PRP Injections For Hair Restoration

PRP Injections For Hair Restoration

hi I’m Darnell Cox with live Young lifestyle
and I’m here today with Dr. Daniel Yamini from sunset cosmetic surgery and
today we are talking about PRP injections for hair restoration you know
I was thinking about what my father would use when her for hair restoration
and times have changed because back then it was like the only thing available
really was minoxidil which is the Rogaine that you can now find like in
every single supermarket you know a lot of men want to know more about Rogaine
with minoxidil but there are other options as well it is professional-grade
the discount there is propecia which works on the hormone level to reduce the
effects of the testosterone but you’re right there’s a lot has changed from
back when I got my first hair transplant I’ve had three of them right and your
hair looks completely unnatural very please you don’t have to look fake so
there are surgeries which is people and is yeah for people who really have lost
a lot of hair the latest and my favorite hottest new treatment is PRP injections
so tell us a little bit about that the advantage of PRP injections is
all-natural Frank’s your own cells your own immune
system and the only your own growth factors that are directly injected into
your scalp and work on the hair follicle to help stimulate all the growth phases
and world cycles of your hair how does that have to do with circulating the
circulation part of it okay so hair has cycles there’s a growth phase and then
there’s a phase where it’s starting out resting and then there’s a phone on
stage with the proper growth factors when you’re young or genetic factors it
will help elongate and along that’s segments of your cycle where the hair is
growing by elongating and making the growth phase
longer so you get thicker hair longer hair and more dense hair and your actual
hair count increases and then helps in addition to all those another treat when
I had my hair transplant my third one last year I had PRP injections and of
all my treatments of all my surgeries I got the best results the most amount of
growth from the PRP because the PRP gave a boost to the tram through the
transplanted hair it’s like puts it on turbo yeah and after the transplant I
also have four more treatments because it’s constantly recruiting all the hairs
that are in different cycles the ones that are in the growth phase but the
ones that are not in the growth phase yeah if you do it over time you recruit
more and more hair to grow a thicker longer darker and more des right that’s
the advantage of having PRP injections now and our portfolio treatments yeah I
love that did you do like the the red light therapy because I’ve heard that
also works exactly I have a laser cap at home at the time it was a cutting edge
now there’s newer ones yeah but all of these help stimulate blood flow and they
help with the growth factors and they also help with the local hormones that
affect hair growth all the different variables that affect hair growth yeah
now there’s treatment options right in addition to just surgery right that’s
fantastic you know there’s nothing wrong with a
bald head I I happen to love some men that have a nice shape to head that’s
that are bald now a lot of you don’t know this but I am genetically I’m
screwed I have very very very baby baby fine
hair and it doesn’t grow very long so I use extensions when I film but I I do
feel like as I’ve aged my hair is thinned out it’s becoming just more and
more fine so we’re gonna inject to my scalp and try to get it back into its
youthful State what I’ve noticed over the years is that
the overall crown of my head has gotten much finer for women as well as a man
it’s very common as part of normal aging that the hair up here gets thinner it’s
more fragile it’s less dense so yeah I think it’ll be a great treatment for you
to come in basically one month apart we’re going to do four sessions of PRP
okay and we’re gonna address all the areas where you’re noticing thinning and
more falling hair the city Mona’s gonna be drawing your blood and the tube wants
to be spin it it’s gonna separate the platelets from which is a white part of
the blood from the red part of the blood and the white part the platelets have
all the growth factor and that’s where all the goodies are that will help with
the hair and the skin and all the regenerative parts of PRP okay I feel
better if I like watch like I know what’s going on over here under control
Mona has been in plastics for 30 years so you’re in very good hands one tube is
usually enough okay if we want to do a more aggressive treatment than we would
draw two or maybe even three tubes so now we’ve drawn your blood in order for
the PRP to work effectively we have to have a special tube with a special gel
that separates the red part from the white part after we’re done with the
centrifuge spinning it your tube of red blood is going to get separated like
this so the red blood will be here and your platelets will be here okay Darnell
the centrifuge is done spinning the blood and here’s your PRP – and then
we’re going to transfer the platelet-rich plasma into these syringes
and then this is what we’re going to use to inject okay turn now we’re going to
get the PRP you ready for dr. Yamini to do the injections so I’m just gonna draw
it up into this larger syringe and transfer it to the ones that he will
do the injections with so this is your PRP there’s no numbing involved no we’re
gonna use tiny little needles the same ones we use for Botox once we gently go
in we’re in the right layer of the scalp you should just be a little bit of
pressure okay if you have extension you want to remove them okay so we’re gonna
divide up your scalp into segments okay because we’re gonna inject a specific
dose of the PRP into each little square inch or half the score inch area 35
little injections we’re gonna do okay so we’re going to do half of it here and
half of it on this side you’re right yeah you can hear the little crunch yes
it goes through like this skin is like a crunch crunch crunch right that crunchy
sound is totally normal is too liquid going under the skin and spreading in
the layer basically just under the skin called agalya it feels tight right now that’s it
that’s that’s the fluid that’s just all the fluids sitting in there okay okay
all right you did great now I guess see how crazy my hair looks right now it’s
the windblown look right here so I just finished with my platelet-rich plasma
treatment for hair restoration and like we talked about earlier there’s so many
treatments available now everything from you know topical stuff like minoxidil to
prescription medications to vitamin supplements but they always say that the
body is its best way to heal itself and using your own platelet-rich plasma for
hair restoration that’s a really good way to live young

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  1. Can a person that has seisures get this done? About how much is this? It's it offered in the north?
    Ty, 4 this video bc my husband and I hv been lkg 4 smthg like this.

  2. Great video! I'm considering this treatment. Did it sting at all when they injected the ACELL + PRP into your scalp? How many treatments are recommended for most recipients? Will you provide us with an update of your progress?

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