Is gender dysphoria a mental illness? Tumblr Tuesday! #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton

Is gender dysphoria a mental illness? Tumblr Tuesday! #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton

– Hey everybody, happy
Tuesday and since it’s Tuesday that means that I’m on Tumblr
so if any of you follow me on Tumblr, Kati Morton
and you ask me questions using the hashtag KatiFAQ I’ve
found ’em and I’ve already been chatting with many of you on there but today I have three
questions as well as a journal topic from Waiting On the
World to Change Forever so thank you for that. And let’s get goin’. These are very interesting questions and they’re all over the board. I tried to make sure there’s
something for everybody. Okay, first question. “Hey Kati, should I
confront my parents about the emotional abuse they
put on me in childhood? I’m 20 now and I don’t live with them but I still rely on them for financial aid. I am not very close with
them but we are civil and we get along. I want to discuss this with
them because I still go home for the holidays and have to
interact with them but I don’t want this conversation to
worsen our relationship.” Now I wanted to talk about
this because of what I talked about yesterday and my Monday
video, if you haven’t watched it yet it’s about
forgiveness and acceptance. And part of what I sense in this question, and this I may be completely wrong, but obviously this isn’t someone in my office where we
can actually chat it out, it’s just me reading a question, figuring out how I’m interpreting it, and then answering to
the best of my ability. So, the way that I interpret
this question is that the person really needs to express
how upset this makes them. They really want to
confront their parents in the hopes of potentially
getting an I’m so sorry, we’re dickheads, or a you know,
let’s work on this together, or if I go back and change the clock, any kind of thing like that. And I’m gonna reference what
I talked about yesterday in that forgiveness doesn’t
mean that we aren’t angry, they’re not, they don’t have to be things that happen separately. They can happen together, we can forgive and we can still be angry and that’s okay, and I think part of what’s driving, and what drives many of our
needs to confront people, is anger and hurt, and I
think it’s fine to confront your parents or your family
or your friends or whoever, if our goal doesn’t
rely on their response, if our goal is based on our
need to express how we feel, our need to reach out and
let them know how we feel and that’s it, if that’s okay, then I say go ahead and talk to them. But the times that my clients
end up confronting people when they’re actually looking for
an exact response or a certain type of response from the
person is when it ends up making things worse for them because
then it’s almost like we’re re-injuring ourselves and the
way I talked about yesterday, how if we keep thinking about
these painful experiences over and over we’re almost re-injuring ourselves every time we do that, and so when it comes to confrontation I think it’s totally healthy and fine, as long as we’re doing it for ourselves and it’s not in any way focused on what their response may be. I hope that makes sense, I know it’s kind of
difficult sometimes for me to convey how I feel
really shortly in a video, but that’s why I would
consider what you’re wanting to get out of it and then
go forward from there, okay? Question number two, “Hey,
Kati, what do normal or healthy people think about when their mind wanders into unconscious thought? What is there if healthy people aren’t consumed with
weight, calories, et cetera? Like when you have time
to think and just be and your mind wanders,
what do you think about? What do healthy people think? I saw this type of thing in a
quote and it hit me so hard, just wondering if you have any tips for your clients of thinking normal?” Now, I thought this was a
good thing to bring up because it’s something that many
of us who are in recovery or working on recovery
don’t always notice, and I find when my clients
are struggling or maybe they should reach out for more help
or we should get them into group or I should see them
twice a week or whatever. This is one of the first
things you can notice, is that when your mind wanders, it goes straight to your eating
disorders, your self-harm, your negative body image
voice, your depression, your anxiety voice, whatever kind of thoughts are going on in your head, it happens most when your mind wanders because we’re not controlling
the thought, right? And that’s why I have you
do a lot of, you know, healthy voice to unhealthy
voice conversations, so that we notice it and we correct it. What do normal people think about? It depends on the day. For me, when my mind wanders lately, it’s been in like work stuff,
’cause this is really busy and my practice is really busy, I have a lot of stuff going
in all sorts of directions, and so my mind wanders to stuff like that, or Christmas and Thanksgiving
