Managing the Spread of Infection: The Fight Against Ebola (Part 3)

100 thoughts on “Managing the Spread of Infection: The Fight Against Ebola (Part 3)

  1. i dont get all the ppl who are carrying their sick friends to the clinics without any suits or anything. wont they get infected from just being near them???

  2. Wow what a clever man from that clinic director clinically competent and passionate yet poorly equipped, I  say kudos to him. At least people are being saved now

  3. It's a real shame to see people suffer, and die this way. The USA & developed nations of the world need to share medical wisdom with other countries. It is ignorant to think this is only an African problem.

  4. If Youtube were a country (with about 1b users) it would be the most racist country there ever was and ebola would be its weapon of mass destruction.The racism in youtube nation is just stupendous.

  5. There is nothing wrong in that coutry.this dudes are amune to the worst bacterial threats you could imagine eating monkeys is a treat and other bizarre animals its survival food for many centuries for this brothers..

  6. All you pricks saying they are weak for not going into the detention center, don't realize that the camera man behind the camera has been flown back to the US for contracting ebola.
    He was a NBC camera man.  

  7. Msf are doing some incredible work out there. Wouldn't have had a clue about the scale of the problems caused by this disease from the mainstream news channels. Definitely feel more aware and will be sharing this with family and friends. Thanks

  8. Instead of sending troop to build camp (which the liberian people can do) they should send the cure and some medical help if they truly want to help

  9. The Doctor said it go HOME and be with your family… even better stay home and dont spread the fuckin virus Worldwide by going to west africa asshoooooolleeees

  10. america does have better medical resources, but what concerns me is the incubation period. i read that someone can carry it for up to 3 weeks,before showing symptoms.the dr's treat people and then go home to their families and multiple stores during the week,their spouse goes to work,kids go to school or daycare..everyone could be carrying it and passing it around and wouldn't know for weeks possibly 

  11. The man who traveled to America from Liberia with Ebola on a Plane died on Wed., so doesn't matter if you come here you might die anyway, just trust God, pray Psalm 91 over Your Household. I love these Liberians they seem so nice, so sad they are having this much suffering.

  12. Yeah well, the Dallas Ebola man died. So it appears it doesn't matter how much technology, people still die. 

  13. I pay much respect to those people who anonymously helps others in need! also Vice team who tries to report it! even if i don't know the name of those doctors and volunteers I admire you 

  14. such brave people in liberia, it's unbelievable if that was the UK everyone would be saying "fuck that guy he's infected" and legging it.

  15. This guy's a doctor?! How much fluids and electrolytes are lost? That's why they can't keep 'em alive and we can?! That's some of the stupidest nonsense I've ever heard.

  16. It is so unfair what we have done to Africa. I'm not really saying we started this Ebola shit. I am saying that the western raping their resources and destabilizing their infrastructure has made this issue that much worse. Whatever keep it up with the racist shit; we'll probably be experiencing the fear and death they are experiencing.

  17. From what I hear tobacco plays a huge role in the zmapp vaccine… let me get a cigarette! I can’t help but wonder if using the marijuana plant would be more effective when growing antibodies or if the coca leaf would speed the process up a bit? 

  18. Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation is killing these pour people in the name of "science". They had programs in the area before the outbreak. This is a giant laboratory test. Perfect conditions. Oppressed, malnutritioned, and desperate test subjects.

  19. God protect are brothers and sisters in Africa we all humans don't fool your self no one is safe until some really do something and find the cure

  20. This is just my opinions why is the white dude keep trying to go in treatment centers where the people have I have the virus do they have a death wish or do they want to get it and probably bring it back to America smh

  21. Well since were not closing commercial airline travel to the highly infected country's I hope most people have the common séance not to travel over there.

  22. Quality reporting Vice. Everyone can have their own biased views about how this started and how it will affect the world. But one thing stands true. Doctors without Borders and the Red Cross are influential in helping during this hard times. Everyone be sure to donate and help the way you can. Think six degrees of separation you, average internet user probably know someone that was assisted by the Red Cross in your life.

  23. There should be a task force created of able Ebola survivors so that they can assist on a greater level than a normal person. 

  24. Just wanted to pause this video and commend this doctor. Seriously doing an amazing job and putting humanity first before his own life.

  25. @MARK I agree wih you that this diesease has most likely either started off as airborned or has gotten smarter and mutated to become airborne (this happens as well) and @Asher why is everyone treating it as the Bkack Plague, its not that bad??? Are u serious?????? So hundreds of thousands of ppl dying from it is not that bad? Do u realize that professionals that were trained and wearing PPE contracted it anyways…..on US soil….u must know November hing about virology. Wake up man.

  26. I don't get why they don't stop planes coming back with passengers from infected areas that is how a worldwide epidemic will start if people want to go help fine but don't let them come back until they are 100% cleared and do not let anyone leave. England said they'd sent 750 soldiers to help that is dumb as fuck guns don't stop a virus david cameron you stupid fuck

  27. The doctor mentioned patients coming to America, not just one, but, apparently, a few. Did anyone else catch that?

  28. Check the interview startin around 6:20. The guys says it was horrible how they had to turn patients away, because there was no space… Really emotional for him. Heartbreaking even…

    But somehow giving an interview inside a tent with at least two dozen empty cots is somehow more important for him than getting the people, who heartbreakingly have to be turned away, to these beds.

    Pretty twisted priorities.

  29. These people being interviewed are extremely wise. If only some more of my fellow Americans could be that way. Great reporting VICE News. 

  30. love the doctor not letting him in.  "you're not practiced in the use of those suits and you can infect yourself even with those suits". 

  31. I wonder why the news all of a sudden stopped reporting as much about Ebola? Obama must have told them to put a lid on it.

  32. To those people that watch few youtube videos and all of a sudden are experts: armchair experts. Have decency and keep silent, respect other people suffering and death. To all the judgmental and conspiratorial people, go over there to have a look. After we'll talk. But first you have to see it, smell it and feel it.

  33. I really sad for these people.I believed when there's diseases there's a cure.why those ppl don't find cure to help them instead just help them built a treatment centre.

  34. because there is coruption in your countries yr presidents and other complits taking yr money…blame britian,france,spanish,mexicans and americans who take all you got for sale to be developed countires because they shut yr officials with little money they sale it for little change.

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