Middle Ear Infection

Otitis media is the technical name for a
middle ear infection. In order to understand where a middle ear infection
occurs, you need to understand the way the ear works. The way the ear works is
sound comes in through the ear canal, hits the eardrum and goes through the
three bones of hearing. The first bone of hearing is called the malleus, the second
bone is the incus and the third bone of hearing is the stapes. The stapes
or third bone of hearing interfaces with the hearing organ, called the cochlea.
Cochlea means snail shell in Greek and you can see it’s shaped like a snail
shell. Within that, there are little receptor cells that receive the sound,
turn it into a nerve signal and send the message to the brain. When a patient gets
otitis media or middle ear infection, it occurs because the eustachian tube
becomes blocked. The way the eustachian tube becomes blocked is there’s
typically a infection in the back of the nose. This leads to swelling and the tube
becomes swollen shut. The lining of the middle ear where the
ear bones is needs air and what it does is it removes all the air and leads
to a vacuum. That vacuum leads to drawing fluid into the middle ear. That fluid is
infected and thus, you have an infection in the middle ear, and this is what is
called otitis media. This most commonly leads to a fever, pain and
fullness and decreased hearing in the ear. If you would like to learn more
about otitis media, we encourage you to look on our website at www.azhear.com

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