’cause I love the holidays and I get really excited and I’m like “Oh, I’m gonna make
eggnog and I’ve never done that before it’s gonna be so cool.” So, our minds wander
based around what we’re thinking about and what we’re focused on, and so you can change your thoughts. That’s the thing that’s so
great about being a human being, is we can, once we gain
the insight into what’s going on in our noggin all the time, given we can’t be 100
percent present in our brains and then we’re not
actually paying attention to what we’re doing in our lives, but when you have the time
to notice what’s going on, we can talk back to that voice, we can change the way our brain goes and what it thinks about in the, you know, spiral kind of that we see it going in, we can change that and turn it around and make it positive and
make it a good thing. If we notice we’re, you
know, focusing our negative tension on other people we
can change it to positive. Like, “Hey, that girl looks good” and “Hey, you know, she’s really trying hard and I’m glad that she’s working here.” We can change the way our brain works and that’s what makes us so
amazing and so, such survivors. And so, normal people are all of us and we can all make our brains
not focus on negative things, we can turn around to focus on positive. So, if any of you are
wondering how to do that or what I’m even talking about, check out my eating disorder workbook or my self-harm workbook. I have tasks in both of them, I think it’s the first task in both, but correct me if I’m wrong. Kind of the negative thinking
logs where we log down what we’re thinking and we talk back to it, and that can really
change our world, okay? Question number three, “Hey, Kati, is gender dysphoria a mental
illness? I know it’s a very, very real thing and that
the dysphoria aspect of it can be very hard for
trans people to deal with, but is it fair to say that
the person has an illness for feeling like a different gender than the one that they
were assigned at birth?” I wanna talk about this because I am, like I’ve talked about before, I do have some new
books that I’ve received and workbooks and I’m trying to put together kind of an
LGBTQ workbook of my own, and I wanna make sure
I’m doing it justice, and so this topic really spoke to me, and I, obviously, looked into my DSM, and gender dysphoria is a diagnosis. However, in the description
of how we even diagnose and the descriptive characteristic, the diagnostic features, are
focused on the dysphoria. That feeling of upsetness
and anxiety and incongruence, and like, you just aren’t yourself, what you know you are is not what you look and is not the way that
people address you, and that dysphoria and disconnect can be so incredibly uncomfortable and difficult and frustrating, and make people feel
hopeless if they don’t have the options of surgery or, what’s the other one,
like hormone treatments. There are a bunch of different things that we can do to change our gender, but often that’s not available to people or they’re younger or it’s
not an option financially, there’s a bunch of different reasons why we can’t make that happen, and so people feel really
frustrated and I mean, imagine that feeling, and
so yes it is in the DSM and I’m looking here at the
specifiers and all of the stuff, but I think it’s a focus on the dysphoria and because that’s so uncomfortable they’re labeling it as a mental illness. And if any of you have feedback on this or things you want me to talk
about more let me know below, I’m always open to what
you guys are thinking and what is important to you, okay? Now, journal topic from Waiting On the World to Change Forever, thank you for this, it’s really cool. So, she says, “I was watching
Super Soul Sunday on Oprah, and I heard this quote ‘We are not on a journey like a train,
a journey symbolizes that we will one day reach a destination, and the destination means
the end, no more challenges.’ That’s not true, we are
sailing, we are sailboats and we are hit by waves,
some small and some big. I think we shouldn’t be
afraid of those waves, we should learn from them and accept the beautiful
imperfection that is life. Stay strong guys.” I thought that was really cool because it does say that like, it makes sense that a journey
is like we’re in a train and we’re gonna reach our destination, but life is ever changing, and we’re moving on to new things, and we’re trying different routes, and we are sailing around
and sometimes it’ll be really stormy and really rocky and really difficult and like scary. But, other times it’ll be smooth sailing, like off the coast of Bali or something. So, I want you to think
about what that means to you. Are you in a rocky time
and what does that mean? And how can we maybe change our focus or change our goals to get us
towards that smooth sailing? I love you all, I’ll be on
the website tomorrow and I’ll be on YouTube as well, so ask your questions below today’s video and on the website, and
I will see you then. Have a good one, bye!

