100 thoughts on “Injection π23 ‘No Name, No Number’ – Gameplay Trailer | PS4

  1. It wants so badly to be Silent Hill, and I almost wrote this off until they said it was set in a real Spanish town. If they modeled their environment after something real then I've got to admire their dedication.

  2. Is this Walter Sullivan's prequel to Silent Hill 4 The Room? It does seem like that's where this is going but I know it's not but it was a nice thought. RIP Silent Hill😞

  3. Nice camera options. Doesnt look that great a game but I love anything trying to do that style so I'll buy it for sure. 👍👍🤸‍♂️ awesome to see

  4. Having 4 camera types is not a feature, it's a mark of bad design. If you can freely interchange between multiple camera types, it means the gameplay and scares aren't intently built to profit from the camera, which is a huge loss in terms of game design.

  5. is this coming to the usa store soon? i want to play this i was ready to buy it when i say the trailer yesterday but its in Europe only right now

  6. Reminds me of silent hill. I might just smoke a large joint and play this game remembering the 90’s styled games.

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