Pixee Fox Faces Family After More Extreme Surgery: HOOKED ON THE LOOK

Pixee Fox Faces Family After More Extreme Surgery: HOOKED ON THE LOOK

PIXEE FOX: You know, I’m actually planning to do maybe 10 different procedures. LOVISA BARTHOLF: Oh my God. COMM: Pixee Fox has made a living out of looking like a human cartoon. Travelling the world
to undergo scores of extreme plastic surgery. She famously had six ribs removed and travelled all the way to India to get permanent cartoon eyes fitted. COMM: And now she is heading back home to Sweden, to visit her family. But before she
heads back to her hometown, she is passing through Gothenburg for a quick plastic surgery pit stop. PIXEE FOX: So, today I am going to have three procedures. It is going to be a lip lift,
a fat transfer to my lips and it’s going to be a Brazilian butt lift. But it is more
going to be a Brazilian hip lift or a Pixee hip lift maybe. This is a really intense procedure,
it’s gonna be hard to move, it’s gonna be worse than the ribs. COMM: In charge of Pixee’s latest procedure is plastic surgeon Dr. Berne. DR. FREDRIK BERNE: Well, a Brazilian butt lift involves, first of all, liposuction.
We will be gathering fat from all over the body. The fat is beautiful. It’s good. We
can shape and create whatever we like. DR. FREDRIK BERNE: Great, so, buttock done and she got a total of 1000cc injected, 500
each side, looking from above, I think we really got a hourglass figure. Now only one more thing to do and that is to fill up the lips. DR. FREDRIK BERNE: I am going to push in as much fat that fits in the lip basically. So,
she will look enormous and in a way grotesque, but the final result will be quite subtle
and, probably not as big as Pixee wants. COMM: Having completed her surgery, she now has two weeks to recover before going home
to see her family. PIXEE FOX: I have been looking horrible, absolutely horrible for the last two weeks. It is starting
to go down. It’s always a little bit uncomfortable to come home. I would say I never really fitted
into my hometown. I always felt, since I was really young, that I needed to go out and
do my thing. COMM: Before Pixee left her hometown to pursue her life of plastic surgery, she worked here
as an electrician. COMM: After visiting her old work colleagues, Pixee is off to meet her older sister, Lovisa. PIXEE FOX: Me and my sister, we’ve gotten really close, the latest years. Basically,
I’ve been able to be more open with her than my family. So, we connected really well
and every time I tell her about my new procedures, she just laughs, and she is like, “You are
crazy!”, but she is not negative. So, that is nice. PIXEE FOX: Good! How are you? LOVISA BARTHOLF: I’m good, thanks. PIXEE FOX: I just had my surgery, you know. LOVISA BARTHOLF: Yeah?
PIXEE FOX: You know, I look a bit funny, right? LOVISA BARTHOLF: I can see that.
PIXEE FOX: Mum is going to be like, “Oh my God, you look so ugly!”
LOVISA BARTHOLF: Yeah, for sure, but you know she loves you. PIXEE FOX: I want to do, like 2017, I am actually planning to do maybe 10 different procedures.
LOVISA BARTHOLF: Oh my God. PIXEE FOX: Yeah, I am planning to the nose
and then I am going to do maybe a lip lift. I am going to fix my teeth. Maybe I am going
to fill up my butt a bit more. LOVISA BARTHOLF: You are crazy.
PIXEE FOX: And… LOVISA BARTHOLF: We will need a much bigger
saddle for you. PIXEE FOX: Yeah. You might need a bigger saddle
and a bigger horse. Yeah, so I was thinking that, you and me, we should go the spa right
now. LOVISA BARTHOLF: Right now?
PIXEE FOX: Ok, lets go. LOVISA BARTHOLF: That’s nice.
PIXEE FOX: Oh my God, oh my legs. PIXEE FOX: Cheers to us two being single. LOVISA BARTHOLF: Yeah, cheers to that. PIXEE FOX: You’re gonna have to come with me to the US so that we can change that. PIXEE FOX: I think it is hard for every parent to see your kid change and you don’t really
understand why. I know, especially my mum, she is a bit disappointed in me. It is hard
to feel her disappointment when she sees me, especially when I had a new procedure done. PIXEE FOX: So, my meeting with my parents today actually went a lot better than I expected.
I mean my mum, she laughed at me a bit because I look kind of funny. I think they were just
happy to see me, happy to see me home. PIXEE FOX: Looking at the pictures from way back, I would say that I am looking at two
different people. I mean, I was satisfied how I looked then, but I am satisfied with
how I look now too, and I have my vision of how I want to look like and I am going to
keep on pursuing that. I think they would prefer me looking the way I would without
any surgery. PIXEE FOX: It actually feels great coming home. I am happy to be home.

