I Nearly Died To Look Like Barbie | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

I Nearly Died To Look Like Barbie | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

AMANDA AHOLA: After the nose job I only had
one surgery and that was the one where I nearly died. So, that sort of changed everything. AMANDA AHOLA: My first surgery was my boob
job. The first boob job was 460 cc’s, which was quite large to an 18-year-old girl. Then my second surgery; that was 750 cc’s. And then I had my nose job. AMANDA AHOLA: I am Amanda Ahola and I am 21
years old. I live in Finland. My number one ambition is looking plastic, as plastic as
I can. AMANDA AHOLA: I mean, Barbie is really close
to perfection and I want to get as close to perfection as I can. So in a way you could
say I would like to look like Barbie, yeah. The blonde hair, big lips, big boobs, you
know. I think it’s something that when people see me they do, like, notice the fakeness,
sort of, like, that I am not natural, very unnatural. AMANDA AHOLA: But I think that I always had
like this idea that when I grow up I am going to look a certain way. At 16, I started, like,
making plans how it is going to go down. I had this vision about myself and I didn’t
look like it so, I just started changing things. AMANDA AHOLA: Well, my family is really a
normal Finnish family. They were brought up pretty humbly with not a lot of money and
not a lot of anything, like, looks or stuff like that has never been a concern to them. AMANDA AHOLA: My first boob job was €7000,
second one was €4000, my nose job was €4000 and my latest boob job was €6000. AMANDA AHOLA: I started saving up money for
my surgeries when I was 16 and I have been saving money every since and working, working
a lot. At the moment I started working as a Webcam Girl. My boyfriend does not like
me working as a webcam model but he accepts it. INTERVIEWER: How does your boyfriend feel
about your sugar daddy? AMANDA AHOLA: He doesn’t like him. AMANDA AHOLA: I found my sugar daddy on Instagram
and he was like, asking if there is anything that I would like and I said that I would
like bigger boobs. Obviously if someone, like, wants to pay my bills or surgeries and is content to not having a physical relationship with me, that is fine. AMANDA AHOLA: My latest surgery, I nearly died.
I don’t really remember. I have like little flashbacks of going to the surgery room and
then I remember waking up to really, like weird dream that I was in like a hospital
bed and then I see my mom and my boyfriend walk next to my, like, hospital bed and I
am just thinking what in the world…? Because my mom did not know that I was having a surgery.
They start crying and I start crying and then my mom is like, yeah, like, something happened
after the surgery and you are now in a hospital. And they asked me like, ‘Do you remember
us?’ And I was like, ‘Yes, of course I remember you.’ And they were like, ‘Well,
you didn’t yesterday.’ I was in a hospital for a week. AMANDA AHOLA: I had quite a lot of swelling
in my brain. I haven’t gotten any like, answers to what happened to me. I was really
grateful that I was alive. I was really happy about that. I didn’t regret what happened because I made a choice and that was the consequence. But I was really devastated because I knew
that this was to be, this was going to be the end of me having surgery. AMANDA AHOLA: Before my last surgery I was
already planning on having a Brazilian butt lift after that. I stopped for a minute and
I was thinking that I will never do anything like that ever again. But obviously I’ve
sort of changed my mind and I do want to have more surgery if I can. I don’t want to be
put under anaesthesia but I would consider using, like, local anaesthesia. AMANDA AHOLA: Am I addicted to surgeries?
Well, yeah, like, maybe in a way. Now, I just know that I have to do all the things that
I want to do because, you know, life could end at any second.

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  1. The death experience story ! My mom went through something similar, after she had my brother , she also saw her mom and dad running down the hallway with her while she was in the hospital bed

  2. her poor boobs…seeing them made mine hurt and i have the smallest boobs ever
    she can look how she wants, but she'd be much prettier with smaller lips and smaller boobs

  3. BARBIE DOES NOT HAVE LARGE BREAST FOR THE LAST BLOODY TIME! barbie has breast that suit her body shape her height and her size

  4. I’m always curious as to how these people that are on the “Hooked on the Look” segments will look in 10 or 20 years. If they still feel the same or regret the surgeries or whatever.

  5. I will never understand why all the girl's who strive to look like Barbie get large implants. Barbie has B cups and sometimes C at max.

  6. Why has no one told her she looks nothing like Barbie?! And she actually looked much better before all her ridiculous surgeries! She was a pretty girl, this is crazy!

  7. Barbie doesn’t have big lips or big boobs… but you know what does? Blowup dolls… if you wanna be like Barbie then go after the success… Barbie has so many professions, doctor Barbie, flight attendant, lawyer, ect.

  8. I feel sorry for her parents. She didn't once say anything about how she hurt/worried her parents after the failed surgery and how she regrets it. Like, come on. She needs a therapist and not more surgeries.

  9. poor girl she just doesn't know how distasteful this really looks any Man that gives you money to further exploit yourself is a sad man who doesn't care about you honestly

  10. I think she looked way more beautiful beforehand but that’s just my opinion, As long as she isn’t hurting anyone she can do whatever she wants to do. I plan on getting surgery too tbh

  11. Why do these "I wanna be Barbie" people always got their boobs bigger than their head?? Who is gonna tell ,'em that Barbie doesn't have big boobs like this ?

  12. If I'll get that much money I'll open a ngo and feed poor children and give them a good education. .god made me like this and I'm happy with it..

  13. I always felt these ppl were nuts for the things they do to themselves but now I applaud them for at least commiting to something. Unlike myself…

  14. Ok she is pretty but she need more tan! + her face need little liposuction (for the cheek) her poops very large what that makes her really away from being a barbie doll! Do what you want to do but don’t make things to be over look!! Like ur poops and don’t touch your butt cause you are now addicted to plastic surgery not to look like a barbie

  15. Her lips are deformed and her face resemble NONE of Barbie I would advice her boyfriend to leave that manekin…After all she will become useless and sick for the rest of her life

  16. It's funny to watch this as a Finnish person when you can understand everything they say without the text. I feel at home watching this video.

  17. If I ever posted pictures like that on the internet or had a sugar daddy my fiance would break up with me. That's awful!

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