84 thoughts on “Is gender dysphoria a mental illness? Tumblr Tuesday! #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton

  1. Why is it that sometimes people who suffer from anxiety (like myself) have anxiety attacks or symptoms of one even when we're not currently feeling anxious? Sometimes at random points throughout the day I'll feel the symptoms of an attack (like heart racing and difficulty breathing) even though I'm not feeling my anxiety. 

  2. How do you talk back to the negative voice? Whenever I try to talk back I just get frustrated and then whole new emotions come in to play and it gets really hard. Even if I try to just redirect my thoughts they get all jumbled and frustrating

  3. #katifaq  So I am 16 years old and live with my grandparents. I go to my mom's and dad's house on alternating weekends. I have a step dad who i am completely terrified of. Whenever I talk, it always seems like he makes a joke about it, says something to completely contradict it and make me feel stupid, or just completely humiliate me in front of my mom and sister/step-sisters, and any other company we might have over. He always seems to make comments about what I eat and how much of it I eat. When I try to talk to my mom or sister, he always butts in and makes me feel completely stupid and worthless. He always says things to discourage me when I talk about goals I have. Even when I just talk about something, he'll make fun of it and make me feel stupid about it (for example, I like animated tv shows, and he always makes fun of me for it. He made me feel so horrible about wanting to watch The Lion King last time I saw him). Could this be considered verbal abuse? If so, what can I do to stop it without running the risk of being taken away from my grandparents or being unable to see my mom?

  4. Hey katy whats the difference between bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder? Why everytime I think about my past i start dissociating? Like a depersonalization feeling! Thanks

  5. Some good questions today…

    1) It's been recommended to me to write a letter. That way you get it out of your system while being removed from the reaction, if any. Being reliant on them makes it trickier as one doesn't want to risk a reaction that jeopardizes that… The letter doesn't really have to be sent for it to be cathartic.

    2) I'll have to rewatch the video…

    3) I've peed people off talking about this before on other forums. It used to be called "Gender Identity Disorder" and a forum that I frequent hadn't changed the name on the forum so we had a heated discussion on calling it a "disorder". There are some people who seem to want it removed from the DSM and it seems to me that they're trying to ride on the success of homosexuality being removed but the two aren't the same. There is nothing innate in homosexuality that causes depression,anxiety, etc. It's all due to external pressures. A transgender person can be raised by themself on a deserted island and look at themself in a reflection in a pond and think, "This isn't who I am." The issue is internal. They also have the same external pressures that homosexuals have but they are dealing with their own internal struggles with it. I think the name change to Gender Dysphoria was probably due to trying to be sensitive to TG people but ultimately I feel that people who try to make a point about it not being a disorder are like high functioning autistic people who go around saying that autism isn't a disorder without regard to the people who are profoundly autistic. This needs to remain a diagnosis. And especially considering insurance may pay the bill for a sex change operation.

    No question this week. Volunteering again tomorrow so take 2 for me. Wish me luck.

  6. I always thought gender dysphoria was a mental condition that you're born with. I only have one friend who is transgender and he knew from a young age something was not right. 

  7. #KatiFAQ I've recently started a new job, and I'm getting a lot of praise. While I want to be 100% happy about this, I have a nagging doubt in the back of my mind. I feel like they're just "being nice to the new girl" and not being genuine, and maybe even talking poorly about me behind my back. How can I get over these doubtful thoughts? Thanks!

  8. #2 is SO true for me. My default thoughts are always negative, if I ever get bored at work I immediately start thinking "bad" thoughts about myself (sometimes obsessively). If I can ever get over this I'll be so much happier!

