If Anti-Drug Commercials were Real Life – TMNT PSA/Ignoring a Friend’s Problem

If Anti-Drug Commercials were Real Life – TMNT PSA/Ignoring a Friend’s Problem

Hey Joey. What? I got some stuff you just gotta try I told you I don’t care about your
stupid Pog collection. What is it? Pot. You know? Marijuuana Yeah, I know what weed is Billy Ray
What do you want me to do with those clean my ears? Those tiny little joints
wouldn’t even get Peter Dinklage high What are you chicken? Joey’s in a jam, what should he do? Uhh, Becky. Get a teacher! Wrong answer NARC Well nobody trust Becky. Master Splinter
rat ass bitch Get out of there Calm down bitch, let’s see if Joey’s cooler than your little narc asses You know what? I am a chicken, Cordon bleu to be exact
because I’m about to go get baked Always accept free weed from strangers That’s right snitches get stitches remember I’m a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle they won’t
try me as an adult in court COWABUNGA! I’m so high right now. Are we turtles? Holy shit. I wish you didn’t smoke weed bark Hey kid, your service dog or koala or whatever is dead please stop dragging its carcass
through my hallway my god that thing stinks, I’d rather have you bring a gun to school at this point oh boy Janitor’s gonna be pissed about that You have to be kidding me Donnie Darko. What the fuck is this? I hate you, I hate all of you My god dude, what do you do? Bury one of the dancing hamsters from the KIA commercials in the Pet Cemetary?
That thing is creepy as fuck dude and why is it so dirty? Does it not follow you in the shower? Do you not shower? Yeah, thanks for bringing that strung-out
Mongoose with you this is definitely not gonna lower my uber rating somebody has to say something All right all right, I’ll say something Hey man, um
Brett’s mom’s allergic to that Ewok on ambien you got. I mean we appreciate you helping us get weed and everything but you got to get out of here. Oh, okay bye.
Leave. Jason Jason Fuck it, let’s smoke another joint with that thing

100 thoughts on “If Anti-Drug Commercials were Real Life – TMNT PSA/Ignoring a Friend’s Problem

  1. aaaaaaaaand demonetized! Thanks for supporting our videos even though Youtube hates us. Follow me on Twitta and Instagram for more goodness (@im_mahk).

  2. Your sense of humor is epic. I love how you hate people cuz I also hate people. (And Chevys) I can find humor in 99.9% of this world. I have lol'd at every video you have made. I don't want you to think I'm some mamby pamby bitch or anything but the "rather have you bring a gun to school" line…not humorous bro. We live in a world that is selling bullet proof backpacks FFS! This is all just my personal opinion of course. Keep doing what you do guys, you're funny AF! I just wanted to speak my peace on the issue, thanks.

  3. the real danger is these ads giving marijuana the same rep as herion so when a kid trys smoking pot and relizes its not a big deal they try harder drugs because they are all the same according to these idiots.

  4. Remember the break in the movies
    Get a cheese burger wrapped in foil
    A coke for the pint you smuggle in
    Have a couple smokes
    Damn that was the days… beforehand everything start to sux

  5. Makers of anti-drugs commercials be like: 'aight we made another one of these shit commercials, time for my daily 3 bottles of whiskey.'

  6. Honestly, just looking at mini Mahk is enough to make me wanna destroy my brains with drugs. Dude looks like someone attached his upper body to the lower body of a 4 year old.

  7. "Does that thing not follow you in the shaowa?" Gah so many good lines to quote from this video πŸ˜‚ this was the only one left that no ones said lol

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