Living with Crohn’s disease

Living with Crohn’s disease

[talking] -It’s absolutely possible to live a productive healthy life with crohn’s disease ever since I was a kid I wanted to own a restaurant and now because of the care at UC Irvine Medical Center I have the opportunity to do that the restaurant that I happen to be a partner in is Mediterranean which is some of the healthiest food out there for people with this condition my wife and I love to spend time cooking she actually really got me into exercising over the last 15 years has made a huge difference in my life i first started having gastrointestinal problems when I was in my 20s by the time I was early 30s i was diagnosed with crohn’s i was very familiar with crohn’s disease, my father had it his whole life when I was 18 I developed an ulcer and it was kind of about that point I thought oh this this could be a problem I was sick all the time I had lost a lot of weight. There’s quite a bit of pain involved as well excruciating pain at least a 10 and there’s really no relief I was trying to take care of myself to do the right things eat the right things but unfortunately I was unable to avoid the flare-ups I was very concerned knowing that my father had struggled as much as he had because he didn’t live a normal life. He retired when he was in his early 40s because of the disease and I thought there’s no way I’m going to allow that to happen to me and so that in mind I sought to initiate early treatment and find the best possible treatment UC Irvine Medical Center has recommended to me and I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Parekh within 10 days I was having surgery the care given at UC Irvine Medical Center was amazing I felt like the nurses couldn’t have been nicer and couldn’t have been more helpful or caring Dr. Mills’s team was in every day to check on me and see what was happening and see the progress of my recovery I really felt like I was in very capable hands the recovery to kind of normal life took a couple more months I took about a 300-mile motorcycle trip a couple months after surgery so I probably pushed it a little bit too much but it felt good to be out again and kind of leading a normal life my name is Cary Goronkin I have Crohn’s disease and thanks to the care given at UC Irvine Medical Center I feel like I can lead a normal healthy life.

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  1. My partner struggles with this aswell unfortunately it has also lead to a stricture he has been battling for years

  2. Nice video. Ayurveda has lot of herbs and herbal remedies for the treatment of Crohn's Disease. Planet Ayurveda offers Vatskadi Churna and Pitta Balance Capsules which are very effective in the treatment of Crohn's Disease.

  3. It’s possible, but not for everyone. I have Crohn’s for 5 years and nothing has gotten better. Medicines are ass, I just deal with it.

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