Jennifer Lopez | Before & After | Plastic Surgery Rumors

Jennifer Lopez | Before & After | Plastic Surgery Rumors

before I start this video I’m just gonna
let you guys know that I love JLo and believe she’s always gonna be a timeless
beauty whenever I would ask my mom if she had to look like a celebrity who she
would choose she always picked Jennifer Lopez I think that would have been the
right choice since this woman just doesn’t seem to age am i right there
isn’t a bad thing to say about her with her new movie hustlers and theaters
everyone can get excited about seeing her pull dancing skills that she learned
I mean this is just as hard as anything I’ve ever learned it might be one of the
hardest bruises and stuff in movies but I’ve never been a ruse like this or
anything I’ve done which was apparently not easy at all I’m just trying to look
convincing as I’m I’ve been stripping for a while yeah I’ve been stripping for
a while I’m comfortable on this pole and I’m also comfortable with my game
because my character is even really has the hustle down I even attempted those
lessons once and I gave up it wasn’t pretty
Jennifer Lopez is 50 years old at the time of this video crazy and honestly
she looks amazing her audience would agree and some of
these comments on her pole dancing lessons were so funny but they’re also
so true the woman does look like she’s 20 years
younger than she really is Jennifer or JLo as a lot of us love to call her as a
singer actress dancer producer businesswoman and more and as a hundred
million followers on Instagram at the time of this recording
she’s been famous for years and hasn’t seemed to tire yet I’d even say that she
gets better as time goes on oh and on top of all of this she’s also a mom it’s
not often you find a celebrity who hasn’t lost their energy or let
themselves go at least once throughout their careers but I would say JLo is one
of those rare breeds not to mention those abs and her bod the woman
definitely works hard to keep herself in top shape some of you had asked to see
it before an after video on JLo and at first I wondered how I could pull that
together since I don’t think she’s had any work done the real mystery here
though is how she looks so flawless at age 50 and doesn’t look a day over 29 so
we’ll see if we can figure out her secret but I think she’s just one of a
kind I mean she looks better than a lot of us in our 20s that’s for sure it’s a
miracle what’s going on guys and girls my name
is Cara and this series we have titled before and after today we’re gonna look
at Jennifer Lopez a kay JLo aka Jenny from the block any plastic surgery
rumors her body her overall changes through the years and see if she’s
revealed any secrets on staying young for life I’ve done other celebrity
transformation videos including one on Katherine from the ACE family and on
Duff Cameron and we’ll have links to those at the end of this video I’ve also
been reading all your comments and I’m gonna be respond to some at the end of
this as always if there’s anyone else you want me to document let me know in
the comments down below now let’s get into this video I think the reason that people start
rumors about JLo getting work done is mostly because they simply have no other
explanations for her looking as good as she does and plus starting rumors is
what the public and the tabloids is best at so what is JLo been accused of in
terms of plastic surgery online a spokesperson for Maya cosmetic surgeries
reported that it is possible that Jennifer may have undergone a
rhinoplasty her nose appears thinner across the bridge and tip and her
nostrils appear to be smaller than in previous images although this is
published online I don’t think there’s any truth to the statement I’m not even
sure the person who recorded this is even a surgeon themselves or just
talking trash personally I see no difference in JLo’s
nose from the early days until now it might look more defined these days or in
some pictures but we all know that could be contour I still see a bit of a
natural bump in her nose too so I’m sure if she decided to get a nose job she
would fix that a lot of times they’re comparing pics of when she looks like
she just woke up with a photo of when she’s glam these same people also said
that JLo has possibly gotten a boob job which i think is ridiculous the woman
has been fit for as long as I can remember and her chest never seemed too
large or unnatural for her shape her boobs are action the smaller side of
anything so I would say that is a hard no and if you think I’m wrong let me
know in the comments since JLo is 50 people automatically assume that means
she’s gonna be full of wrinkles for this reason there has been speculations that
she’s gotten Botox or anti wrinkle injections for her forehead and around
her eyes for crow’s feet JLo’s face always looks smooth and
