Meet Our Doc: Nicholas Cost, MD, Urology

I was a urology resident and had
my own personal health scare as it related to oncology and that
impacted me greatly. The treatment and the doctors that I
interacted with, and very much a sense of I needed to pay it
forward. I think that each case is different. While you may be
taking care of something that has the same disease name, our
approach to it is definitely tailored to each patient. And
for you, you’re gonna get the care that meets exactly what
your disease is. And that we feel confident and comfortable
with whatever it is that you have, because, while it may
be rare, that’s what we do–is rare. Research does make up a
big part of what I do. We’ve got to be trying to systematically
investigate what we do, how we can do it better. But I want
them to understand when they’re coming here that they’re doing
more than just getting treatment for themselves or their
children. They’re a part of hopefully making things
better in the future.

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