Mom’s Amazing Transformation after Tumor Removal Surgery

Mom’s Amazing Transformation after Tumor Removal Surgery

The following program contains images of an actual surgical procedure that may be graphic and disturbing Parents are advised that these images may not be suitable for young children Last season we featured the story of a woman who was bullied and ridiculed for the thousands of tumors that blanketed her body This is a reminder of Libby’s story I’m not contagious. I’m not dying I was born with this condition Neurofibromatosis Every time I leave my house I brace myself for comments. Yeah, what happened to you, what’s wrong with your face I just wished that I didn’t feel like a circus freak it’s the most frustrating thing watching your mom cut herself down constantly when You look at her like the most perfect person in the whole entire world The bumps caused a lot of pain and itching I learned about this procedure called electrode, desiccation It’s only offered by four doctors in the entire country where they can remove hundreds of tumors at once the surgery is extremely expensive It’d be my biggest dream to come true to just you know take my hands against my skin and feel smooth Well myself my partner dr. Chopra and dr. Funk we’re gonna offer this to you to remove as many of these Dr.. Ward and dr. Funk and dr Rita Chopra teamed up to Painstakingly dissect hundreds of tumors one by one in a surgery that took many many hours to complete after several months of healing Libby returned for a follow-up treatment with dr. Chopra and dr. Ordon Libby’s here today for the second part of her surgery we’re gonna remove more tumors on her face and neck and follow it by a Fractional co2 laser that’s going to improve the scars and the overall look of her skin all right Doc you see chapter two we’re gonna get to work. These aren’t just one surgery and they’re done It’s multiple surgeries to get them to a really good set of gout code take patient Villages they’re responding really beautiful. We’ve done our primary treatment We’re now gonna. Go to the second stage fractional co2 laser Hole we are tightening the skin. We’re improving the color of the skin. We’re improving the areas have been treated and just further Elimination of the lesion we just finished most of the face it’s on to the chest I can see the skin Contracting I can see where we cauterize Those areas have been fine-tuned smoothed out after she heals should look dynamite these two bigger ones will Problematic for her living still loves wearing her tank top so those two bothered her and that little tank top off they can we just finished Libby stage 2 Really, pleased. I think she’s gonna be thrilled her skin is gonna be so much better. Can’t wait for the reveal The recovery from Libby’s procedure was certainly extensive but we have some really great news Libby looks and feels better than ever and dr. Ordon I applaud You dr. Funk dr. Chopra for doing this for Libby free of charge and Yesterday Libby got something she deserved red carpet-ready with custom cut in color from hair legend Jonathan in in Beverly Hills She’s been backstage this morning getting glammed up for her big reveal today And I am certainly more than ready to see Libby. Are you all ready to see her? Your daughter is here. I come up here. Will you give your mama? I wouldn’t ask Lindsay She looks Beautiful, I mean we still can’t believe we’re here We’re here, and that this even happened, but now finally you guys can see what I finally what I’ve seen for years You

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  1. My grandmother has this … she’s one of the most beautiful women I know and it breaks my heart to see how mean people can be … I’ve gotten comments and things like why is your nana so weird and tbh it makes me so mad … i hope Libby can learn that it doesnt matter what people say because beauty is subjective and if you feel beautiful you are … this really hit close to home for me

  2. I have neurofibromatosis type 2 and I have to say, God bless that woman for being a warrior. Idk what I would do if had type 1.

  3. I'm balling my eyes out …..Like I really cant stop. You know people bully each other and because society is so superficial but I know those things come from a place of their own insecurity because they feel small so they want to make other people feel smaller to elevate themselves. I'm truly overjoyed that this woman could catch a break and finally the live a life she deserves.

  4. May Allah bless you guys…… you brought happiness to her life, is like she was born again…… what a blessed hands of this amazing doctor's…… keep the good work….

  5. She was beautiful before the tumors were removed. No everybody else in the world can see what Heavenly Father sees in all his children

  6. Wow this made me tear up…she looks amazing. Bless the doctors who help people in situations like hers.

  7. What a beautiful gift those wonderful drs gave the lady 😍 she looks even more beautiful bless her 🦋

  8. I cried when the daughter saw the mums transformation.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  9. Omg amazing just amazing that was amazing of you guys for doing this for this woman, she was so beautiful before and so beautiful after! Shame she had to go through all that stuff all her life and you could really see the glow in her eyes now! AMAZING!!!!

  10. what about the people who have the same condition who can't afford this procedure how do they feel. I have nf1 and I have the same small tumors on my face, back , chest arms and neck but this procedure is not carried out in Northern Ireland. It is bad enough having depression along with anxiety due to the fact that any time you are out people stare did the network who produced this programme ever stop to consider the feelings of other suffers of this shit condition. Yes she looks lovely after the procedure but she got it for free. The average person probably can't afford this so how do they feel when they watch this does their medical insurance cover it

  11. Too bad they won't do this for Shadot, but I guess white mothers in white america who can still have a decent life are more important than someone in a foreign country who can't even support his own family and is going blind cause of his condition. Gotta love Murika.

  12. Very good transformation. I have N.f also. Mind is not as severe as hers. I wish i could afford this procedure.

  13. My mother always taught me don't judge a book by it's cover. I also teach my daughter the samething. And this woman Libby was beautiful before and after! So happy for you Libby that you have more confidence.

  14. not even close to being ugly even with the tumors, and im being serious. If u dont believe me search "treacher collins"

  15. If only people would respect others. Love the self esteem that this brings. It is so good for people to enjoy life and unfair for people to use harsh words to damage life. Doreen Berts, Life Changer Life Obstacles Team

  16. Can't stop crying 😭 have the same condition. I'm only 25 and the tumours are so severe to a point where I feel like my faith has been tested💔 Unfortunately treatment is not even available in SA

  17. Unfortunately, many of my small face and neck bumps have returned. This makes me very sad as I thought that with this procedure, they would not. If you have NF and are not yet a member of my NF family page on Facebook, please find us. We have over 6700 members worldwide and everyone hhas NF or is a parent of a chjild under 18 yrs old with NF. (Faces of Neurofibromatosis).

  18. You guys have done an amazing thing. My mother's best friend was a nurse that developed this when she was out of nursing school. She lived a wonderful life and was lovely inside and had loved ones around her. But I would have loved for this to have happened for her too.She lived a long life.

  19. yeah…the daughters reaction is totally fake. Not one tear was shed. These TV shows are over dramatizing all these unfortunate situations for tv ratings..sad

  20. Amazing. I saw a guy, in line, years ago. This was in Los Angeles – in the Summer. He covered himself in pants and long sleeves. It was almost 100 degrees outside.poor guy.

  21. OMG what a fantastic story, the Oman must have suffered for so long how did she bear that pain of these horrible tumours she is beautiful inside and out

  22. Oh my god i really know the remedy to this poor lady just by drinking a powder mase from a animal more like an insect hope i could help its an mayan secret medicine

  23. Wow she looks fantastic after the surgery. Sometimes plastic surgeons are miracle workers. The people who ridiculed her, before her surgery are utter scums of the earth.

  24. God Bless these Dr’s with their gifted hands…The Mom looks a bit like Jennifer Anniston. She looks beautiful!!I hope it took away some of her pain and itching. Luck Lady to be treated for free and to have such a loving, caring daughter! Very sweet….Bless!🙏🏼❤️👍🏼😃

  25. Wonderful doctors to have done this for her! She was beautiful before the removals and beautiful after as well 🙂

  26. I know how you feel i was born with NF1 myself. I was made fun of and picked on. Don't worry what ppl say. Screw them you are beautiful

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