  9. #KatiFAQ Hi Kati, thankyou so much for your videos. I was wondering, what are some of the major suicide risk factors/behaviours you're trained to watch out for in your clients? I have terrible eczema which has caused me to scratch my arms so much that there are scars which may look a bit suspicious, and I'm worried my therapist may think it is something more, even if I tell her it's just eczema. Thankyou!

  10. Gender dysphoria is definitely NOT a mental illness… it's just something certain people have to deal with in their journey to living a good/ better life. For me it's a humbling experience…

  11. I've been struggling for many years on getting over not going to the funeral of my grandma, even though I was really close to her. I was really young, 9 years old, and I couldn't take going to her funeral. But I've always lived with this guilt of not going. I've been told that I shouldn't worry or feel guilty, but I can just never get any closure. It's like I'm wanting to receive a confirmed answer from her that it's okay, but I know I'm never going to get it. Is there any way that I, and maybe somebody else in a similar position, can help ourselves to move on in this type of situation? 

  12. #katiFAQ Hi Kati, is it possible to be addicted to picking at your skin? I feel like I can't control myself when it comes to picking pimples, bumps, dry skin, and even tweezing hair. I try to stop myself from doing it but I get anxiety when I do, and then other times I seem to go into a "trance" and it's like I'm not in control of my actions. What will help this? What causes this? Help….

  13. Hey Kati hope you are alright! Ive asked this again yesterday and i was wondering if you could reply there or here cause im just curius to hear your opinion
    #katifaq ive got a doctor diagnosis of BPD and PTSD but since ive changed therapists (about 7 months ago) she is constantly saying to me not to say my diagnosis or to write it, besically not to label myself because diagnosis are just for doctors and therapists. I just started to get used to it (even removed everything from my blog, twitter etc). Yesterday a lecturer came up to me and told me instead of doing the class assignment (that was on social psychology) to write about my diagnosis. For some reason i felt offended and like a label. What do you think? What do you say to your patients? Are you talking to them with diagnosis? TY xoxo

  14. #katifaq  Hi Kati, Thanks for all you do—you're fabulous! Over the summer, I spent lots of time and energy on using healthy coping tools, and I was in a good place mentally because of that. Now that I've been focused on school and other obligations, I haven't been using those tools, and my mental health is suffering. How can I continue to use those tools effectively when I don't have much time and energy to devote to them?

  15. Hi Kati,
    I am 13 and in intense outpatient treatment for anorexia. Everyday pretty much consists of eating, sleeping and watching tv. I have absolutely no friends and therefore no distraction from my overwhelming and hAteful thoughts. I feel that my life is empty, and I know it shouldn't be at such a young age. I know how crucial it is to have friends and loved ones, and I feel like my recovery is 100 times harder because I only have my mother to be around. I am scared that I will never have friends, because I haven't been close with anyone in the past. I am starting to get extremly depressed and my suicidal thoughts are at their peak. Please help, i know it's not normal to be alone like this. Thank you for all you do xoxo

  16. #katifaq  Yesterday in session  my therpist told me she think i need to do a IOP or a Parical program.. I only see her once a week, and i dont see the need, is this normal to not feel like you need what other see? Am I just blind to my Anxitey/depression

  17. #katiFAQ Hey Kati. My therapists says that I'm recreating sexual abuse trauma emotions in therapy by feeling unnoticed and unworthy in eating disorder group. She thinks I'm recreating in a lot of ways in my life and I'm supposed to journal about it, but I don't really know where to start. Can you explain different ways that people may recreate trauma in their lives?  