flawless and she looks much younger than she is okay I think the only thing I
could maybe believe is that she got some Botox or something for areas like her
forehead but who knows I still think some people just have really good genes
healthy habits and natural reasons for staying this youthful not everyone needs
her chooses surgery or injection JLo definitely has other ways that she
claims to keep herself looking the way she does but I’ll talk about that in a
bit finally these online specialists or
doctors or whoever they are also say that j.lo probably has gotten an eyebrow
lift treatment and lip fillers but like I said before she looks the same to me
what do you guys think JLo has straight up denied getting any
work done when people have said so when a surgeon accused her and speculated
online she fought back doctor eh-hem tweeted before-and-after pic of the star
writing these before and after pics of JLo show many signs of plastic surgery
naturally pretty but now looks amazing and JLo responded with sorry sir but I
have never had plastic surgery of any kind fact well maybe we should just go
ahead and take her word for it people also said if JLo was to age like
a normal person she would look a lot different and it truly is a miracle
actually enhancing photos to show what she might look like in that case
definitely not the same JLo we know let’s move on – JLo spot so the woman
can definitely put most of us to shame with having a body like that never mind
being that fit at 50 like I said some sources think JLo had a boob job but I
definitely don’t I think her body has always been all-natural since the
beginning and plus the real topic of conversation for years was J Lo’s booty
pers was definitely the first famous but I ever knew about compared to some of
the big fake booties out there these days hers would probably be considered
small in comparison but to me hers was always much nicer especially because
it’s real hers is the way it is because of good genetics I would guess and then
just keeping it toned with good old fashioned exercise
JLo isn’t shy to show off her body in a bikini and I would show off just the
same if I was her pretty sure any of us would her abs have also been crazy fit
since the beginning of time it seems I would guess the only time they weren’t
there was when she had kids maybe JLo scurbs are natural but her abs
definitely aren’t the woman puts in serious work to look that way and always
has some of her personal workout tips include working out in the morning
switching it up with different activity and different personal trainers
including weights to keep muscles and having a workout buddy in J Lo’s case
its raha be a rod one of J Lo’s trainers said that even though her workouts vary
they often consist of kickboxing circuit training burpees lunges and ab workouts
to name a few one thing that gives JLo her infamous
abs are side plank oblique crunches according to her
trainer so what specific workouts this JLo do for her booty apparently it’s
called the Platypus wok which I’ve never heard of before this video it’s some
form of low squat that’s quick and effective and don’t forget that JLo loves to dance
it’s something that’s always been part of her life with her career and it’s
definitely great cardio JLo also confessed to Hello magazine that I’m a
hundred percent convinced that working out is part of what makes me so happy
dance has always been a huge part of my life and taking the time to move my body
and do something that’s so good for me is the key to my happiness and I really
believe that when you take care of yourself and work to stay healthy you’re
better able to take care of those you love so working out is definitely a
priority for me so aside from a committed and intense
workout routine how else does JLo stay in such great shape are there any
secrets she has – looking 20 years younger than you really are
she definitely takes serious care of herself and clearly it’s paid off JLo
finds time in the morning for meditation and reciting affirmations and says I
also definitely think beauty comes from within you have to keep your mind soul
body and spirit and sink I’m a firm believer in meditating and when you are
happy and feel joy and love you radiate beauty I agree with this and I think
this is something that a lot of people brush off or forget about when they’re
practicing self-care not only does JLo work out pretty much every day she also
keeps a strict diet her diet includes a lot of vegetables and fruits as well as
healthy snacking throughout the day if you went out to eat with her she would
be the one ordering salad or fish basically JLo was on a low-calorie diet
for the most part and gets energy from a lot of healthy protein
she also avoids sugar I think that JLo is actually the most disciplined person
ever after hearing her routine some other things she swears by for looking