97 thoughts on “Pixee Fox Faces Family After More Extreme Surgery: HOOKED ON THE LOOK

  1. She’s gonna become blind, those contacts she got inside her eyes, are gonna mess them up and she won’t be able to see anymore

  2. I don’t care about her shape but what kind of work that gives her much money for these surgeries 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  3. Picture don’t need that’s what’s right really before beautiful love boobs good off nice 😍❤️😍✨

  4. I think that everyone makes whatever makes them feel happy, if having all this surgeries are her thing ,good for her. I love myself the way I am. Not that I would like to change a few things .plastic surgery are like tattoos you get one and get hooked on the look.

  5. Beautiful girl and sweet but those lips are just to extra. It doesn't look nice. But that's just me, as long as she is happy. It sounds to me like she may be never satisfied. Like her mom said what will it look like when she is 62 and no longer a young woman. Hmm….

  6. She was the cutest angel before surgery. Now she is looking like an artificial being. The lips just look like a pumped V***na…ugly. she is definitely dilutional and stupid.

  7. Pls stop babe, you really do have to think of the future & when you get old it will all just be too much for you, and your lips, please!! For the love of God there too big to even look pretty. I'm not trying to be mean just wanna help. 💋💯

  8. To be honest this is just going too far, like i understand a little bit of nose job and the lips job but come on dude. I personally think people shouldn't be allowed to perform such extreme surgeries. THEY SHOULD BE BANNED. At this point i think she might have mental health issues.

  9. All of the people commenting negatively can shut the hell up ok! Its her body and she can do whatever she wants with it! If she isnt happy with how she looks and wants to change that, then let her! Stop being negative! This is the type of crap that makes peoples self-esteem take a dive! No one should be negative towards anybody! The only reason why people (like all of you) are so negative towards others is because you want to make yourselves feel better about yourself! This woman is beautiful no matter what she does and wants period! So leave her the hell alone and keep your negative thoughts and feelings to yourselves! If you have nothing nice to say, then dont say anything at all!

  10. I do not understand why she would be having these unnecessary surgeries, much less how she can afford them. She looks fine without the surgeries!

  11. If she didnt do lip injections she would look more pretty and acceptable to the others i think! But what ever makes u happy girl❤

  12. How do these doctors read the Hippocratic oath as Do NO harm as, I get paid so it doesn’t matter from? She could get seriously injured if someone kicks her lightly in the stomach or falls down one step! Ribs are there for a reason! Her eyes! She can go blind. I hope she doesn’t want to live long. Last video I watched on her claimed she’s like a transgender person. NO. They stop once they have gender surgery. A lot don’t even do that. Look at the transgender guy that had a baby. He’s still has female sex organs!

  13. She don't look like barbie. To be honest… The lips of barbie don't look like that one. And the boobs is so big.. Barbie doesn't look like that, to be honest 😢😢 its too much,… Its ugly 😢😢😢😢 its horrible 😢😢😢 sorry for being too honest

  14. If she think she's beautiful…😢😢 NO ! ITS NOT BEAUTIFUL TO HAVE SUCH A BIG BOOBS.. BIGGER THAN YOUR HEAD 😢😢 😢😢 LIPS BIGGER THAN YOUT EAR 😢😢 its okay to have surgery but not too much,. You don't look like barbie.. 😢 your not pretty at all.. Your much prettier before at your old pictures.. Sooner you will regret destroying what god has given to you 😢😢 GOD BLESS THIS POOR SOUL 😢😢

  15. Yo her face at the beginning (00:00/00:01 or 1:25) looked so beautiful!! Like an angel, a lil bit like Scarlett Johansson. She was so stunning, what a waste😟 One day she'll see it

  16. She was so beautiful before but the excess of fat on the lips was a bit too much now they are like duck lips but I know it will go down & she will look beautiful once again.

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