Meghan Trainor’s Exclusive Post-Surgery Interview

– Hey, Meghan.
– Hey, boo, what’s up? – What’s up?
So it’s–this has been a while. You’ve had the vocal surgery.
– Yeah, yeah. – So tell everybody exactly–
’cause I don’t think everybody knows exactly what happened
to you. – Oh, okay. Long story.
All right. I was on tour, and
I was on top of the world, and I had everything,
and then I went to rehearsals for another tour I was going on,
the M Train Tour, and I noticed right away,
it hurt to speak. And I knew, like,
“That can’t be good.” – Yeah.
– When it hurts to speak. So I tried–
we tried doing rehearsals, and I went to some random doctor
I could find close by, and he saw hemorrhaging, which is like when your little
tiny vocal cords bleed, which is not the best,
you know? So right away,
we had to cancel a week in the beginning of the tour. Then we went back on tour.
We were great. I rested–vocal rest
is all you can really do. And then I just kept
hemorrhaging, ’cause I got sick,
I got bronchitis, on tour. So coughing and talking
and singing was all just– My cords, beating them up. – So then you–
then you were told, you can either rest for four
months, or have surgery. – Yeah, I asked my doctor,
I was like, “So, how can
I heal this naturally?” ‘Cause surgery is not, like,
what you want to do. – No.
– So, um… He was like, “Yeah, you could
heal it naturally, but in like four months,
not talking.” I was like,
“Nobody has that time.” Ain’t nobody have time for that.
– Nobody has–no. – No.
– And there was lots of Instagramming and lots of
texting and stuff? – Yeah. Oh, my phone. The phone is
how I spoke to people. I had an app that–
text to speech, where you can type in stuff
and speak like a robot. – Did you meet a boyfriend on
the internet? – No, no, no, no, no.
No. – Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
Yes. – No, I almost–no. – Yes.
– I didn’t have a boy–[laughs] [audience laughter] – I–I didn’t have a boyfriend. – A guy that you were…
interacting with. – There was a guy
that I Instagrammed, and I didn’t put a caption, so the whole world freaked out. AKA, all my Meghatrons,
all the fans. – Okay.
– They’re like, “What is this?” – And? What was it? – And it was just–it was just–
a little thing–nothing. Nothing. But I did get
a great song out of it. – I wrote.
– So what’s it called? – Well, it’s a new one.
I did it, like, last week. It’s called “Lead Me On.”
Oh.., – Oh.
audience: Oh! – See? It was something.
It wasn’t nothing. – This is going the wrong way!
– Yeah. – This is going the wrong way.
– It’s what he gets. – Sorry.
– He led you on. – Yeah, but he was like–
it’s sweet, it’s sweet. I’ll play it for you.
– Okay. No, I’m not saying
that it’s not sweet. I’m just saying that
if someone leads you on, they deserve to have
a song written about them. – It was really sweet.
Like, he said, like, “I never intended
to lead you on.” So that was like the main hook:
It was like, [singing] “You never
intended to lead me on.” But like, come on.
– Yeah. You weren’t going to just
read into nothing. You’re not crazy, yeah.
– Yeah. – So he must’ve led you on. What’s his name? [audience laughter] [laughter and applause] – I’m so sweaty.
– I know. I’m not going to do that to you.
All right–

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