Ibrahim Khansa, MD: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Ibrahim Khansa, MD: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

When the patient’s in front of you all
that’s driving you is passion and love for the child. when I discovered how transformative craniofacial surgery
can be, I fell in love with it and I fell in love with the patients. My goal is to
help them go to school and walk down the street without being stared at and to
feel normal. The craniofacial program at Nationwide
Children’s Hospital is unique in the way we treat the children and the families. The
patient experience, the quality of the care is second to none. It is the entire
gamut of the needs of a patient so they never have to go anywhere else. We
address everything from psychology to speech to feeding in addition to the
surgical treatment. All you have to do is just imagine that those children are
your own and you treat them like they’re your own and that’s a great motivator. I
love my job!

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