[Preview] What really causes heart disease?

[Preview] What really causes heart disease?

So let’s get back
to the heart of the matter. It’s well-established in the literature that there’s a strong relationship
between heart disease and diabetes, but when it comes to clinical medicine
that relationship becomes rather muddied. And we see that all the time even today. I have patients that come in
that are diabetic and they don’t realize
that they have heart disease. And on the other side
we have heart patients that don’t realize they’re diabetic and even worse their doctors,
their clinicians are absolutely clueless. So you might ask
why is there this disconnect? Well, welcome
to the Framingham distraction. So yes that’s Framingham Massachusetts where back in the 1940s
they tracked the population for decades to see which one has heart attacks
and which ones didn’t. And then they tracked other things
that seemed to be negatively associated and they called them risk factors. And of course we know them today as things such as bad cholesterol, smoking,
hypertension, diabetes. And since the original Framingham work they’ve come up now with guidelines,
tools and risk calculators all with the central theme
to lower cholesterol. And therein lies the problem,
it doesn’t address metabolic disease, it doesn’t address hormonal dysregulation and it doesn’t properly measure
for diabetes. This approach misses the mark.

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  1. Well if he won't tell us then I'll tell you. Animal products!!!!!!!! Listen to the President of the American college of Cardiology https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1oB569xq88

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