  18. Hi kati, im not sure if im supposed to post this here, but i have a journal topic: its this song called perfect by emma blackery. I think it fits perfectly (no pun intended) with all the recovery videos you make 🙂

  19. #KatiFAQ  Hey Kati! What type of therapy is best for Asperger's Syndrome social functioning problems? I have Asperger's and have trouble with social behavior, at times. What can I do and what type of therapy, if any, is recommended? Thank you! 🙂

  20. #katifaq so it was recommended to me by my psychiatrist that I start ECTS. I meet with the doctor who does them next Tuesday. My therapist thinks it's a good idea to try them. My mind will flip in and out of, yes let's do them and nope. I think part of me is scared to get better and that is partly stopping me. But anyways I was wondering what your thoughts were on them. Thanks! I love your videos!!

  21. #katifaq How can we deal with missing physical contact? I'm not talking about sex, just those comforting interactions, like a hug or leaning on each other when watching a movie or holding hands. When we were kids it was normal to have this sort of interaction with our parents, but once we become adults it seems like you should only get that from your significant other. I used to be like that with my housemates at uni but then they got boyfriends and kinda backed off (I don't live with them anymore anyway). I miss that comforting closeness, but don't really have anywhere to get it.

  22. Hey! my name is Emilee and I have watched lots of videos on signs and symptoms of depression.I have also heard a lot of people say it may just be hormones, i'm having a really hard time figuring it out. I go 24-48 hours without eating because I just don't have an appetite,I don't like leaving my house to see Friends or family. And not sleeping great and very easily agitated. Maybe I'm being a bit dramatic, or overthinking this but I would appreciate some guidance and advice. Thank you! By the way I love you and your videos! 💜

  23. Do you have any tips for someone with binge eating disorder for Thanksgiving day? I'd love to be able to enjoy Thanksgiving this year without binging or restricting and Thanksgiving has been giving me some anxiety.

  24. #KatiFAQ hey Kati my question is how do we learn to accept that our experiences change us? I mean I was raped by my brother about a year ago and I acknowledge that it happened and I can't change it. But I myself have changed throughout the time and I was wondering if this is the real me now with the anxiety, panic attacks, and fear. I'm afraid to get into a relationship because in past they haven't helped and wounded me more. How do I accept that I'm a different person and be okay with it ? Thank you

  25. #katifaq
    Hi kati,
    My q is what are your thoughts on going to the police and going through a courtcase for sexual abuse?
    I went reported my abuse 6 years ago in UK and 2yrs later I had a crown court case at age 20. I had no support from family as I refused to tell them,& the police were very unhelpful and unsupportive. He got not guilty. It's taken me 6years to accept it,but I regret going to court. I wish I hadn't put myself through it. Ppl always advise you to report crimes and if ur raped/abused etc or have suffered childhood sexual abuse ur always told to report it. But the statistics of getting justice r so low. I was re-traumatised & it had effected me do much. Is my opinion biased as I had such a bad experience and it didn't go my way? What are your thoughts on this and your advice on reporting these crimes? Xxx

  26. What's your opinion on calorie counting during recovery?? Sometimes I feel like it's an ed behavior so I shouldn't do it, but other times I feel like I need to so that I'm making sure I'm eating enough. It can be really triggering though and make me want to stop eating. Do you think I should keep doing it or no? #katifaq  

  27. Gender Dysphoria is labeled as a mental illness for insurance purposes. The APA only classifies it as such because otherwise insurance companies wouldn't cover it.

  28. #katifaq hi kati. Im ending therapy soon and my therapist says I'm ready to go on my own. I do agree Im a lot better than when I started but I'm not particularly happy about where I am. I still struggle with negative thoughts and as I'm still hanging around waiting on my new job I get very bored and have no purpose to my day and my thoughts can spiral. My therapist said I have the tools now to cope with life's challenges and worries that things would turn not very healthy in our therapeutic relationship and would create a dependency. Should I insist on staying longer? should I look for someone else/different type of therapy or should I take a break and see how things go? Thanks

