Ivor Cummins at Ketofest 2017 – The Chronic Disease Spectrum: A Story of Root Cause and Solution

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  1. ! IMPORTANT !

    Towards the end of this video… the presenter talks about skipping meals, and says to skip breakfast and that skipping breakfast is absolutely fine.


    Skipping breakfast increases insulin resistance and post dinner blood glucose in Type 2 Diabetics.

    If you intend on skipping ANY meals, skip ALL of the ones after 4pm. This will make your body work in tandem with your Circadian Rhythms.

    Insulin Sensitivity is at its highest first thing in the morning… and at its lowest last thing at night.

    Make use of nature.

  2. Your message about the importance of CAC testing is one that I have taken on board. Hearing it again brings me back to trying to work out how I can get my doctor to sanction the test. He will say to me . . . "But you are not ill" . . . I will try to persuade him that I want it to make sure I am not getting ill – a bit of preventative medicine . . . (What sort of medicine?). I might get somewhere if I remind him that 5 years ago when I had a stent fitted my CAC score was 600 . . . . (We are taking UK National Health Service here)

  3. 16:40 The AHA's junk science on coconut oil has "become comical" to anyone who understands the science. I would say the AHA's influence is comical and tragic at the same time.
    Yet another great presentation from Ivor Cummins. Love the engineering mindset that insists on finding its way to root causes.

  4. 38:40 "The intervention enabled meal skipping . . . but it was the type of food that allowed me to not eat because [it's hard to do] on a high-carb diet."
    Eating OMAD pays dividends every day in terms of freeing up my time (to watch lectures like this), but I could never have found my way to intermittent fasting without eating keto first.

  5. You may be interested in Morley Robbins studies on iron dysregulation and mineral balancing , check gotmag.org or Magnesium advocacy group on FB, lots of amazing revelations. I'm trying LCHF now I'm prediabetc, menopausal, high lp(a) , sedentary, and having heart palpitations and very low body temp. About to start serious IF to get this reversing! Thanks for your videos and knowledge and humor too! 🙂

  6. Ha – the first thumbs down after 178 thumbs up – do we have a vegan in da house? Come along now, reveal thyself – don't be shy ! 🙂

  7. Thank you for the very interesting presentation! I'm on low carb for 6 months, TRIG/HDL improved from 3.3 to 1.8 so I'm happy about that. But my Ferritin is at 650, it was the first time I got it measured… I did have a cold when getting the blood test. Is there anything I can do (more) to lower it, or any tips on what to do next?

  8. Wow, I am a registered nurse for 28 years and that is the best discussion of metabolic syndrome that as have ever seen. We saw this years ago in my icu career with apparently "healthy" people having MI's. Great job at the discussion and I wish I could have been there in person to hear it.

  9. It's always fascinating to listen your talks Ivor! You're the only person I've heard speak about people who are overweight but metabolically healthy. I'm wondering how they gained the extra weight without the action of increased insulin levels, and also if keto is as necesary/beneficial for them as it is for those with insulin resistance? Any incite is appreciated.

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  11. fantastic! I never knew fat people weren't necessarily insulin resistant. I'm going to have to watch this again, absolutely amazing. Doctors should be giving copies of this on DVD to their patients.

  12. At 15:07 Ivor omits his LDL results on his "Root cause diet intervention" … Is that because "cholesterol is rubbish?" – and if so, why not show your audience your LDL score before/after your dietary intervention?

  13. I'm confused on the role of ferritin in CVD. My understanding is that the ferritin molecule keeps iron in reserve for hemoglobin and from doing any damage as free iron might. Can you help explain how high ferritin causes problems?

  14. You quoted some doctors, but what about a bunch of lipid nerds working for National Lipid Association? According to their guidelines ldl is a risk factor in CHD. Are they dumb or corrupted? https://www.lipid.org/recommendations The major conclusions include (1) an elevated level of cholesterol carried by circulating apolipoprotein B-containing lipoproteins (non–high-density lipoprotein cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol [LDL-C], termed atherogenic cholesterol) is a root cause of atherosclerosis, the key underlying process contributing to most clinical atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) events; (2) reducing elevated levels of atherogenic cholesterol will lower ASCVD risk in proportion to the extent that atherogenic cholesterol is reduced.

  15. "Everything I thought about health was literally upside down."
    Uh huh. Keto dudes are awesome. Forum is too if you're interested in a healthy lifestyle. Ironically, these people don't get it. This isn't an accident and it's a lot more nefarious then big food and big pharma colluding for more profits. This is a dark agenda which is precisely the reason in the face of mountains of corroborative evidence…nothing has changed. Baffled that people this smart can't make this connection. Carry on.

