In Mexico, 49 Kidnappings A Day (Drug Cartels vs. Mormons Part 5/7)

In Mexico, 49 Kidnappings A Day (Drug Cartels vs. Mormons Part 5/7)

-In the last while, it’s
actually calmed down quite a bit. I haven’t heard of that many
kidnappings lately. You know, usually it
was like, boom. Every other day,
oh my goodness. There was another kidnapping,
you know? The Joneses got kidnapped,
Romney got kidnapped, or you know– just someone you affiliated
with. -Now, it’s hard to picture a
place that’s so fucked up that not that many kidnappings
is a sign that things are going well. But in northern Mexico,
everything is relative. The sobering reality of it is,
in Mexico in 2011 there were 49 kidnappings a day. -Things have actually kind of
calmed down enough to where they actually have parties
and rodeos and whatnot. -So they’re having this rodeo
because a dude lost his leg? -Yeah, one of the cowboys lost
his leg and they’re doing a benefit for him. -Right. [SPEAKING SPANISH] -One of the things that we were
worried about before we came here was people knowing
that we were here. People knowing that
we were shooting. And now we’re in front
of the whole town. -There you go. -In a town where they used
to have three or four kidnappings a week. And we’re just parading in
front of everyone with a camera going, turn the music
off, [INAUDIBLE]. [SPEAKING SPANISH] -They’ve just announced
to the whole town that we’re here shooting. In the most dangerous
town in Chihuahua. I’m just going to get drunk. -Woo! Put that on. SHANE (NARRATING): Now, hanging
out with the LeBarons and playacting as a cowpoke
relaxed us a little bit. As did the booze. -I’d like to say cheers to the
LeBaron family because you guys fucking rock. -To the LeBaron family. -LeBaron Family. -Good times, good friends. -Salud. -Cheers, cheers,
lunch, got a bit drunk, and sang some songs together. It was fun. [SINGING IN SPANISH] SHANE (NARRATING): After
drinking for a bit with Brent, he suggested we go on a
ride-along on the nightly patrol of the LeBaron colony. Now, I was picturing a pickup
truck with a CB and a couple of good old boys in the back. But we got instead was some
heavy, heavy business. SHANE (OFFSCREEN): What are
we doing right now? -So we’re just going to take on
a routine route that they normally take. And then they’ll probably do
a security checkpoint for a little while and maybe
check some suspicious vehicles or something. These guys use our town as
a base because they trust everyone here. -One of things that’s pretty
crazy is you’re driving through with pickup trucks with
four armed guards in the back and two guys in the front,
all with machine guns, for a town of 1,200 people. So shit is serious. SHANE (NARRATING):
So the federales kept stopping people. And they didn’t seem to mind
us riding along with them until they roadblocked the
actual highway, which, remember, is one of the main
drug routes into America. -The cops are going to
stop some cars and look for some drugs. Then as the sun was going down,
they warned us that we should leave because it was
very dangerous to even be seen with them. Because as it turned out, riding
around with them on the back roads is one thing. But stopping actual
drug runners on the highway was another. SHANE (OFFSCREEN): Want a beer? -Yeah. SHANE (NARRATING): Back at the
hotel, we realized that our fun, boozy afternoon had some
unforeseen consequences. About an hour ago, a black
pickup sort of drove by really slowly and then kind
of sped off. SHANE (NARRATING): Black trucks
like the ones Julian had pointed out earlier had
actually stopped, taken pictures, and checked us out. And all a sudden, our LeBaron
run around town drunk time didn’t seem so smart anymore. -All right. So we have to leave now because
we shot today at the rodeo and then we did a drive-by
with the cops, so everybody in town knows
that we’re here. And then we’ve just have a black
truck with black windows stop, pull up, check us out,
and then drive off. And a black truck, I just found
out, came by and took pictures of us before
I got here. So we have to go to another
hotel that we’ve arranged, which is crazy. SHANE (NARRATING):
So we took off. And when we called Brent to tell
him we had left, I half expected him to say hey,
you’re overreacting. It’s nothing. But in actual fact,
when he heard the story, he said, oh yeah. You should get the fuck
out of Dodge. -Who do you think should be
the next president of the United States? -Mitt Romney has a great,
great policy. His family lives right across
the mountain here. SHANE (NARRATING): Now, when
Brent says “his family,” he means presidential candidate
Mitt Romney’s family. -Mitt is a relative. He’s a second cousin. I wish Mitt would make contact
with us, and I really think that we could help him.

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  1. Yea, well Jews aren't supposed to eat pork and Christians aren't supposed to be violent. We all have our quirks and vices. Plus, they're in Mexico!

  2. let me remind you america doesnt give a fuck about mexico theyll let them have any sort of weaponry just to see mexicans kill eachother while the u.s. just sits back and laugh, then at some point the u.s. will have an excuse to go to mexico and take over and "fix" the problem.

  3. The mexican people would NEVER let america come into their country.
    We are a culture founded on revolution.
    We have too much pride to just let americans stroll in and give their pity.

  4. I am a bit confused about you calling the Lebarron clan "Mormon"…when the books I've read about the Lebarrons show they were/are Fundamentalist  Latter Day Saints who practice polygamy.  Check on Irene Spencers books as well as You Tube for a very good bit of history on the polygamy practiced.

