Meet Our Doc: Vijay Vemulakonda, MD, Urology

My grandmother was actually one of the
first OBGYNs in India and we used to go visit her in the summers and actually go
on rounds with her and see her with her patients and that connection that she
was able to have was not just the patient but with their family really
sort of struck a chord with me. I’m a firm believer and sort of this idea of
shared decision-making. Parents are a full partner in the decisions. They know
their circumstances they know their child much better than I will ever know
them. Our job is to partner together to decide what’s right in this circumstance
for this baby and this family and I think that doing
that I think not only empowers families but it actually improves outcome because
we’re really providing patient tailored care that way. As a parent I do
appreciate with my position when I can get as much information as
possible and that’s something that’s really sparked by research— trying to
develop a body of information so that we can provide families with that
information as soon as possible so that families can make decisions and be
reassured that they’re not in this alone and we do have something that can help
anchor what they’re going through and what their decision-making process is.

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