youthful include proper sleep and protecting your skin from the Sun she
tries to get eight hours of sleep every night or at least as much as possible
and always wear a sunscreen or avoids being in the Sun of course stay hydrated
and drinking a ton of water is one other thing that helps for great skin
JLo prefers to drink water all the time and on top of that she stays away from
alcohol and caffeine which she says our skin records she hasn’t had booze in
years not sure about you but I don’t think I could survive without coffee and
some drinks want to know good for her though so what I’ve learned
is JLo secret to looking young and fabulous is not really a miracle it’s
just the hell of a lot of discipline and dedication and self-care she deserves to
look that amazing with all the hard work the woman puts in I think that JLo has
transformed a lot over the years and actually has gone even prettier than her
early days she is almost reverse aging it seems but clearly takes really good
care of herself when Jayla was younger she had darker
hair and her complexion was lighter or not as glowing as it is now she found
out what hair and makeup look worked best on her which is one reason I think
she looks so great her light brown highlighted hair color seems to suit her
best and the bits of blonde bring out her skin tone her skin also looks great
especially for age 50 and she can pull off the natural makeup look – although
people may accuse JLo of getting work done I don’t think she needs to prove
anything she looks the same just much younger than she really is I think we’re
all just jealous or hope that we can have a shot at looking that amazing when
we’re 50 maybe if you work out daily avoid smoking drinking coffee and eat
clean and organics and there’s a chance even her man a rod who’s an athlete
himself says that JLo is more athletic than him and sees just how hard she
trains especially since a lot of the time they work out together she’s no
joke and now she even knows how to pull dance
thanks to her movie hustlers I always love JLo and thinks she’s so talented
and gorgeous learning about her habits in her self-care routine really just
made me respect and like her even more she deserves it all I can’t wait to see
her rule in hustlers and see what else Jenny from the block is up to next okay
guys so as usual I’m gonna be reading out some of your comments from past
videos we’ve also been doing some house tour videos on this channel and on our
Kim K house tour fed skiddo boys said skiddo boys in the comments much love
from skittles nation good vibes only fan gang shoutout to Kara fashionable also
the Kardashian family are live thanks kiddo boys you’re the best and same I’m
starting to like the fam more after doing this video
I feel like there are a lot of people’s guilty pleasures on our cardi B house
tour Deirdre B said Wow y’all are like the FBI lol I took that as a compliment
because it means my research seems right I still want to know what cardies dream
house is gonna be like though and on the same video pamela major requested that
we do Kourtney Kardashian’s house tour next that’s a great idea so I’m
definitely gonna take her request alright guys and girls that wraps up
this video here on before-and-after if you want to talk more about Jules
transformation you can hit me up on Instagram do you guys think she got any
work done or do you believe her crazy routine is to think for her youthful
looks let me know who else you would like me to make her before-and-after
video on and I’ll see you guys in the next video bye

23 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez | Before & After | Plastic Surgery Rumors

  1. JLO is very disciplined, eats healthy, isn't a smoker or recreational drug user. It's her lifestyle and self drive and desire to excel all these years that has kept her looking so wonderful at 50.

  2. She did her nose way before she was famous, she has admitted this before in Spanish TV. I remembered seeing that interview about 20 year ago. Her body it’s legit. I love JLO

  3. I love jLO, but I’m sorry it’s a fact that time takes it’s toll and gravity falls? I don’t think she’s had anything done to her body, but how is her face and neck not a little bit more saggy? I can understand why she don’t have that many wrinkles, but being 50 and looking like a 30 yr old in her face and neck is a little odd..

  4. The body NEVER stops changing and it can change for the better or worse depending on lifestyle. JLO is just one of those that is doing it right💯🤷🏾‍♀️

  5. JLo has never had plastic surgery. Have you seen Shades Of Blue!? Very minimal amount of makeup and you can see EVERYTHING. Natural. Have you seen her GQ Magazine interview? Minimal makeup. You can see all of the natural beauty.

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