Patient Testimonials for Dr. Carolyn F. Langford, DO, Urology

Patient Testimonials for Dr. Carolyn F. Langford, DO, Urology

Dr. Langford is a very, very caring person.
She’s extremely knowledgeable. She is kind. I never feel rushed. The moment that
she comes into the room to meet you for the very first time, it’s like you’re
instant friends. She was approachable. She was thorough. She kept asking if I had
any questions. She listens to what you have to say. It was a wonderful
experience. You have very few minutes of waiting before
you’re taken back to be seen. The staff, they know you by name. They’re
really glad to see you. They listen to you. Very efficient,
thorough, pleasant, humorous–everything was a win-win. I found this facility was state-of-the-art for the equipment, for everything that they had me do. I never feel nervous
at all about having a procedure upstairs. I’ve had a couple of procedures in the
surgery center upstairs. I like urology, in particular,
because I deal primarily with quality-of-life issues, and those are issues that I
can make a drastic improvement in a relatively short period of time and
minimally invasive way. For most of the patients that I deal with. The office
location is great. It’s right off the interstate. It’s easy to get to. I would
personally drive a hundred miles to come to this office. My physician said she
would recommend Dr. Langford above anyone else. I would recommend to anyone
that is looking for a urology practice, that they should come here. I’ve already
referred her to everybody. I would definitely refer Dr. Langford. In fact, I
took some of her cards and I’ve already run out of them. I have given her card
out and her name out to so many people.

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  1. Wow! Those are powerful testimonials. If and when I need urological care, Dr. Langford is who I will see! #urology #urologist #womenshealth #healthcare

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