[KOREA PLASTIC SURGERY] ▫ Getting PLASTIC SURGERY in Korea ▫ Best for foreigners/black women!

[KOREA PLASTIC SURGERY] ▫ Getting PLASTIC SURGERY in Korea ▫ Best for foreigners/black women!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel so today I am in Regen Hospital it is a place in Gangnam for plastic surgery. So I’m making this video for Anybody who is thinking about getting plastic surgery in South Korea? Especially if you are a black female who wants to get surgery I just wanted to show you guys my experience with their consultation. This is for anybody who is thinking about it? I just wanted to show you the process So anyways, guys, I hope you enjoy and I’ll see you guys on my next slide. So this is the entrance and it explains everything like what they do in every floor we are currently on this floor and Every floor is something different As you can see and then this is the desk that is the consultation rooms. This is where we are sitting I Don’t know if you guys know the show. Let me in This girl was in let me in and you know, she turned into that. She got really cute. But yeah, and then this side is where the drinks are And as you go this way, there’s more consultation rooms And this is the front desk And this is the hospital It’s really like calm and then consultation rooms that way it’s a really chill vibe I really like the decoration It’s really nice decoration And then they are playing music. It’s really cute So when you come in the first thing they give you as a form and in the form, please zoom, okay And in the form they ask just general informations how the form looks like when you come in You Now we are going to the x-ray part of the hospital You do. And I have a top one. it’s gonna hurt right? oh dammit Like I say So this is the The place where people just sit down and wait For you know for you to be called This is how it looks I’m filming it now because there are not a lot of people around the consultation rooms and I just got my x-ray done in that room So this is how it looks It’s quite nice. The seats are comfortable. There’s water. There’s coffee. There’s everything you may need to get ready And then the bathrooms are on that side over there So we are currently on the 14th for the 14th floor is where the ward and intensive care is So this is where the stitches are taken now and like this is like basically after the surgery This is how it looks the front desk is right there. You know, I’m not sure what’s in there and This is how the room looks It’s basically how it looks this is where they take your stitches out And then the bathroom is there So after the stitches here is the laser treatment after the surgery So I’m guessing this is a machine for it. So that’s that Let’s turn off the lights Save the world So this room is where you would get like if you need to stay for one day in the hospital They would give you this room to stay in It’s quite high up. It looks pretty nice. You have your little sink You have your TV here and you have a little view look how high up we are guys. It’s like the 14th floor It’s pretty high. So we are going to the doctor’s office first, which is that way, so I’m just gonna walk there I Yours is actually quite protruding (my forehead) Now it’s more You have to have unique features (talking about models) And this is my unique feature Heard that you were a model, yeah It made sense. Yeah Yes a lot of models from Especially Europe come here. Yes. Yes and They always ask for something unique. Yeah, if they show me pictures of what they would like and it’s usually not the kind that a normal non model person would ask for it always asks for something unique and it’s more of a Highlight yes, it’s more of a highlight and making it just Like more proportional which means more beautiful. Yeah, but for models, it’s usually more of Highlighting some some point in their faces, which is quite unique. I Always learn a lot from consulting You want to discuss with me about your face Just rhinoplasty I just want to know how my face would look if I had a more higher nose So your nose is what’s called a bulbous nose, it’s very very thick here and Yeah, your nasal pores and height is actually not low but because your forehead is Yeah, and also one more thing your your this also the tip is not so low It’s quite bulbous, but it’s not low This is protruding Okay, so when you do a nose rhinoplasty, it actually makes the lips go in a little bit more. I’ll show you Some examples. Actually this boy has a forehead inplant And you see? It is quite depressed. Yeah, that was full full Now Actually, she had her nose done at some other Country I think was Brazil and they made it too pinched It’s too Pointy, right? Okay, so she wanted a more natural look Which she got after this surgery. compared to yours if you compare it. Yours is more thicker here So that’s what we do with a bulbous nose. We make the nose slimmer right and thinner actually by changing the soft tissue actually cutting some of the soft tissue and Changing or the cartilages. Oh, okay in this girl what she did was she had Zygoma surgery, which is the big face tamela area brain is narrow this got narrow and Her eyes and nose look different you see the difference so Usually people would ask her where she did her eyes or nose But she didn’t do her eyes or nose what she did was she did her zygma The mid face was was narrow So her face looks the eyes and nose the more proportionally bigger, right so they look different All right, because your your upper jaw is is longer on that side This this is longer so it goes that way it works like this Your upper jaw is like that Okay, that’s why it’s tilted left. Yes. So and also that’s why your Yes, the your lips are a little bit to the left, yeah and Because of that you have a tendency to move your head a little bit To make your face look straighter. Yeah, if you have some problem with the face that you might want to change. Yeah, I Recommend that don’t do much. Yes. Small things are fine, but I don’t think you should Change anything big right? Okay. It’s The saddest part about being a plastic surgeon is when I see a beautiful girl with too much surgery Looking very awkward which happens? Okay. Yes. Yes, so You’re obviously young. Yeah, you’re obviously Starting your career now, so don’t be persuaded by peer pressure to take too much. Okay So this is from station number six and Regen Hospital is right up there. You guys can see that’s where it is and this is I’m just gonna show you guys how it is just to walk down. It’s the tallest building in exit six The clinic is right it’s under construction right now, but this is how it looks like It’s Regen tower and you go right through there. The building is under construction. People are staring at me. Like I’m a crazy person So you just go through these doors. There are security – that’s right. And It’s right here They show you the faces that they’ve already made. Oh Look how pretty they look they look so cute This place has been on this show is called Let Me In I’ve actually seen it on YouTube before before I even came here I like knew this show and These are the elevators It tells you every floor what it is Show me the way

