Medical Org is Sorry for Calling Homosexuality an Illness: June 23 Debrief

Medical Org is Sorry for Calling Homosexuality an Illness: June 23 Debrief

Marriage equality is coming to Ecuador. The Trump administration just installed another
terrible anti-gay judge. We’ll have to wait a little while longer
for the Supreme Court to decide whether businesses can turn away the gays. And a national medical organization has just
apologized for labelling homosexuality a mental illness, long after it was delisted from the
DSM. We’ll have the week’s top LGBTQ news and
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the show and get rewards. Ecuador’s constitutional court ruled last
week that international agreements require the country to recognize marriage for same-sex
couples. Weddings can’t start just yet, though — that’s
going to require a few more legal steps. Still, it’s unlikely that any meaningful
challenges will get in the way. And what’s more, the same international
agreements that led to marriage in Ecuador likely apply to two dozen other Latin American
countries, so we could see a rapid expansion of the freedom to marry in the next year or
two. Also this week, the Senate handed a lifetime
judicial appointment to Matthew Kacsmaryk, one of the worst anti-LGBTQ extremists to
be nominated for a judgeship in the last few years. He’s called transgender people “delusional,”
opposed marriage equality, opposed basic employment protections, safe schools, and health care
access for queer people, and represented businesses pushing turn-away-the-gays policies. And now he’s a federal judge for life. And on the topic of turning away the gays,
this week the Supreme Court issued a ruling in yet another wedding cake case. And that ruling is … we need more rulings. This particular case has been working its
way through the system for six years, and rather than consider it, the Supreme Court
instead sent it back down to a lower court to look it over one more time. It’s a little frustrating, because more
delays in finally settling an issue that feels like it’s been dragging on forever. And finally this week, the American Psychoanalytic
Association has apologized for treating homosexuality as a mental illness. While the American Psychiatric Association
delisted homosexuality as an illness in the early 70s, the Psychoanalytic Association
did not, and maintaned a ban on openly queer members until the 1990s. These days they’ve had a complete turnaround,
endorsing equality and standing alongside the queer comminity as allies. And it’s nice to hear the words “we’re
sorry.” This week’s action item: The legalization
of marriage in Ecuador is likely to be a bit bumpy, with the possibility of legal challenges
and potentially a backlash from conservative groups. Fortunately there are organizers there working
to protect their victory and advance equal rights — connect with the Ecuadorian Equality
Federation at to support their community, legal, and medical outreach. As always let me know about stories that need
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8 thoughts on “Medical Org is Sorry for Calling Homosexuality an Illness: June 23 Debrief

  1. Im as gay as the next person, but we need to be realistic about homosexuality being taken off the DSM…. it was NOT done because doctors finally figured out that sexual orientation isnt a mental illness. It was done because men and women threw a fit at meetings until they removed it mostly to calm people down. Goes to show that public protest is one of the greatest weapons in our arsenal. We cant just wait for the people in power to “figure it out” cause they probably wont on their own…

  2. Did SCOTUS really delay that ruling? They cited Masterpiece for why the lower court needs to redo their ruling…
    Which means they clearly are operating under the idea that enforcing antidiscrimination laws is discrimination… Fuck kenraken.

  3. Q. At the end you say you will debrief us next week, every week, week after week… and I’ve yet to be debriefed. My briefs remain on. Wasssssup with that? 🤪

  4. This is something I’ve seriously wondered why do judges have a lifetime appointment I don’t understand that every other position other than the supreme court has a limit

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  6. Could you please do something on the 1968 film the detective starring frank sinatra and the 1982 film making love?

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