  29. #KatiFAQ  
    Hi Kati, I am working on a school project that goes towards helping me into universities in which I study a select topic of my choice and I want to do it on mental disorders and artistic representations of those disorders. I want to get real opinions of people about what it is like to struggle instead of just researching diagnostic criteria to make the art piece more accurate. How would I go about getting these opinions from people? I would do it online but, all though I do not doubt in anyway that anyone here isn't experiencing these mental illness, there is no way for me to confirm that online which is what I need to do for the research. What would I do about this? Would I need to go somewhere? Love you videos 😀

  30. #katifaq hi Kati I'm anorexic I'm in hospital I have a anorexic friend in there and we both share calorie in foods and she gives me blades and I keep her food for her I what do you think I should do HELP PLZ

  31. hey kati! i am 16, and have emetophobia.. and can barely say/type the words its getting that bad. i had a referral for cbt but i cant get in for another 5 months. the fear causes me to have all the symptons of anxiety disorder, panic disorder and angoraphobia – im scared i cant leave a situation should anything happen.  i hear voices that set out whole scenes wherever i am that for eg. everything is normal but my mind tells me what if someone will be ill in the door and i cant leave but i should go through the window (i am not suicidal) i avoid a lot of things so im losing friends and i cant eat in public (so not at school)  through fear. I don't want this to turn into an eating disorder but I cannot eat with people!  what can i do?  thank you.. and i hope you had a nice day xxxxx

  32. #katifaq  Hey Kati, what do I need to work on to be able to accept/believe compliments people give me? I know my confidence is low and I'm super hard on myself, but it's getting to the point where praise/compliments are getting uncomfortable to receive. If the person who says it knows about my MH problems I think they are just being nice because they know I struggle, and if they don't know I think they wouldn't be complimenting me if they knew the truth! I know I'm projecting my low opinion of myself onto others and I've tried "talking back" to the negative voice but it always wins. What are some other strategies or 'baby steps' I could start taking? Thanks for making these videos, they are a daily source of comfort xxx

  33. #KatiFAQ . Hi kati . Your vlogs are awesome ! Just had a very important question ( for me anyway) is it normal to get suicidal thoughts JUST at night . Most of my self harm urges are at night too! Whats with that ??! I wasnt sexually abused or anything . Thanks

  34.       hi kati, hope im not too late asking…. first I love your videos.. they help me understand things from a different point.. so my question… a few months ago I went thru a medical trauma and had a very near death experience… before that I had gone almost a year with out self harming and for the most part not even thinking about it… but now I feel so stressed out it feels like I cant breath sometimes and without thinking or even trying to do anything to fight that urge I give in and I can breath… so my question is… why I am I wanting to hurt myself soo bad when I just fought so hard to keep my life… shouldn’t I be a little more grateful I survived and happy? thanks and sorry this is so long

  35. #katiFAQ I'm 17 and I just had my first real kiss. I was severely sexual abused as child and just having a kiss at the movies with a guy I really like triggered flashbacks. I've been crying about it non-stop. And I just don't want this to throw back my recovery. Why is this happening? I feel like this isn't normal.

  36. #katifaq JOURNAL TOPIC: I couldn't link the YouTube video but if you look up Sam Berns it is the first one that shows up. This video is very inspiring to me and really shows that even through obstacles we can be happy.

    Write about your obstacles and then about what you can do to make then a positive thing. How will you be happy and stronger? 🙂

  37. #katiFAQ Do you find that some of your clients can't make eye contact with you? I have difficulty making eye contact with her because I'm afraid of seeing her reaction. I'm afraid she might take it in a way that I'm disrepecting her. What does this probably tell her about me?

