Meet Dr. Christopher Cantrill | Urology San Antonio

HOST: Dr. Christopher Cantrill is a
renowned urologist here in the San Antonio area. Now let’s hear about his methods on practicing medicine. DR CANTRILL: My method of practicing medicine is I think of every patient I see as my mom,
my dad or my brother or my sister. And whenever I approach any problem that they have, I try and think of what would I want my family member to have done for them, and I kind of feel you never can go wrong if
you’re treating somebody like your own family. You’re gonna make the right decision for
them. I think we really just try and do the best we can with every patient
and make sure that they not only get the best treatment available but
understand the treatments that there are for them. I try and always be
courteous. And [we’re] trying to provide fast care and be there and available when they need us and know that we actually care about them. I really stress that a lot in my clinic, and I think we do a really good job
of that.

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