Today is the beginning of mental illness awareness
week. All this week the Mental Health America is going to be discussing some of the major
illnesses that people face and struggle with. Them being: anxiety, which is the most common
of them all, guys, I can’t stress it with you guys enough, I struggle with anxiety.
IT IS HARD! and bipolar being another one, eating disorders, depression, addiction you
name it guys. So yeah, I just want to make it my mission to help others out there that
are struggling with all these disorders and I’m going to provide a link in the description
of where I found out this information on mental illness awareness week, so yes guys if you
know anyone that is struggling with any of these things, please help them out, have them
seek help, lets make this world a better place. Alright all check it out. Lets be a voice
and help others. Thank you

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