  38. ok we had court problems, attacks, hospitals, genome tests, and other scans etc, psycchiatrists, pvt and public nhs, 2 people (relatives), biopsies, the crowds data too,
    hospitalization, official data changes, other evidence from others, multiple hospitals,
    and it goes on. the result was – physically real. and yea my mum needs reporting too
    with her god and religion. that should be enough. xxxx

  39. Hey Kati,

    I have an issue and I was hoping you might be able to help clarify for me a bit. I have gender dysphoria, to the point that I was starting to transition (clothes, name, scheduled appointment to start hormones)…But I think my gender dysphoria, and wanting to be Conner, is more of a dissociate problem than a gender problem. I was in a very abusive relationship for many years with my ex, and I recently miscarried twins over mother's day weekend, and that really set it off. What are your thoughts on gender switch as a dissociative/coping mechanism instead of gender dysphoria for being transgendered. Because I Really feel that, in my case at least, that is the problem. I started seeing a therapist but I wanted her to help me fig out why I think being a boy is "safer", if it's because I Feel like men are strong, women are weak, etc, but shes basically just like "well if you want to be a boy then go be a boy". But I wanted to investigate why, not just hop into hormones. That is a huge decision that you can't just jump into like that. I know it's hard to really give an opinion on it when you dont' know more details, but any info you have on it might be helpful. It's causing major problems in my life, family not talking to me, losing my boyfriend, like i dont want this. The guy I was with was abusive in pretty much every single form, but emotionally I think was how he done the most damage. He thinks that women are trash, stupid, submissive, and I Think that 5 yrs with him has rubbed off of me, thus why I dont want to be a girl anymore. And I Think it's something like, if I become Conner then all that bad stuff happened to Heather, not Conner, and I no longer have emotional baggage. Like does that make sense at all? Conner didn't have the abusive ex, the abortion in the past, multiple miscarriages, rape,…that was all Heather, and it's like I get to start over, clean slate. I know that is really dumb to think that way, but  I think that's where I'm at right now, in my thinking process. So yeah, any thoughts???

  40. How does Kati know this sort of stuff? Does she have a degree or something? She always says really helpful things and actually practical things.

  41. sorry i'm so late to the party and if this has already been discussed ad nauseum, (also correct me if i'm wrong:) it's my understanding that having an other than cis identity was at one time listed as 'gender identity disorder,' but now it's understood (at least in many circles) that your gender identity is totally valid and healthy but that the (body) dysphoria that can come with being a gender that doesn't always mach your assigned gender is still in the book.

  42. It is a mental disorder. Depression is considered a mental disorder due to the structural differences in the brain. Those with gender dysphoria supposedly have differently structured brains, which is classified as a disorder. If it's not a disorder (involuntary skewed perception), then those who have it would have an option to alleviate the opposing gender thoughts.

  43. Katie my dad and I about 6 months ago mended our relationship after 10 years of fighting watching your vids have helped me out thank you?

  44. The one thing I would be careful about is using the phrase "change our gender". Transgender people don't change our gender, we change our bodies to match our gender. Gender is your internal sense of being male, female, or something else. It's not something one can change. It's not entirely accurate, however, to say that medical transition changes sex, either, because not all forms of medical transition (like hormone replacement therapy and chest surgery) changes sex. The most accurate way to say it is that we undergo a physical transition which allows our bodies to more closely align with our gender.

  45. Gender dysphoria can be lessened but never completely removed even after HRT and surgeries .
    I am an intersexed female who is also on HRT .
    I DISAGREE with the classification of transgender or transitioning .
    I have been aware since age 5 that I am not a boy and obviously wasn't a girl either BUT HAVE ALWAYS IDENTIFIED AS FEMALE !
    Unlike a lot of other trans people , I do not have a split between myself before and after beginning transitioning .
    I came out 6 years before Caitlyn Jenner and all the gender wars ( sorry not sorry , I do not accept the 30,000 genders non sense ) .
    Yes , there is non binary in the case of intersexed people being born with both testicles and ovaries.
    But these children who never experienced body dysphoria or any issues who jump on the SJW bandwagon who think they are is a play on human rights and personal choices . These types delegitimize our suffering .
    There are far too many in the USA who self medicate and choose to detransition because they are not pleased with thier progress or out of fear of violence .
    I may not look very passable but in my youth and teens I was bullied and assaulted often for being and looking feminine . I was also a victim of human trafficking at age 17 and trust me , those men didn't care that I had a penis , in fact it attracted them even more .
    So yeah , I want surgery but can't afford it yet .
    Funny thing , the same people who laughed at me and called me a girl are the same types now who call me a man ( even though I have the ovaries to prove them wrong ).