  16. Thanks for answer. Putting chol as a risk aside, unless I misunderstood them, according to people from the Keto world: 1. inflammation is the cause of CHD with the following logic – inflammation causes the rise of LDL, which is a good guy here used to fight inflammation then statins reduce inflammation and subsequently LDL, 2. sugar and veg oils causes inflammation but they do not raise LDL, veg oils accually can lower LDL 3. SatFats do not cause inflammation but raise LDL. It seems that the above are somehow incongruent. I'm interested esp. in 3rd, what is the reason that SFAs raise LDL? This was what I experienced when I ate diet higher in SFAs, which returned to the original value once I reduced them.

  17. Hey dudes 🙂
    I think this is a super important lecture (thank you so much Ivor!), and I want to add a Hebrew translation to the video but in order to do so, you'll have to change the settings and add the option.
    Please let me know if it's possible.
    Thanks again!

  18. Thanks for this Ivor. You are truly inspirational. I've already shown this to several of my clients and shared it with the PHCUK ambassadors. If every health professional were able to access this one video out of the many that are out there we'd be able to turn our obesity epidemic upside down.

  19. Question Ivor, say someone has a >1000 CAC does the work and now has their numbers in the green corner, how does that affect the outcome? thanks

  20. Thx. Any ideas how come many high carb people do not develop IR etc? Might your final advice only be considered in case you do develop it? And would you be willing to apply your research method to highcarb low fat healthy populations?

  21. Ivor with the greatest respect,
    can you please explain how both keto & vegan people are achieving the same results, this week the "Diabeticmasters" are having a live webinar explaining why the Keto group will fail in the long term DESPITE SHORT TERM SUCCESS and i'd love your comments on this, http://masteringdiabetes.mindfuldiabetic.com/webinarregistration
    you are both health crusaders contributing to many many peoples lives in a positive way,
    i feel there is something to learn here, rather than banging heads as i've seen below why not focus on why it works and work together to achieve further knowledge, the health industry is not but you guys are helping but divided.
    I'm not vegan or keto, just a really confused really sick human being,

  22. Fantastic great informative. Please Ivor can you explain your comment about SSS? Stress and sleep are important, could not get the bit about SUN ? Did I mishear ? And why castigate all veg. oils? I thought Canola was supposed to be ok ?

  23. Would the sunshine have something to do with Vitamin D and insulin resistance ? Still interested in Canola oil..thought it was one of the good ones..

  24. Excellent presentation! I learned about additional metrics' value to help diagnose and guide our clinic patients with diabetes and obesity on ketogenic and low
    carbohydrate plans. Will be following your work!

  25. I don't know the science but i know I'm down to 15 stone from 17 my gout has gone so has my medication for it (allopurinol). First three weeks was indeed hard plenty tea/coffee and water one meal a day after work between 4 and 6, 99% of the time now i fast from evening meal until 1pm you will be hungry until you adapt now hunger is not an issue. I was going to bed exhausted at 8pm and had no energy at work now I feel so much better i don't have joint pain and tiredness kept has saved my live i have no doubt.Bye the way all in 6 weeks.

  26. One has to wonder if the big groups like heart foundation ,diabetic foundations will ever admit they gave the worst possible advice and where guilty of destroying the health of millions, i doubt it.

  27. Awesome video. The biggest takeaway for me was the explanation of the various tests and their efficacy.

  28. When you try to explain this to people who have their heads in the low fat cloud (pretty much everyone),…….. sigh.

    It's easier to convince a mormon that god doesn't exist.

  29. Wow … that sick fat vs healthy fat stuff was really interesting. So what's causing the macrophages to go nuts all over those adipocytes?

  30. Does anyone else get the feeling that the terrible medical treatments provided by the vast majority of doctors couldn't possibly be just accidental? Money makes the best people do strange things. For instance, at least in Ireland, cardiac calcification scores are not deemed warranted in pre cardiac event patients. A leading cardiologist said as much on live TV even though over 30% of cardiac arrests are fatal. Imagine Boeing or VW saying we don't bother checking brake's as it's not deemed warranted.

  31. You have to look at what we ate for thousands of years. Just in the last 100 all the bad stuff that is killing us came about.

  32. 42 minutes of informative and easy to understand facts tha will improve our understanding of the problems we are facing.

