Meet Urologist Marianne Passarelli, MD, MBA

– I take care of women who have problems with urinary tract infections. I take care of people with kidney stones and pelvic health issues. I always try to be very conservative and try not to jump to
pharmacologic treatments or medication treatments or surgery, and just try to do a lot
of behavioral modification. And just simply being attentive
to normal body functions and paying attention to your body needs instead of ignoring them
while you’re busy taking care of everybody else’s
problems through the day and just doing behavioral modification. I think I try to get to
know my patients as people and when I have have patients, I’ve been in practice here for 25 years, it’s a more of friendly relationship in addition to being a
doctor-patient relationship. And we talk about other things
besides their physical needs and physical medical problems when they come into the office. And a lot of times that’s what they need to do to get better, just
talk about those issues. My goal in being a physician is that if I can make one person feel
better by the end of the day, then I feel like I’ve
accomplished something.

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