100 thoughts on “Injection π23 ‘No Name, No Number’ – Gamescom 2019 Launch Trailer | PS4

  1. Since Ps4 Lunch and the bad amout of Ps4 games, they made tons indie games to fill up that " no ps4 games " And now Sony feels like Steam, 1000000000000000 BAAAD Games no1 wants.

  2. When Fatel Frame, Silent Hill, Siren, the suffering, and sad satan combine there magic rigs and this is what you get…..🤤🤤🤤🤤

  3. Spoiler alert it's all in main characters head. About dealing with inner demons. (Nooses really?) There I saved you money.

  4. Hopefully this game has a disclaimer for those susceptible to epileptic seizures.
    0:26 0:35 1:03 Those are some moments that might trigger it in this trailer.

  5. Oh my.. I always waiting for this type of Silent Hill-ish discourae kinda game, Alan Wake was the closest by far… can't wait for it ^^

  6. A little bit on the nose with the Silent Hill influence. Even the music sounds like a fan remix of the Silent Hill theme.

  7. come on – i mean you can try to be silent hill but not in every fashion.. the graphics look dated and the effects are just downright harmful.

  8. Does anyone actually play these old school looking games? This style was great back in the day because that’s what was current. I personally have no interest in playing them, I’m also a bit worried that the dodgy camera angles and choppy graphics might give me an aneurysm

  9. Why dont they just give us the original ps2 version of silent hill 2. Please just do it Konami ….. dont think just do

  10. Guys remove this music and the gore-y scenes. This is a walking simulator very poorly made! nothing like this trailer!

  11. How many of you in the comments can see the true message here. How many of you are awake. No number no buying and no selling. Revelations 13 vs 17.

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