Married To Medicine: Dr. Simone & Quad Webb-Lunceford Leave In Tears (Season 6, Episode 3) | Bravo

Everybody’s busy. Several of us have
problems in our marriage, and we still make time
for the people in our lives who are
important to us. This little girl thinks she is
better than you, me, her, everybody. And I’m tired, I can’t
do it with her. I can’t do it. – That was your friend, and you
basically said “Whatever.” – She said “Whatever.” – That’s what
I heard. – She said she was done
with me and I said “Okay.” – I think Quad is just
pushing everybody away ’cause she doesn’t
want to be vulnerable and say she
needs them. But this is the time she needs
everyone the most. – What’s happening here? – Quad, I don’t know. – I’m coming in, happy
to be seen and happy to have fellowship
with you guys. And this is what’s been going
on behind my back? – You make them feel like
you’re not their real friend. This is what they say. – They make me feel like
they re not my real friends. I’m dealing with a lot of
things right now and still trying to hold on to
my happiness, Heavenly. It’s hard. – Whatever you’re going
through, you locked us out. And people feeling some
kind of way about it. – I’m not locking
y’all out. This is not sisterly,
this whole thing , it’s not. – Quad. We’re not sisterly? – This is not sisterly
at all. – You have not reached
out to us. – Toya, let me tell you
I haven’t got a text– I haven’t gotten a scripture
from you at all talking to me. You knew what was
revealed. – Me and a friend of
mine, we met these two girls and we went
back to a hotel. – Because Quad, I don’t
know where you are in your marriage,
you have not shared it. – I am not doing well. Well listen to me now,
I am not doing well. – But guess what? Quad, don’t cry.
don’t cry. [crying] – The bitch hurt, y all. – I got to go. – This is not– we’re
not ejecting anyone from this
group. – Quad. – Don’t do that. You invited her to
your house. Can you go talk to
your girl? – Yeah, I been trying
to talk to her. Quad. I ain’t your enemy,
I’ve been talking for you the whole —-ing
time. – I tried. I don’t know how to explain
it to her anymore. When it comes to Quad,
it’s easier for her to start crying and
run away. As opposed to actually
sitting here and talking with her friends about
her issues with us. – I’m not better than
nobody. But I am a
good person. – You are,
yes you are. And don’t you ever let
nobody try tell you that as
a woman. Don’t nobody ever tell you
that as a woman. That is some bullsh–. – This ain’t cool. – Anyone– no that s
not cool. – That’s ain’t cool. – I cannot believe that
everyone is attacking Quad
this way. we’re like stoning this
girl, and it’s just horrible. This is not what friends
should doing. – You ain’t got
to leave. – No big deal. – This is my house. – This is her house. – This ain’t nothing but
a conversation. – Let me tell you
something. A conversation would be great
if I was sitting amongst women who wanted to
have a conversation. These were people
who had already made up their mind. And regardless of
whatever I’m going through, it don’t matter what
Quad is going through. So what her husband
was in hotel with a chick? So what if this marriage has
been rough for her? Who cares? that’s what
Quad deserves. And she’s still better
be there for us. – Sharing with your
friends has purpose. – I don’t understand
why people going through so much stuff, they
talking about we’re friends. But they don’t share with
their friends. I’m —-ing confused!

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