Increase Knee Bend (Minimize Pain) After Knee Replacement/Surgery Using TENS

20 thoughts on “Increase Knee Bend (Minimize Pain) After Knee Replacement/Surgery Using TENS

  1. I have been using tens Units for years for back pain. But not for my knee pain.
    I get injections for my knees ever 6 months.
    I do have asthma & sleep apneia
    Are you giving away that device?

  2. Had knee surgery 18 months ago….cleaned it out –removed meniscus –dr said 1-4 4 being worst mine was a 3—its no better now than before surgery—having Parkinsons is enough— any suggestions for pulled ligaments across top of chest– 5 weeks of therapy no improvement very frustrated

  3. I had a PKR on12/18/18. I have 145* bend and can go flat with know problem. PT 2x p.w.But I have too say it still hurts all the time and buckles at times when walking. My dr wants to send me back to work after 12 weeks. My job requires me to constantly stand and 8 hrs I’ll put in at least 10 miles. I’m not ready and I don’t want to cause more trauma to my knee and be back to where I started.

    What would you do??? HELP

  4. I adore your channel. Would love to enter giveaway but I don’t use Gleamo. You are giving Gleamo permission to acquire sensitive information including personal and financial. Gleamo says it outright in their permission information.

  5. I've been using my own home made device for my knee after seeing your device…its a book shelf that I made in highschool 😉😉 I'm not sure if it's the same height as yours, but watching your videos always reminds me of what I need to do!
    Will be having a giveaway for the tens unit?

  6. Due to the many questions on how to get your own TENS unit. Click on the SHOW MORE below the video and go to our link to iReliev site for complete information to get started on your TENS treatment.

  7. Dear Bob n Brad, I had total knee replacement in 2008. After very aggressive physio I stopped going. Am I able to get some "bend'" back after all this time. I've have femoral pins in both legs following a RtC and boy, the knee was excruciating. Please advice and thank you for offering your expertise so free-ly. Blessings to you both.

  8. The TENS unit I bought that is the exact one Brad & Bob favor & show in this clip does not go beyond 25 Levels of intensity, yet they state could go much higher—what gives?

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