Hi everyone and welcome to my channel Aqua Splendor my name is Nicolas Marion and this is my review for the dosing
pump Jebao DP-4 I think this is the best dosing pump you
can have for your aquarium and you wonder like why is the best it’s
the best because the price is so low compared to all other brand so just put
like in perspective this DP 4 dosing pump is 80 bucks let me repeat
that Just to compare to other brand
like Ecotech Versa Utility Pump, the Neptune DŌS, the GHL doser, the Kamoer, the bubble magus, the
Neptune and there’s other brand but in general they cost like two hundred
three hundred fifty dollars us and this one is like 80$ so it’s not the most like the best quality of of all the pump but it does the job I
have this for like two years I think so I can see safely like it I can do a
review like over a long period of time I mostly used like one specific one and
sometime two, the 2 others I don’t really use them because I don’t really need in
my case but for 80 bucks okay if that Fail you can buy another one
you still make your money and if the second one fail you can buy a third one
I still make even so because if the price is so good it’s
hard to beat that pump, it doesn’t mean like I said it’s like the best
quality but it does the job, I never had like any problem I know sometimes
some user reports some problem for the pump fail or whatever,
it’s like any electronic product they always have some of them fail
but it’s simple first and it does the job so if you never have a
Dosing pump ever so what it does is you have like a container dosing the like
in my cases like calcium for like a reef aquarium you can have like I use the
alkinity from Red Sea you can have a Tropic Marine also and if you have like
a freshwater you can use like the Flourish Advance of seachem, the excel or like the Iron stuff like that so you can use fresh
water also and for 80 dollars you can find it like an Amazon I think it’s the less
expensive option by like really far so you can put the liquid or the powder and
mix it with water and you have the liquid So what it does it will just pump all
along the air tubing it goes in, It shouldn’t be here and
actually I can just show a demonstration I’m gonna just manually do it and this
is where the other end of this you here so I’m just gonna do manually it will
dose all the liquid that you cannot see because it’s out of frame so it will all dose
the liquid inside of that dosing container and just a throw away in the other aquarium which is
actually my alkalinity and shouldn’t probably not do that it’s not just water
yeah lets stop and it’s all it dose example so if you’re in a reef aquarium
you often need to have like the alkalinity the calcium, the magnesium
the fourth one is mostly for like supplement a mix of a bunch of things. I do not recommend to use at any dosing pump or auto top off except if it
said specifically you can do auto top off with dosing pump but
I do never recommend dosing with dosing pump the water evaporation with that
because it will just burn the pump over time so it’s really that simple
it’s not Wi-Fi you have like another version it’s like a I think 40$ something the Jebao Wi-Fi 3.4 something like that and it’s
way way smaller like it’s like the same length and it’s like that width
I don’t need honestly in the Wi-Fi I just I just use the screen over there. So
what is a dosing pump? I’m gonna show you I’m gonna open one and it’s not honestly
super easy to to remove but sometimes you have to for the camera, alright
so this is the inside of the dosing pump it’s really that simple
and all it does you have the needle over here and it will just spin,
spin I’m gonna just select this one and it will just spin like that
you cannot really see correctly but it’s spin the thing so it will spin inside of
this and I’m just gonna put it back and there we go
and all the liquid goes in I think is I think it’s like this this is the IN and
this is the OUT so all the liquid that goes in will go out of this one so you
can see it does that huh you can hear like it’s not it’s not like super silent
sometimes all the the pump does like a different kind of sound so it’s not the
most silent dosing pump but I don’t really care honestly I put it like so if you’re creative you can make like
a track sound for music for interstellar maybe so it’s not like the most silent
pump, I use it like for like 10 minutes or something like that
like everyday most of the time like I’m I’m working so I cannot hear it
so what you can do with that pump you can like just use it manually like this
and you can do a correction for each pump you can do a calibration you can
set the date and time so today’s 2018 October the time yes yes
and there we go and you can set program and this is where it gets really
interesting so we can select like on this one is there is like four pump you
can see this like 8 pump so what you can do
behind you can just link another one if you like you need like more pump is 4 is
not enough for you you can buy like another one and just link it just on the
back like that so I’m gonna select like this one like this so per day I just
dose one time you can set it like for 24 per day and then interval well so you can
set every week if you want just one dosing every week or just every day like
this is like every day this is the quantity that you can you can put the
dosing or the liquid sorry so for my I test like a lot, I test my
aquarium do a lot of tests to make sure like what is the best zone for me so
this is depend on each aquarium on each person so it’s up to you to make
sure like you don’t overdose or under dose the stuff so it takes like during
like a week, test every day your aquarium and eventually you find like
the sweet spot so for me it was like 31ml but depending if I remove like corals in my aquarium and might need to lower
this or if I add some other corals I might need like to just correct this number and
this is the dosing time and it’s at 12pm so every day it will just put 31
milliliters of the liquid that is inside of this which is the alkalinity
for me and that’s it so as you can see it’s really simple, this is
the back it’s not like the the best quality for a dosing pump but I mean
80 bucks it’s so inexpensive like you can when I talk about like quality is
like you can see if I’m not really forcing but wait yeah it open a little
bit easy it feel honestly just a little but cheap but it work let’s put that way
for me it work I never I never had any problem so if you’re using that I recommend tube like this is what I use, I bought it on the
and it worked really fantastic it’s really like flexible and
I’ve never really had issued directly because of that but over time you can
see there’s like a little Moist whatever it is so I may need to clean
the tube because there’s like this it looks like a little bit dirty if you
can just focus anyway and if you’re about to put the the end of the air tube I’m
gonna just pick something right so this is what I used to just hold on the aquarium what happens like
and just put that over like this so just hold and it’s just screw a little bit tight
but not too tight and I was doing like so so what happened is over time, i don’t know if you can see, okay they just pretend that there’s like water over here so over
time the tube was inside of the water and you can see the air tubing doesn’t look
really nice and the inside of the tube there’s like a calcification I think we
say and a the inside of it was really hard it’s like it wasn’t soft as this
tube like this over that part like all the end of the tube well is really rigid
like really tough so if your dose your stuff make sure it’s like over the
aquarium like this and it’s just dip inside of the aquarium the other problem
that you can have like when it’s like inside of the of the water it can siphon
back if the pump is like it in
certain height the water so you can risk to siphon your stuff so this is
something like a learn over the time and yeah I’m just sharing the my
experience so this is basically like my review for the pump it worked well never
had any trouble with that I recommend to anyone you can buy one pump two pump three
pump and you still have your money back it even it fell so I
really enjoyed this I’m gonna make like a another video just for the calibration
and set that like to be a little bit more like specific and that’s pretty
much it and if you’re lazy you can maybe use this has a dosing and just connect
to the aquarium like this and just drink chocolate really good but
I’m not going to because it’s disgusting it was inside of my aquarium but this is an
idea for the lazy people and voila I hope that cover pretty much everything
and this was just one take. I hope you enjoy this video and thank you for watching and I will see you in the next video.

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