  5. What the hell is it going to take to get it through people's heads that ALL THESE PROBLEMS STEM FROM DRUGS BEING ILLEGAL?  If drugs WEREN'T illegal, there would be no cartels or gangs fighting for control of the ILLEGAL trade.  Jesus this country is fucking mentally retarded AND crazy. "Let's do the same stupid things over and over and over!!! Eventually it's going to work!!!!"  Dumb fucks. I'm embarrassed to call myself an American.

  6. Not enough credit is given to the thousands of Federal cops who risk their lives. Thousands of them have been killed. And yet in the US as in Mexico, they are universally viewed as corrupt. Most of these guys are patriotic heroes.

  7. i thought mormons can't drink bunch of posers, i understand taking up arms for reasons of persecution though,..and of course the white guys get the special government backed security patrols

  8. thats right foo they need to get it straight thats chihuahua mexico and they dont fuck arounfd it doenst matter if your white with money

  9. My Moms 2 brothers Were Kidnapped about 3 to 2 Years Ago we havent Heared a Thing since Then There Probaly Dead No 1 Knows Fuxk This Sons of bitches

  10. They are FLDS. Not associated with the main LDS faith. FLDS means they practice polygamy, and don't love the same standards as the LDS Mormons do. Not the same thing at all.

  11. That's only because theyy know you know they know you are afraid of them. You all like like a bunch-wad of @-holes

  12. Hmm well theres a know bridge up here souther calif..during Summer up to 8 bodies a month are dropped off… and two hilltops minutes from los angeles nightly shootings ..never makes the majior new just local city papers….

  13. This same reporting, as negative as it is to Mexico… would be considered racist. Im surprised vice leaves it up

  14. Legalize all drugs! People obviously will do them no matter the law but, end the gang war violence from their profiting from drug trafficking!

  15. This is the way it should be American Cowboys singing with Mexican Cowboys in A Mexican bar Full of Whores , what a great Life ,you only live once ,live it up .ViVA Puncho Chapo..

  16. Mormons living in Mexico lmao, it's so they can have 25 wives cause it's illegal in the us. Notice they never do anything at night and once night falls they bail like scared little kids. Great job Mormons…

  17. If he's supposedly mormon, and hes in a 3rd world country, he should be walking around with his buddies in white shirts and a tie knocking on doors wanting to kidnap mexicans into their gringos cult!!!

  18. It's hard to believe that Mexico used to a great place to visit once upon a time. I used to go to Mexico a lot, before it went to hell. I enjoyed the rodeos, the food, the culture and the people. Mexico at least the area I used to visit, had a very nice cowboy culture. I used go with my dad, and buy or sell horses in Mexico. Then everything went south, and suddenly it was too dangerous to there anymore. I haven't been to Mexico in years. It's a real shame, I had a lot friends, and lot of good times in Mexico.

  19. That it’s not the most dangerous city in Chihuahua at all. Go down to el triangulo dorado, to Guadalupe y Calvo… you’re in a rodeo in Casas Grandes. chill out..

  20. what in the CAUCASIAN CAUCASUS MOUNTAINS head as shit is going on herrre!? white people are greedy as fuck they should be lucky mexicans dont really see them as a threat thats why they can pass by their houses without the mormons doing shit lmao

  21. I cant believe then they have opportunity to catch the drug cartels, they chicken out and go home. What good are they if they just let the cartel control them and their lives? That was a good place for an ambush to hit the cartels. What a huge mistake!!!

  22. They told them to leave the roadblock so they wouldn't record them letting drug runners through the roadblock and getting paid for it.

  23. at around 4:30 in the video, when the told them they had to go home, it wasn't for their safety – it was so they could get their cut from the drug runners, and let them pass thru. Remember, this was during the Obama administration still, when the encouraged it and had the CIA still backing them.

  24. Kill all these fucken mormons, what the fuck are they doing in mexican land acting like they are above the law riding with the government intimidating mexican nationals, really glad those for the actions that happened a couple days ago, VIVA MEXICO!

  25. Vice is FAKE NEWS. Why the hell are you in Mexico, as you mentioned fat ass vice man, these idiots think they can fight back the cartels? Dumb asses that’s why you have dead family. Thank your drug addicted country for all the drug cartels. Stay the hell out of Mexico, period.

  26. It would be great if the USA would stop arming the drug cartels with military grade weapons. They are much better armed than the police. And there are way more police dead by the cartels than members of the mormon families.

  27. the different btw the cartels and the mormons is the mormons would put the cartels in jail/prison, and the cartels would cut you up in pieces and feed it to their piranha. The Cartels are just straight cruel

  28. Sitting around hoping that the violence will end. How is that going. How is presence the presence of Border Agents. Of Mexican Policia. Socializing with the locals. How is that going for you all? Humans find more inventive ways and more reasons to kill each other everyday. Have fun…

  29. united states should take over mexico and make it part of united states and clean everything up! Mexico needs help! send in our military they will take fools out!

  30. can't even have a decent drunk night out in the town… can't even seem to get a decent buzz or enjoy a few beers on a bar at night because you might be next to be shot to dead

  31. Trump has said if Mexico asks him for help that he will send in the troops and wipe the cartels off the face of the planet…if trump can wipe out isis the cartels would be like taking candy from a baby

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