  46. Why is ADHD considered a mental disease, but gender dysphoria isn't? It's because you don't want to admit that you have something that brings along a negative connotation to it. It is a disorder which causes symptoms = illness. You are living in a life of denial like I did, better to admit it than carry on stubbornly ignoring the facts because of your feelings.

  47. Gender dysphoria is not a mental illness. We are dealt with by Mental Health teams here in the UK because we are evaluated by Psychiatrists and Psychologists to see if there is an underlying disorder and to see how our minds work. It is a genuine medical disorder that affects us on a daily basis. I wish it didn't and I wish I had been born the correct gender at birth. It is beyond our control.

  48. I just want it to go awaaayy my gender disphoria is getting so bad I wish I just could cut my breast off

  49. Gender dysphoria comes with huge depression and anxiety. It’s completely debilitating, makes life very hard to live. It’s beyond difficult at times. I’ve felt like throwing in the towel many times, but I’m still here.

  50. No. You develop mental illnesses from this genetic condition where your foetus receives the wrong hormones during the first trimester and male genitalia are developed. Your brain recognises you as female (for trans women) and regects ideas of masculinity because it has adpapted to want it's body to be feminine and appealing to males (of course, other sexualities can be developed).

    Mental illnesses can be developed from this. Real gender dysphoria can't be cured by any means other than transitioning. If it can, then the patient doesn't actually have it.

  51. Trans the mental illness, how many men out there truly see this as normal? how can you look in a mirror and see a dick and say "I'm a woman" truly a mental illness so YES

  52. No. But it CAN cause mental illnesses because of how bad it is. When you have gender dysphoria, no matter where you focus your attention there is always something wrong with your feelings. Focus on the feeling more, it becomes worse. Focus on it more, and more and more, it can make your mind unintentionally start beating itself up. It’s a sort of inescapable trap of self-loathing, that will never go away until you conform to your gender. You cannot “become” trans; it is a birth condition where the brain and the body develop for different respective sexes, usually caused by major hormone imbalances in the mother’s womb during foetal development.

    Gender dysphoria is a medical condition, and being trans is a condition a person has from birth. Other than that they are just normal human beings. If you don’t conform to your inner gender then you will start breaking down into depression, chronic anxiety and eventually suicidal thoughts. If a cis man were to be forced to live as a woman for a long time, and it was conditioned on him for a long time, he was not allowed to do anything besides what he was told to do, he would start to feel like us. It’s a torturing feeling. But don’t get me wrong; we are not crazy, we are not schizophrenic, but gender dysphoria makes you very emotionally unstable (not mentally unstable; there’s a difference).

  53. How can these people be helped if the psychological community tip-toes around the issue? Transgender is a mental illness. Borderlines are more often women. Sociopaths are more likely men. PC culture gets in the way of progress.

  54. I know a few girls that want to be a guys but decide there a girls when its convenient for them they just want special treatment

  55. The answer is yes. Any one with gender dysphoria are what is now known as being Transgender most likely has some form of Depression that is why 40% of all Trans people commit suicide. So to have Gender Dysphoria is to have Depression and Depression is recognized in all medical and psychological fields as mental illness and Gender dysphoria is also a symptom of depression.

  56. Yes it is a mental disorder. Why would the suicide rates be over 40% both before and after surgery and hormonal therapys. I think someone that is depressed and contemplating suicide over being unhappy about there own body, it is ridiculous think that genital mutilation combined with changing there hormonal profile is the answer for people suffering with this illness.

  57. If a 60 year old man identifies himself as a 2 year old toddler, he is automatically diagosed as mentally ill. I hope that answers your question 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

  58. The only mental illness in existence where in mmmmm you can be jailed or fined in some countries for calling it a mental illness.

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