Mental Illness and Tiredness

Mental Illness and Tiredness

“I’m tired” can mean so much more than lack of sleep.
When I say “I’m tired”, I’m not just physically tired, I’m emotionally tired. I’m holistically tired. I’m tired
even when I’ve spent the entire night sleeping in bed. It’s not just tired eyes & achy muscles. It’s not just a
yawn & one more hour in bed. It’s getting up & getting dressed in a blur. Brushing your teeth & brushing your
hair, & then leaving the house. All while tired. Numb. Drained. Completely out of it. Lost. But you move on with
the day anyway. This is what mental illness can do to your body. When people ask if I’m okay, my answer is
always “I’m fine. Just tired.” Tiredness is a socially accepted feeling. A long day at
work or sitting through a boring lecture. That’s tiredness many can relate to. But for me, tiredness is lying in bed
all day & still feeling like you could sleep for a thousand years. Tiredness accompanies my Depression & my
Anxiety. When someone tells you they’re tired, sometimes you need to look beyond their answer. I don’t
need sleep or a nap. I need people. I need love. I need understanding.

22 thoughts on “Mental Illness and Tiredness

  1. my parents didn't understand when I said that tiredness can be to do with mental illness.. they told me I was making excuses….I can't cope anymore, they never believe and always shout at me when I give my opinion

  2. This is such an amazing video! I feel like people don't understand that when I spend most of my free time in my room or bed its not because I'm lazy or sleepy tired but because I cannot spend more than two hours a day in public or social situations, unless I know someone really well and they are very close.

  3. I slept 12 hours last night. I laid down in bed for another hour after that, but I didn't sleep. I just stared at the wall.
    I'm still emotionally and physically tired.
    My family just says I'm lazy…

  4. I can relate to this a lot. I'm always that kid who sits alone and never talks much. For elementary I didn't have many friends l, however I was able to talk to people and I was extremely creative and also had straight A's. Slowly sense then its gotten harder for me. This year has been extremely hard on me, I have a few F's I have little friends, hell I even ditched school for about 5 months..Its not like I was ditching because I'm a bad kid, but because I couldn't bring myself to get out of bed. For a long time I honestly thought I had a sleeping problem until I found out about depression. I feel so drained and exhausted. The bags under my eyes won't go away.. My friend always asks me what's wrong, but most of the time I don't even know. I just want this to stop, my mom hates me, no one barely ever cares about me, I'm so quiet no one thinks my opinion even matters at this point. I told my mom that I may have depression and she says she understands, then does nothing about it? She screams at me everyday and I swear the first time she told me she hated me I cried until I couldn't, and even then I started at a wall out of breath. I hate my life, people are so stupid and this world is pointless. I want to die, but I'm scared.. I never get to go anywhere, say anything, do anything, hell even staying quiet makes people angry sometimes. I want them all to eat their words. I'm tired and I say this so much I hate how no one understands what I actually mean. Life is pointless, we all live to fucking die. I'm not even having a "midlife crisis," I already know how self centered most humans are, I already know about sex, I already know that I'm probably never going to find anything better than what I have and I'm tired of it. I just can't bring myself to end my life. I want to over dose, seems like the simplest option, but I'm still scared. What my mom or anybody doesn't understand, is that I'm still a kid and I'm going to make mistakes. For all I've done to help people its never enough and when I do something wrong they cut me no slack. If I finish this with 'I'm done' and someone replies, I'd probably reply cause ima frightened bitch who can't suicide.

  5. I love your videos☺️☺️
    can you do daydreaming vs maladaptive daydreaming disorder? maybe I can show it to my parents😊

  6. Anytime someone asks me how I am, I just go "you know, just tired". And they'll often just laugh and say "aren't we all" or "you're always tired" but I don't think they understand the meaning that I put to the word tired. Tired is horrendous, it's empty and it sucks your motivation away, and it is heavy, physically and mentally.

  7. I need love and understanding too🙏 Sadly my family will never understand what I go through and most of them just don't care.
    I wish the world would make it a point to see what we go through on a daily basis between chronic pain and depression!

  8. gained a sub, my wife relates to this video in a big way. This should be spread as much as possible, thank you for making this and I hope that you get all the support and understanding that you and all the people this is relevant to , to help you to beat mental health issues.

  9. My family just call me lazy. Im not lazy, I just feel completely drained and just not interested in anything.

  10. I hate these kind of videos. The talk is good but acting too just looks fake and can't take it seriously. It actually pisses me off

  11. I think it's dangerous to think you need love and understanding. Understanding from someone that can show you how to recover is helpful, but you might be setting yourself a trap if you think you need it from others to get well. You may never be understood by the people around you. In fact it is very likely. To crave it can make things worse.

  12. This video hit home. Nobody can really understand how it feels unless it happens to them. I have to remind myself that others who judge me and make comments about me do not understand my disorder. This makes their opinions irrelevant.

  13. I'm supposed to make and send out job applications but I've been feeling exhausted for weeks. I can't concentrate, university leaves me drained, and my depression is kicking in harder than ever before.

    I just want to feel awake again…

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