Mox vows a dose of reality and a lot of pain for Jay White!

Mox vows a dose of reality and a lot of pain for Jay White!

ジェイ・ホワイトを見ていると… 8歳の時に初めて殴られた相手を思い出す… おい どうした? 8歳の時に自転車に乗ってたら
突然自転車を奪われて殴られた それがトラウマとなって
今の俺が形成されたというわけだ 俺は8歳にして
世の中の冷たさを学んだ ジェイ・ホワイトはどうやったら
自分が勝てるかよく心得てる その点は評価する だがジェイ・ホワイトは バレットクラブを取り巻きにして
守ってもらってる 明日 俺の目的は…
お前に痛みを与えることだ 激しい痛みに苦しむことになる お前の脳みそが飛び散るくらい
強烈なパンチをお見舞いしてやろう 腕や脚を後ろに反らせて お前が気絶するまで
ずっと首を絞め続ける お前は痛みにもがき苦しむ 大丈夫か? 痛みだ 激しく強烈な痛みをくれてやる 誰がいつもコメントするか決めてるんだ? リングで全てを捧げた上にまだ
エアコンも付いてないバックステージでコメントさせるのか 外の気温は35℃だぞ! お前らバカに親切に教えてやる
華氏でおよそ96-100℉だ くそ暑い中コメントする必要があるのか モクスリー…
モクスリー… ビッグネームかなんか知らないが
俺にとっては単なる2点だ スーパースターでもないし
カッコよくもない お前らが応援してる若手も
簡単に潰してやった 明日はショータじゃなく
お前からピンフォールを取ってやる そして残り2試合だ モクスリーお前も BREATHE WITH THE SWITCHBLADE

27 thoughts on “Mox vows a dose of reality and a lot of pain for Jay White!

  1. jay white is what killed off bullet club if it wasnt for him thered be no need for aew cause every one in aew would be in njpw theese are facts but jay white has ruined the name of bullet club i would know i been bullet club fan since prince devitt aj styles n kenny omega n cody rhodes jay white is fn joke…

  2. So any top wrestler leaves WWE and wrestle in other companies always considered as the best. But now what about many of WWE superstars came from these promotion. Likes of AJ styles, sinsuke Nakamura, finn balor etc. are considered smaller names compare to moxley for stupid fans because he left WWE, that's it.

  3. I keep seeing him on NJPW, was double or nothing a one time appearance?

    An who is this guy with him that is always looking beat to sh*t.

  4. It's hard to argue that Moxley is the biggest draw, but at least rest assured to those confusing "Draw" and "popularity" to Being the best, don't get all hurt and attack people.. Moxley is the biggest draw, because he comes fresh from leaving WWE, rocking NJPW by winning the US title AND being a part of AEW. He's on fire and he's fresh on everyone's mind.. That is what makes him a draw. He showed that WWE did indeed fuck his character up and he's knocking it out of the park.. That is what makes him popular.

    No one is saying he's the best in-ring worker or the best wrestler in the world.. Okada, Omega and Styles are in those talks and there aren't many trying to put him in that category. They are just saying that right now, Moxley is red hot and is currently more on the minds of wrestling fans than Omega, Okada or Styles because Moxley is in the news constantly, because again, he's in a new world and rocking his new life.

  5. talking about his dark childhood
    talking more about violence rather than just winning
    talking while throwing his belt around like it’s nothing

    …ohhhh some classic Moxley right there and i love it

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