  33. @11:35 Black pepper crab's my favourite food though I don't eat it anymore ever since I got tested for high LDL-c and the Singapore Health Promotion Board advised people to stay away from this food. Butter crab and salted egg yolk crab are also fantastic. Must order those giant Sri Lankan crab as it's the sweetest meat there is (high glucose?). (Many small 'zichar' family stalls at hawker centres could cook this expensive dish for you at a decent price. Visit Changi Point village.) They taste heavenly supposedly from having feasted on the corpses of the Ganges River floating down to the north of Sri Lanka.
    My LDL went down 1.5 years ago from 480 (different unit measures) to 266, 6 points shy of optimal. It has since gone back up to 370 and now at 390, higher than the desirable max of 343 for my age. My CAC is minimal 3.5 and the re-test will take place if I'm still alive at 65 in 2020.
    To get to 266 I minimised white rice consumption and subsisted on vegetables and fish. What got up my nose was I also lost a lot of muscle mass as the proteins was not enough for my strength training regime and I suffered from joint aches and cramps as a result. Not only that but I started getting sick more often and over longer periods as well.
    I went back to eating more red meat and cut out refined carb and sugar and less fruits as well. My weight's now 61 kg (BMI about 22), slightly below when I tested at 266. I feel more at ease after checking out Ivor's videos. I love durian, the king of fruits, and like avocado it's full of saturated fat, another no no as far as the local health authority goes, but could be higher in fruitose. I finally got over my last bout of phelgmatic coughs which lasted almost 6 months and I stopped having uncontrollable bowel movements.
    On a final note, while sunning, don't wear sunglasses. Aside from this Italian YouTube vegan who's passed on, the Australians have actually done some research on their beach people and concluded that UV light must enter your eyes for it to be effective.

  34. Vegans/! stop being ignorant and violent pls. we know now that meat and cheese are an essential part of human diet. just started to eat grass fed meet [ not cheap] , l feel energise , no brain fog, l follow my ancestors mediterranean diet, looking great.

  35. Loved the talk at the Houston conference… still trying to get a grip on the accent though 😉 Just kidding..Was amazing!

  36. Keto has normalized my blood sugar levels. High glycemic carbs put me in the diabetic range. High ldl is a horrible marker to determine risk. After being prescribed a statin by my dr I dropped my total ldl in 6 weeks. The dr was pissed I refused the meds. If I let them doctors would have buried me by now.

  37. You sloppiness detracts from your message the uneven button shirt and not tuck in right what were you doing before hand:) Beyond that I really do appreciate your sharing this vital knowledge.

  38. Those belly pics of the men really showed why my dad’s family, particularly the men, died early of heart disease before ever being diagnosed as diabetic.

  39. Something tells me thst if I ask my doctor to,do half these tests he will not know what I’m talking about. Getting these tests may be easier said than done. For example testing the macrophage in fatty tissue, (us called a GIR Test) I doubt my doctor has even heard of this test.

  40. I was in the audience during this presentation. I can tell you that Ivor is the real deal. I got a chance to chat with him extensively and I am forever grateful to him and the group of doctors, researchers, engineers (yep), and scientists of many disciplines that I call my support group!
    Ivor’s presentation is a must see for all humans.

  41. Interesting. However, I am not clear on how he factors in the fact that type 2 diabetics, after some time, will have low insulin levels, due to beta cell burnout, so how does he adjust the death rates/cardiovascular incidents for that? He shows that high insulin people have high damage rates, at 65 years of age, but what about those with low insulin, having burned out, do they fare better, the same or worse?

  42. This presentation is fantastic Ivor! I just have one question. I live in northern Canada and my town only has one grocer. I don't have access to grass fed/finished meats. I am low carb/keto. How bad is it with the meat products I am eating being fed the tradition feed lot supply being almost exclusively corn and soy?

  43. It makes me ill to think of all the diet books that have been out there making billions of dollars on wrong information. We haven’t gotten better we’ve gotten sicker. If low fat is so good why do disease numbers keep going up? I’m fighting the K word with people. Have to go with pure science!!! Ty Ivor. I shared you with our local Irish high school biology teacher. He’s super thin ,track coach. I’ve known him for 30 years. Great guy.

  44. I will not say that you deserve an MD. PhD, but I will say that an MD PhD deserves you, Sir.
    Just this talk, is worth all the doctors opinions I've heard all my life… and I'm 53.

  45. Love, love, love this video. I enjoy deep scientific evidence, but not everyone understands in that deeply. This video will help me help people that wants good science in a visual and fun way. I want to add, I have stopped fighting with vegans/vegetarians they will implode themselves. Just focus on people who are starting to wake up to all the BAD advice we’ve been feed for 4 decades. Ps, love your accent!

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