaching inside of you, that’s got to be
transcendently horrifying.>>That pretty much
describes the other night, when I went to Taco Bell.>>Yes.>>I filled myself with holy energy, but then I was being ripped
apart from the inside.>>It was a religious experience.>>It was.>>So here’s the part where
I want everybody at home to seriously imagine that they
believe all of this is real. And imagine you’re next in line, and you see, what you’re
about to see, in person. Try to wrap your mind
around how horrifying and believable all of
that would look to you.>>If you’ve never seen this before, it can be really alarming, so–>>Yeah, if you’re not
a blood and guts person, the end of the video! Hope you enjoyed it, bye!>>Happy Halloween! [laughing] [scary music]>>Shaman: Oh yeah, there it is. Okay, it’s okay, it’s okay. You’re fine. Hang in there.>>JASON: I heard that.>>Shaman: Who’s a good boy.>>JASON: Something popped? Something inside me popped?
>>No, you’re doing great. You’re doing great. Just hang in there, got to little bit–
>>Is that supposed to happen?>>Shaman: It’s fine, everything’s fine.>>JASON: I’m going to look.>>I’m not going to let, no, no.
>>I’m going to look.>>Shaman: It’s just we got a
little bit of this tumorage.>>[moans] I deeply regret looking.>>You’re going to church
on the regular, right?>>Yeah, is that, is that important? I mean no but, I should? [Shaman laughing]
Should I?>>Well I mean, you know we’re a generous Christian Missionary.>>Okay. Cool.>>We cure through our miraculous powers.>>Yeah.>>Shaman: Yeah, okay, hold on.>>It doesn’t feel miraculous.>>Well, hold on, let me get this. There’s one little spot that I just need->>Pretty uncomfortable, to be hon. There we go, okay, there it is.
[groans]>>That was–>>There we, hold on let
me get in there again. There we go!>>I think I pooped a little bit.>>Okay, okay. So these tumors, good news.>>I have tumors?>>Oh I’m sorry did I say tumors? I meant, okay they’re tumors. It doesn’t matter, the
important part is that they’re out of you! Hey!
>>I just went to Taco Bell.>>Ah, okay yeah.
>>Oh!>>Shaman: All right, super healthy.>>JASON: This is like
a popping sensation?>>Shaman: Yeah, no.>>JASON: I’m healthy though?>>No, no, I’m healthy. I’m working with a trainer. It’s been great. [growling] Yeah, okay. Good news, we got the
nachos, we got the salsa, we got the enchirito. Going in for the big beefy burrito, okay?>>Oh, okay.>>This one’s going to
feel a little bit odd. Okay, yep there, okay>>I think some of my
blood got into my mouth.>>Shaman: Nope, nope that’s
fine, that’s your blood. It’s totally healthy.>>I don’t know.>>Shaman: It’s fine to eat your own. That’s not medical advice. I really, I’m not qualified. I never went to medical school. Did I ever tell you that?>>That comes as no surprise.>>You know why? Because the FDA and all
of their fancy letters, that explain why I’m not
accepted in medical school. That my friend–>>You’re a little bitter.
>>is bunch of garbage.>>You’re a little
bitter about this, I see.>>I don’t know if I’m bitter, I mean who’s, [laughs] who’s
living the dream out here? The beautiful great wilderness?>>JASON: Is that what this is?>>Healing people.
>>In the woods.>>It’s the best, are you kidding me?>>JASON: Healing people
in the woods, that’s good.>>Shaman: No it’s great! [moaning] Okay, oh here you want take this one?>>No, no.>>Shaman: Do me a favor,
yeah, grab this hand. This will be a fun one.>>What, what am I doing?>>There we go, you’re
just going to reach down, and just say 5-Star Yelp review!>>5-Star Yelp review! [moaning]>>Shaman: Very nicely done! Good!>>Was that mine? I think that was mine.>>That’s irrelevant, I think. Here we go.
[Jason moaning] All right listen, on your way out, your going to see a treasure chest. You have done so well, you get to get to have anything you want. We got lollipops, we got finger puppets, we got figurines. I think there might even be
a Star Wars action figure.>>JASON: I like Star Wars
action figures, that’s cool.>>Here we go, and I
think my friend with that, we are all cleaned up. Listen some people want
to keep them as souvenirs. If you do want some we have these for ya. Make sure to see Janna on
the way out about payment. I’ve got a three o’clock,
followed by a pedicure. You also need to make sure
to see an actual doctor. Because you’re very ill, my friend. Take care. [table creaking] [soft jazz music]>>Jason Murphy I feel like
there’s a song in your heart, and the whole world deserves to hear it. You have a message, that the
entire world should know about. And I don’t believe you
should be bogged down, by the tedium and minutia of coding, even though you’re a talented coder.>>You found my yodeling
website, didn’t you?>>By the way we finally watched that, that screaming cowboy video, and it’s entirely [screams].>>What are you talking about?>>Wait, have you not seen this?>>No!>>Just real quick. [laughs] This dude, has a message for the world! And he’s just going to
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jack crap about coding or any of that stuff.>>I am going to need some
green screen assistance, because I’m definitely
going to make a website. Just made
possible by Squarespace.>>And when it becomes super popular, because of course it will, They have distributed hosting, so they’ll be able to handle
the giant influx of traffic. Begin with the ending in mind. is going to be the number
one site on the planet.>>I think we’re going
to get a lot traffic, and Square Space is going to get me there.>>Do us a favor, like
don’t forget Modern Rogue, once you become super famous
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10% off your first purchase. But more importantly you’ll
be keepin’ us in business. And we’re good on fog, we got lights, and we are go for Sky Screamin
Jason in three, two and… [Jason screams]>>That’s more of like falling
from the Sky Screamin Jason. [laughing]>>It’s the fog.>>I want you to feel ascendent.>>You’re 1,000 feet tall. Three, two, one and… [Jason screams] [Jason coughs] [laughing]>>Is there too much smoke in here? Is that what?>>That’s what. [coughing]
[laughing]>>Shaman: Wait, wait,
we’ll just get that right.>>What what are you doing?
>>Hold on, here we go. Here we go, here we go.
>>That feels weird.>>Shaman: Here we go.>>What are you doing? [screams]>>BRIAN: You got quieter
to respect the neighbors. [laughing] Because they’re going to be like, why is there screaming in the woods?

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