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  1. It's best to be natural nuna cause plastic surgery is risky if the person is not doing it like daily routine but still,i'll always support and be by your side nuna 😊❤

  2. Guys read the description, she just did this to show the process for those who are interested, she won't be getting anything done.

  3. Ugh I have always wanted to get a nose job ( since the age of 18 , now I am 20) because the tip of my nose is pointy and People would always ask me if I was half white cuz apparently it’s “rare” for a black girl to have a sharp nose ( which is stupid cuz a nose is a nose race doesn’t matter ) but anyways I always liked the look of a round tip ( in my opinion I feel like it would make my face look softer/cuter and more feminine)but I always worry these surgeons will botch my nose and there’s no going back from that.

  4. Can they change the shape of your eyes? Like remove underlines and if your eyes aren't the same , because one of my eyes is more hooded while the other is a monolid 😢

  5. Girl are you Kenyan? I’ve been subscribed for quite some time and have now only seen the bracelet. (Btw I’m Kenyan myself)


  7. Goshhhh!!!! The background music Russian roulette piano version seems sooo goood hehehe !!

    Andddd I love your videos! Love from India

  8. I know that sometimes it's hard to some people to read the description but please do it. Awesome video and very informative. Hugs and love 😍 😍 😍

  9. Omg the hospital is right next to kyobo tower where my Korean EF school was (for foreigners learning korean) and
    I never knew it was a surgery thing. Even tho I don’t wanna get surgery

  10. Holy cow. You got a consultation with Dr. Oh? He was the lead doctor on that show Let Me In. You shouldve asked for a picture or autograph lolol

  11. I don't think im' an ugly person…average at best. But i have a very recessive weak chin…use to be made fun of at school being called a toad and whatnot. I really want to do chin surgery but alot of my friends are giving me the guilt trip saying "that face is what makes you…you! " I mean i'm proud when people say stuff like, oh you look more like your mother than your father (my mother is beautiful) but….i don't know. What do you guys think?

  12. This is amazing! You were very thorough in your walk-through and I appreciate it. I'm a black girl myself and I've alway felt my face was disproportionate in some way before realizing it was because my nose tip was too "bulbous"– though not like yours (I actually think yours is quite nice). My nose tip is like a little ball someone shoved inside it and its very distracting when my nose bridge is more so parallel. I heard Korea has the most realistic nose jobs but I was so confused as to where to look but I found your video and now I have some idea where to go!

  13. This guy is pretty good. He didnt suggest anything too crazy. Actually he didnt really suggest anything at all, only explained why things are they way they are and how other acheived an improved look. I liked that. Very profesional

  14. The Doctor was kind and professional. I like how he took his time to explain some of the procedures.
    Good to know that there are indeed plastic surgery clinics in Korea for black people too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  15. That was so interesting, thank you! His commentary were really insightful. Nonetheless you really don't need any surgery. Don't even consider it girl!!!

  16. I think its so nice how he suggested not to change much if you did decide to change anything. Some doctors just want the money but he seemed to actually care. You know? Thanks for recommending this doctor!

  17. These clinics look decent when they are shown in a vlog. Reality is much much different. If ya'll interested to do any procedures, you need to do a good good research on the doctor itself. Look at his or her experience from many years.

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