Is caffeine a drug?

Hey there, here is our latest question.
Dear auntie, why is caffeine a drug? Well caffeine is considered a drug because it
is an addictive substance. The Food Drug Administration, that’s the FDA, reports that caffeine is generally recognized as safe,
although ingesting more than 10 grams daily may be toxic and some teens have
overdosed. Caffeine can be found in things like chocolate, candy, soft drinks,
medication, coffee and energy drinks Generally one cup of coffee is about a
hundred milligrams of caffeine. That’s about 0.1 grams, so that’s far from the
10 grams. Energy drinks on the other hand can contain as much as 250 milligrams of
caffeine per drink and some energy drinks are super-sized and often contain
more than one serving of caffeine. It’s recommended that teens be around a
hundred milligrams of caffeine. So one energy drink can easily exceed this
amount. Although caffeine is a mild stimulant it is important for teenagers
to use caffeine in moderation. I hope this helps and thanks for writing
in bye 🙂

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